Hazing Scandal Costs ZBT Their Charter

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Earlier tonight, the Spectator reported that an unidentified Greek organization would lose its charter because of a hazing incident. Details concerning the nature of the infraction and the specific organization have not yet been disclosed by administrators or the Inter-Greek Council, though one commenter speculated that it was Zeta Beta Tau.

Columbia defines hazing as an action or situation “that causes embarrassment, harassment, or ridicule” and that “risks emotional and/or physical harm,” and hazing can be a class A misdemeanor in the state of New York.

Bwog is currently contacting administrators and Greek Life leaders to gather more information on this incident. If you have any relevant information, e-mail us at

Update, 11:45 pm: According to someone who attended Greek officer training, no representatives from ZBT were present. All Greek organizations on campus are supposed to send representatives to the training.

Update, 1 am: A commenter claims (and sources confirm) that ZBT actually was at Greek officer/leadership training.

Update, 2/7 12:40 pm: Spec has received confirmation that the Greek organization is, in fact, ZBT.  However, they will be appealing the decision.

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  1. Anonymous  

    Hi I'm a frat boy. I only wear custom-made dress shirts and my "unique" Sperrys and I think privilege is an out-dated concept. I also brag incessantly at how me and my friends hang out with the "hottest" girls in DG and how the NYPD are SUCH ASSHOLES, despite the fact that the only interaction I ever had with a police was when I was a freshman and got scolded at for trying to sneak into Pike's house during the investigation. I will also waste half of your lesson by snoring and loudly advertising my TOTALLY NOT RACIST Asian-themed rush party, Yellow Fever, (I'm white by the way), where I will amaze you at how many times I can say "chong" in a terrible accent. And to cap it all off, my biceps and abs aren't even that toned, but it's OK, because all women can get roofied and I don't need consensual sex anyway.

    • Anonymous  

      why are you downvoting this, it's brilliant

    • wow

      I think it's ridiculous how Columbia seeks to promote "safety" within our community and make everyone feel welcome etc. YET for some reason making fun of Greeks in this way is ok when most non-Greeks know nothing about what fraternity/sorority life is really like. The hypocrisy makes me feel sad for the state of our fractured community at Columbia. It makes me sick, in fact. Why can't we just spread the love instead of promoting stereotypes and hating on things you know nothing about?

      -proud "frat boy"

      PS knowing columbia and the trolls that reside on bwog, I would not be surprised in any way to see some snide ass remark that completely plays down what I said.

  2. Noob  

    What does losing a charter mean? Is it a complete ban are can they still operate outside campus?

  3. False

    As President of a different fraternity, I can say that ZBT definitely sent representatives to the Greek Leadership Training.

  4. I am pretty sure it was Wallach Wallach Omega Omega that lost their charter.

  5. Dean Wormer

    As of this moment, ZBT is on DOUBLE SECRET PROBATION!

  6. Bwog: exceptional journalism  

    Update, 1 am: A commenter claims that ZBT actually was at Greek officer/leadership training.

    Really? This is pathetic...

  7. lel

    "Update, 1 am: A commenter claims that ZBT actually was at Greek officer/leadership training."

    LOL! Someone said something on the internet!

  8. lol  

    Hazing is so loosely defined at Columbia. Anything from an embarrassing interview to requiring calling someone "Mr." or "Mrs." can be found as hazing.

  9. 2014  

    Bwog, can you please fix your old RoomHop posts? The pictures on them don't work anymore.

  10. Anonymous

    The frats keep getting in trouble, and yet Columbia keeps giving them prime housing. I don't understand it.

    • fratty hipster  

      Many of Columbia's most distinguished alumni were in frats here...fraternity alumni give a shit ton of $$$$ to CU... so yes, they will get prime housing... sorry, but that's the way it works, kid.

  11. Anonymous

    The frats are a constant source of embarrassment for our fine university. Dartmouth, Penn, Cornell are in the paper every other week for another hazing incident or crime or death. Please, Columbia, get rid of them.

  12. Anonymous

    Don't worry, they'll get a fabulous brownstone or townhouse in two years.

  13. I just wanna say...  


  14. VA  

    All unforced and non-violent hazing should be allowed. If I tell a pledge to chug a handle of vodka, he can simply say no and walk out... Why do we act like adults are somehow victims because they voluntarily choose to go through hazing when at any moment they can leave?

    • Maybe  

      Just maybe they are scared freshmen away from home looking for a connection, for friendship. And we aren't adults, many of us are still developing. Fuck your frat culture.

      • VA  

        Fuck your victim culture. Everyone in your world is a helpless little victim. My "culture" is purely based on voluntary associations. If they are looking for "friendship" and a "connection" without getting hazed, that should be widely available on such an open and receptive campus right?

        It's been years since I was hazed and the experience was incredibly rewarding. I built an amazing bond with the guys I went through it with and had a ton of fun in the process. At all times, in my head I knew that if someone demanded something extreme, I would leave. That never happened. Would you stop me from experiencing that in the name of "protecting" me? Get a life.

    • CC '13  

      someone doesn't know about the stanford prison experiment

  15. So,  

    I was lurking on facebook looking through some profiles of fratres and sorores, and how happy they looked! It seems like they genuinely have a good time in their organizations; to each his own! Who are we to pass judgment over them?

    Fraternities, like the word suggests, foster community through the cultivation of the essential qualities of human beings. More than any other type of group on campus, many of which are bent on creating fractured identities and antagonizing others, fraternities are concerned with the basics of being human: experiencing our humanity with a group of friends. "Hold fast to the spirit of youth" it says in John Jay, yet many have forgotten.

  16. Anonymous  

    it was one of the women's teams who was doing the hazing of their freshmen team members
    the event just happened to take place at the frat

  17. Joe

    It was the chess team. Those sluts

  18. Mr. Lahey

    You're going to jail, ZBT.

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