Personals: Alex Chang, CC’15, and Sam Aarons, SEAS’14

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If a picture says a thousand words, how many words does a moving picture say? And if that doesn’t interest you, meet 1/2 of the reason Bwog is still running. Tonight’s personals: Alex Chang and Sam Aarons.  Full disclosure: the personal for Sam, half of Bwog’s tech team, was secretly written and submitted by the other half of Bwog’s tech team. Oops! As always, inform of your freshly sparked passion.

Name, Year, School, Major: Alex “Peaches” Chang, 2015, CC, Economics and Political Science majors

Preference: Guy for Girl, but what really is a “guy” or a “girl,” you know?

Hometown: Paramus, New Jersey

Your dream date in seven words or fewer: Muthafuckin’ Ladurée Macarons within Central Park picnic

What redeems you as a human being? I cried at the end of Toy Story 3… so what? Also, I’m showing you all this.

Obsessive book series of choice: This was a hard one, but I’m gonna have to go with 50 Shades of Gray (is that still a topical joke?), but seriously, the Curious George books were my childhood, and I get super nostalgic when I flip through the pages of my full collection back home.

Library room of choice: Ref room. Dem high ceilings. (another gif)

What you think the sexiest animal is: The penguin is pretty sexy. Not like Adriana Lima sexy, but like Anna Kendrick sexy. It’s kinda awkward, but in a way that’s totally relatable. That’s kinda sexy if you ask me.

Guilty pleasure song: I actually really like that Rihanna song, Diamonds. That and Maroon 5 (Adam Levine makes me feel uncomfortable sexually).

Do you watch “Girls” ironically or unironically? As of August, I am unsubscribed to HBO (How will I watch the next season of The Newsroom now?), but you know, whatever. I’m above tv now, I only watch German Expressionist films and myself in the mirror.

Historical hottie: I would sail full mast to fight for Helen.


Name, Year, School, major: Sam Aarons, SEAS ’14, Computer Science

Preference: Guy for Girl

Hometown: Salinas, CA (fun fact: Of Mice and Men was based on my life story)

Dream Date: Printing. ALL. NIGHT. LONG.

What redeems you as a human being? You may or may not know that I own all your data . I haven’t used it for nefarious purposes (yet).

Obsessive book series of choice: The Peter Singer Anthology

Library room of choice: I own servers in 3 different countries, what’s a library?

What you think the sexiest animal is: Bacon Cheeseburger

Guilty pleasure song: Together Forever – Rick Astley

Do you watch Girls ironically or unironically? Actually there’s this fantastic anime named Ghost in the Shell that everyone should watch.

Historical Hottie: Richard Dean Anderson

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  2. Anonymous  

    These are two of the best people. Actually.

  3. Stargate Enthusiast  

    Sam, I'd let you open my stargate ;)

  4. Anonymous  

    Peaches is the homie....

  5. Anonymous  


  6. Dan

    They say that Sam is kind of a big deal.

  7. Anonymous

    oppan gangnam sattiyal!

  8. hold up  

    peaches is straight!?

  9. The Dark Hand  

    Sam I thought we were meant to be after you stalked me to Photonics...

  10. JJ11 4 lyfe  

    on southernplayalistic intro listen close 2 peaches

  11. thepoet

    >interviewing all these beta manlettes and not interviewing me

  12. Anonymous  

    this post was worth reading for the kittens alone, but while I'm here- Bwog tech can we have our original blueBwog back? like pwetty please with a bacon cheeseburger on top?

  13. Pam Poovey



  14. Hanna Banana

    Alex Chang,

    I think youre in my american politics class, youre a cutie ;)

  15. Anonymous  


    But seriously Bwog, bring on the gays.

  16. Anonymous  

    FUN FACT: Alex also cried during the state of the union....... (#twitter stalker)

  17. Anonymous

    Stargate Richard Dean Anderson or MacGuyver Richard Dean Anderson?

  18. wait

    why don't the personals just date each other?

  19. Anonymous  

    Kinda looks like Sam is already taken/madly in love.

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