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Noooo Hawkma!!

Who gives a shit about Valentine’s Day when there might be something wrong with our glorious Hawkma?!?! An injured hawk was spotted just outside of Mudd, surrounded by police tape. While Public Safety and NYPD are already on the scene, Animal Control is expected to arrive shortly. If you have any info about our beautiful, beautiful Hawkma, leave it in the comments or send it to


Update: Public Safety just released a statement on the situation:

A hawk crashed onto a window and landed in the area between Mudd and Fairchild, campus plaza side, injuring itself and unable to fly off. 311 informed, who relayed the incident to 911. Wildlife agency notified and is responding. The area is cordoned off until the bird is removed. CUPS and NYPD on scene.

Thank you,

CU Public Safety

Update, 8pm: James O’Brien from the Audobon Society confirms it was a juvenile female Cooper’s hawk with a head injury.  After going through the Animal Medical General, this majestic creature was passed on to volunteers at Wildlife In Need of Rescue and Rehabilitation (WINORR).  We are currently reaching out to them to check on her status.  O’Brien also notes that our hero’s hero was Sgt. Oakley who called in and saw the process through.

Update, 2/15: WINORR gives a status update and again confirms that this was not Hawkma; “this is a young visiting coopers hawk that would have most likely left in a few weeks to migrate back to wherever its territory is. It has severe head trauma with blood in its mouth and is being medicated with steriods and pain medication . Hopefully it will make a full recovery and be released back into the wild but presently is in seriuos condition . They crash commonly into windows and buildings either chasing their prey such as small birds or just got confused by a window possibly reflecting something . There weren’t any fractures we could see but only time will tell if it recovers well enough to be released .”