Bwog Asked: What Would Stop You From Going to Milano?

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At least maybe this line will get shorter now?

At least maybe this line will get shorter now?

Our beloved weekly series is back! Inspired by recent events, we bothered the poor souls trapped in Butler to find out what would stop them from going to Columbia’s favorite deli, Milano Market. Here are some of the best answers we got:

  • “I actually don’t go to Milanos! Have never been.”
  • “Probably getting stopped and frisked. This would cause me to stop shopping there. Because, you know, it’s wrong. Dont even.. no.”
  • “I guess…if they stopped selling a lot of their cookies.”
  • “Nothing. Nothing would make me stop going there.”
  • “Any fast food restaurant that will similarly fill me up for under $6.” “Yeah, anything other than sandwiches.” “We were just talking about this, Morningside Heights only has sandwiches.” “Just too many goddamn sandwiches!”
  • “If it weren’t in my basement.”
  • “If the deli guys grew hair.”
  • “A day where I was rushed and had some sort of deadline. Some days I just walk to subway to get a spicy Italian with jalapenos. Also last year HamDel stole 10 dollars from me.”
  • “A gosh yarn it meeting that’s actually right now.”
  • “Maybe if ninjas attacked me or something.”
  • “A freight train.” “Yeah that seems pretty valid.”
  • “I don’t know… A lot of things, probably.”
  • “The minimum purchase for credit cards and flex.”
  • “The 10 dollar price tag on the sandwiches.”

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  1. Ok, I know what happened, but  

    why are you really trying so hard to shit all over one of our better local businesses, Bwog?

  2. Anonymous

    I thought the point of the post was that Milano sandwiches are so f'ing good that Forest Whitaker getting frisked wouldn't have stopped some people. See:

  3. Anonymous  

    I'm actually going to spend MORE money there just to support these guy.

  4. Wait but...  

    That picture isn't of Milano Market...

  5. PolloFrito  

    The other day I saw a cockroach coming out of one of those pre-made panini.

  6. Anonymous

    Nothing. Their salads are amazing!

  7. black guy  

    As much as I love Mr. Whitaker and his films, those sandwiches are to die for.

    No shame in my game.

  8. McBeezy  

    Work with me on this rant:

    Doesn't anyone else feel that paying 12 bucks for a gourmet sandwich that isn't even that great is just ridiculous? Don't you ever just want a simple sandwich, on simple bread, with simple meat, and some lettuce, tomato, mayo, mustard? Why must Milano charge me $8.50 for a "Tuscan Tomato Focaccia" bread that is bread with a soggy ass tomato in the center, and a piece of breaded chicken that was made at 6 AM that morning. Yeah, sometimes a Milano sandwich is allright, but its just too damn exotic and pricey. All I ask for are simple affordable sandwiches. Oh, and did I mention half of the time their bread is too damn hard to bite into? Gourmet bread my ass.

    P.S. All of the pre-made food under the pre-made sandwiches there is gross, not to mention heinously overpriced. Why would I EVER pay 10 dollars for 5 fried shrimps, when back home I could get a whole pound of fresh shrimp for that much? Smh Milano, you bigotry of an establishment.

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