Milano Employee Who Frisked Forest Whitaker Fired

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So many conflicted feelings... Including hunger...

So many conflicted feelings… Including hunger…

According to, representatives of Milano Market have apologized for Forest Whitaker’s unwarranted frisking,  and fired the responsible employee. They also stated that they do not believe the employee was racially motivated in his frisking.

Whitaker had refrained from reporting the incident to the police because he didn’t want to employee to lose his job.

Can we stop feeling guilty about giving them our business now?

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  1. fired? ... seriously?  

    just because he was a celebrity and we live in a society where we're ingrained from day one with a hyper-sensitivity to the hue of someone's flesh doesn't mean it's okay to take someone's livelihood away. lack of political correctness in and of itself doesn't hurt anybody. stupid social mores do.. and now this guy/girl is without a job.

    fuck you politically correct douchenozzles

    • cc '13

      if you had an employee that was a douchnozzle and then this employee's douchnozzleness came to be reported in media that your customers solicited - don't you think it would be a good move to fire this person and make a statement that you don't condone douchnozzleness?

    • No, fuck you!  

      If this guy/girl really valued their job then they'd probably not have put it in jeopardy. Granted they may have *genuinely* thought Whitaker took the sandwich but there's store policy on how that should be handled and I'm sure it doesn't involve publicly frisking someone, which is actually illegal if you aren't a cop. I feel absolutely no pity for them

    • congrats on being "anti-PC"  


      Seriously, you are just so edgy.

      The employee violated the rules. He did something without the permission of the manager and the action could have been reported to the police. These are totally valid grounds for a firing. People are fired all the time for embarrassing or upsetting customers. Effing please. It's too bad that this happened, but there shouldn't be anything contentious about this. YOU'RE being the hypersensitive one.

    • CC'13  

      it always amazes me to no end that white people get super upset about "political correctness" like having to stop for five fucking seconds and think about someone's sociological and historical context in order to avoid offense is somehow worse than RACISM

      • Anonymous  

        dumb bitch go write a paper about ethnic studies while the actual columbia admits discuss why hyper-racially conscious people like you only exacerbate the problem. I was born color-blind. the ironic part is it's useless wastes of precious alumni money studying "why the world owes them and why we should feel bad" who truly create a racially-hyper-conscious atmosphere

        • CC'13  

          wow, just wow. i'm tempted to not respond to this, because it is so clearly crazy, but i am so overwhelmed by your ignorance that i feel like i have to say something...let's do a close read, shall we?

          "dumb bitch"-excellent.

          derogatory comment about ethnic studies-classic.

          "the actual columbia"...does this go hand in hand with your comment later about minority students on financial aid? so they're not a part of the actual columbia? excellent, i will let those hardworking students know (i don't do ethnic studies, nor am i on financial aid. i shouldn't have to mention that, but i feel like it might help you process this to realize that people are capable of caring about things that don't directly affect them)

          "i was born color blind"-what on earth? no one is born color blind, because we don't live in that world. get that weak shit out of here, next.

          your assertion that it's minority students writing about the far-reaching effects of our history on our contemporary culture/past scholarship/what have you, are the real causers of racial difference and racial bias, and that if there weren't people of color trying to have these conversations, race would no longer be an issue?-you can't actually believe this, can you? you can't actually be so sheltered and so privileged to believe that minorities of all kinds (racial, ethnic, religious, what have you) do not face real acts of physical and emotional violence on account of who they are? you may think we need to change the way we discuss and think about race and class, that's valid. but don't you dare pretend that these are not real problems that affect real people. otherwise, the money spent on your education was clearly in vain.

    • This comment has too many upvotes.  

      I think complaints about getting frisked aren't extreme political correctness. It's about being violated! Which is kind of against social mores, right?
      As I see it, it's one store I know the employees will lay off of me when I enter, at least for the last few months until I graduate.

  2. Anonymous

    he's not even that good of an actor.

  3. Anonymous

    He should not be fired for doing his job. DNA info and Gothamist should apologize to the employee for blowing this story way out of proportion.

  4. Anonymous  

    This is complete fucking bullshit.

    "The Columbia University-related site Bwog reported eyewitnesses said this wasn't the first time they'd witnessed racial profiling in the store."

    Bwog, this shitstorm is as much your doing as DNAinfo's and Gothamist.

  5. McBeezy  

    Complaint: they're always rushing you as if they have somewhere important to go or as if they are part of a high risk atom bomb disarmament mission; YOU ARE MAKING SANDWICHES!

  6. Yo!  

    Who cares? Their sandwiches are great. Much more satisfying than the juvenile and sheltered views shared on this blog.

  7. i just don't understand  

    why the sandwiches are so damn expensive

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