Bwog Asked: What the Housing?

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Keep dreaming, folks.

Keep dreaming, folks.

As per tradition, every week we at Bwog leave our meeting at the SGO every Sunday and go straight to Butler. You’d think we’d be studying, but we’re just annoying everyone who is.

This week, we covered the issue that is(n’t) on everyone’s mind: housing. We asked, “Housing selection starts in 3 days. How do you feel about that?” Here are some of our responses.

  • Girl eating a salad on the 2nd floor: To be honest, I don’t know anything about it. I really need to do some research into it, I have no idea even how it works or what to do.
  • Girl in a Columbia sweatshirt, enthusiastically: I’m an RA! Suck it!”
  • Senior eating under the front painting: “It kinda makes me feel like I wish I had more time here…”
  • Guy on the fourth floor: “Wait it starts in three days? Jesus Christ. Like we have to know, know?”
  • Guy on the fourth floor: “I didn’t even know that was happening…”
  • Guy on the fourth floor: “Um…I’m good how are you? Oh wait about housing? Everything is confusing to me.”
  • Two girls studying in 310: “Uhhhh, I’m a senior.” “And I’m studying abroad.”
  • Stressed girl in the ref room: OH FUCK!”
  • Girl in ref room: “I’m a senior, but I’m so happy that I’m done with the killing each other drama of housing.”
  • Guy in 308 who didn’t seem to understand what we meant by housing at first/might be GS:
    “I’m not very content where I’m at right now. I think I’m going to look for some place downtown.”
  • Girl in ref room: “I don’t really know yet. I want a single but I don’t know my options…”
  • Probably a Barnard girl: Well I think housing is different and far superior for Barnard students.”
  • Peacoated girl: Three days? I don’t have a roommate yet, I’m freaking the fuck out.”
  • Guy with lots of buttons: “I have so many other things on my mind that I just don’t even give a shit.”

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  1. All these people  

    will end up in Wien, somehow or other. Even if they're seniors.

  2. eric feder is the housing god  

    is bwog going to post anything useful about housing in the near future, or are you leaving that all to spec's eric feder?

  3. Grace Rosen CC 14  

    Are we internet friends but not real life friends? Are you looking for a non-deranged stranger to join your almost full ruggles/ec/claremont suite? About me: I'm a senior toting that precious 3 point value and I bring with me a full set of dishes and silverware and a lot of Christmas lights. Big on wine, low on drama. Give me a single and I'll give you the promise of a quiet suitemate who will happily chat over dinner but won't wake you up at 4 am with a big ruckus.


    Trying not to mix housing hell with friendships.

    • omg grace  

      grace is like the nicest person ever! she is so much fun and has the best wine. any 4 person senior group would be doing themselves a disservice by not taking her and risking claremont or regroup.

      -a fellow feddie

  4. Frustrated Transfer  


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