Thinking Feminism and Workers’ Rights

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She's Judith Butler, of course she supports SWS!

She’s Judith Butler!

Judith Butler’s keynote address at tomorrow’s “Thinking Feminism” conference has been moved from the Faculty House after student activists raised concerns. Butler explains that she was contacted by students supporting the Faculty House workers. The students brought up issues to Butler about the event and she suggested they reach out to the event organizers directly. After the students contacted IRWAG (the Institute for Research on Women and Gender), the keynote was quickly moved to Jerome Green Hall.

Student Worker Solidarity, though, says that while they “applaud the Institute for Research Women and Gender for expressing such public support of Faculty House Workers…the Faculty House workers are not on strike, and they have not called for a boycott…Until a boycott or strike is called there is no need to move events out of Faculty House.” However, SWS asks that future events planned at Faculty House include information in support of the workers.

Judith Butler via The European Graduate School

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