1. anon says:  

    how many rumors are you possibly going to start about bacchanal?

    worst journalism i have ever seen

  2. Anonymous says:  

    The bit at the end made the video.

  3. saw him drink a beer on stage once says:  

    woah, someone drank a beer on stage once? that's too hardcore

  4. Anonymous says:  

    the macklemore clip at the end, how ironic...

  5. Did anyone else... says:  

    Did anyone else crack up laughing at the thought of Skrillex and then Billy Joel as a lineup?

  6. WAIT says:  

    Why has there never been a Columbia J.S. BACHanal Festival in addition to the concert?

    Come on people, get it together.

  7. can we get says:  

    Emlyn Hughes to do a song at Bachannal?

  8. Anon says:  

    "I'm not a fan of Kanye"
    Bitch, wut? #YeezusChrist

  9. Not a fetish but says:  

    I see the Asian girl all the time near NoCo. She's a lot cuter in real life. Anyone know who she is?/if she's single?

  10. anon says:  

    but like she must spend a lot of time in NoCo because that's where I see her the most.

  11. FTW Gangma Style says:

    Dude, beer drinking. Oh shit, someone call the medics, that blew my mind lol

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