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For another installment of Bwog’s on-again, off-again feature “College Talks,” we chat with students about who they’d want, and more importantly, who they don’t want to play at Bacchanal:

Music: “Lihi Moi” by Poiboy

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  1. anon  

    how many rumors are you possibly going to start about bacchanal?

    worst journalism i have ever seen

  2. Anonymous  

    The bit at the end made the video.

  3. saw him drink a beer on stage once  

    woah, someone drank a beer on stage once? that's too hardcore

  4. Anonymous  

    the macklemore clip at the end, how ironic...

  5. Did anyone else...  

    Did anyone else crack up laughing at the thought of Skrillex and then Billy Joel as a lineup?

  6. WAIT  

    Why has there never been a Columbia J.S. BACHanal Festival in addition to the concert?

    Come on people, get it together.

  7. can we get  

    Emlyn Hughes to do a song at Bachannal?

  8. Anon  

    "I'm not a fan of Kanye"
    Bitch, wut? #YeezusChrist

  9. I see the Asian girl all the time near NoCo. She's a lot cuter in real life. Anyone know who she is?/if she's single?

  10. anon  

    but like she must spend a lot of time in NoCo because that's where I see her the most.

  11. FTW Gangma Style

    Dude, beer drinking. Oh shit, someone call the medics, that blew my mind lol

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