3LAU Not Playing for Bacchanal, or at Columbia

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3LAU himself.

3LAU himself.

Despite what his tour poster says, 3LAU will not be playing at Columbia on April 18th. According to a Pi Delta Psi member at last night’s Inter-Greek Council meeting, there had been an issue getting administrator approval for 3LAU to play at a Greek house. Instead, his concert, hosted by Pi Delta Psi, will be at the Best Buy Theatre. The event will be open only to college students. Tickets are $20 for Columbia students, $30 for other college students, and proceeds will go to Pencils of Promise and Big Brothers Big Sisters.

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  1. hate to say it

    just listened to some of 3LAU's music...

    not impressed :(

  2. Anonymous

    I'm glad these no-talent hacks like this guy and Macklemore are slowly being eliminated. I still hold out hope for an artist with actual talent this year.

  3. I'm impressed  

    I'm pumped... people can hate on macklemore and 3lau, but honestly, this is probably one of the biggest events that a student organization has ever put together. plus it's all for charity it looks like so props to PDPsi

  4. Anonymous  

    OMG 3LAU! Screw you guys! I saw him at Ezoo and it was epic! Why not one for Columbia as well?! GOOD JOB PDP!

  5. Anonymous  

    Hm..I could fucks with this

  6. CC 14  

    Why would the administration not want to approve an awesome charity event like that? That sucks!

  7. War on Fun  

    this is why I kick myself for not going to a state school

  8. PLUR  

    If I can feel connected to hundreds/thousands of other people that I don't have any actual relation to at an EDM concert (sober or otherwise), I'm super excited to imagine how it'll feel raging with hundreds of other Columbia and NYC college students around me!

  9. Edm noob

    I have never been to an edm concert but I wouldn't mind going to this as my first one. Especially if my friends will be there :)

  10. Columbia Housing  

    yes. housing should definitely go to any organization that fronts a few grand to throw a thursday night off campus charity rave with a mashup dj. glad we hired GDI's with so much insight

    • Columbia Realist  

      First it takes tens of thousands of dollars to do an event like this.

      Second they are raising money for 2 different charities. We'll see how much they actually end up donating, but it seems like they'll raise more money than any other student organization, so yes that would be a reason, or one of the reasons, for them to have a shot at a house.

      I haven't seen any other student org do something anywhere near this caliber since I've been here.

  11. Anonymous  

    His bootlegs and mashups are not that great (personally mashups get annoying especially if you do it too much). Yet his mixes he has been putting out are pretty good. Just a good typical DJ, 2 years from now we will be wondering who was 3LAU.

  12. lol  

    who is this guy anyways

  13. Anonymous  

    lol shouldnt the title be, not playing for Bacchanal or at Columbia, but playing FOR Columbia

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