Ok great!

A bit after hearing Macklemore would not be performing at Bacchanal, we started hearing rumblings that–in fact–Macklemore would be coming to Columbia.  Hating feeling fooled, Bwog reached out directly to Macklemore’s manager, who confirmed that Macklemore & Ryan Lewis will be performing at Bacchanal.

The announcement from Bacchanal was going to come out on midnight, April 1st, in a statement given to Spec (remember: Bacchanal is pissed at us), but after we told them we had the confirmation from their manager, Bacchanal sent it to Spec today.  In the statement, we find out that Flosstradamus will be performing. Also of note: the day will be starting early, with the Morningsiders on at 11 am.

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This guy via Wikimedia Commons