Housing Coverage, Day Two

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Well, we’ve survived Day One. No tears were shed in the JJ lounge, although some angry looks were cast our way and there was some anxious floor-rolling. Overall, though, spirits were relatively high as Columbia’s best housing was snatched up in a flash, gone until the next housing cycle. Here’s a quick run-through of what’s no longer available and what’s going to be highest demand as Day Two begins:

It was never even a question that the Watt 2-bedroom suites would disappear within the first few hours. Also completely taken are the EC 2-person flats; the EC 5-person all-single suites; the EC 6-person all-single suites; the EC 4-person all-single townhouses (all RA combinations included); the Hogan 4-person suites; the Hogan 5-person suites; and the Ruggles 4-person suites (???). Going fast with only a few suites left are: the Hogan 2-person suites (2 left, both w/RA & rider); the Ruggles 2-person suites (4 left, all w/RA & rider); and the Ruggles 8-person suite w/2 doubles (1 left).

Survey the data from yesterday’s liveblog and spreadsheet; calculate your options; cry/rejoice a little; then go and house! We’ll be right there next to you. All day. Every day.

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  1. Question!  

    What do you think the cut-off for 6person EC townhouse with 1 double will be?

  2. confused  

    When does regroup happen? next week? is it in person as well?

  3. sads  

    Why is there only 1 ruggles 8person suite with 4 singles left?

  4. Anonymous  

    What is the lottery number for the first appointment tomorrow?

  5. Will  


    I am part of a mixed group (point value 24) predicted to get an EC exclusion suite but got fucked. How does regroup/drop down work for a mixed group?

    • 24 pointer  

      Assuming you decided to stay together if you drop to general, you'd be behind all the seniors but ahead of all the juniors in picking into River and Broadway. Personally, I prefer River because it feels more suitelike, but its your call.

      If you DID split your point values, then seniors will get bigger River and Broadway rooms, while juniors get equally sized/smaller rooms in Schapiro and Wien.

  6. Officially screwed  

    To the nine senior groups who decided to go for exclusions--

    I hope you regret that decision before the fall semester ends. Living in a double your senior year is going to suck.

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