Well, we’ve survived Day One. No tears were shed in the JJ lounge, although some angry looks were cast our way and there was some anxious floor-rolling. Overall, though, spirits were relatively high as Columbia’s best housing was snatched up in a flash, gone until the next housing cycle. Here’s a quick run-through of what’s no longer available and what’s going to be highest demand as Day Two begins:

It was never even a question that the Watt 2-bedroom suites would disappear within the first few hours. Also completely taken are the EC 2-person flats; the EC 5-person all-single suites; the EC 6-person all-single suites; the EC 4-person all-single townhouses (all RA combinations included); the Hogan 4-person suites; the Hogan 5-person suites; and the Ruggles 4-person suites (???). Going fast with only a few suites left are: the Hogan 2-person suites (2 left, both w/RA & rider); the Ruggles 2-person suites (4 left, all w/RA & rider); and the Ruggles 8-person suite w/2 doubles (1 left).

Survey the data from yesterday’s liveblog and spreadsheet; calculate your options; cry/rejoice a little; then go and house! We’ll be right there next to you. All day. Every day.