Bwoglines: Cinco de Finals Edition

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heights margaritas tho

A virgin margarita from the Heights

Apparently Low steps is one of the best places to celebrate Cinco de Mayo—not like you’ll have time to celebrate though. (Gothamist)

You might not remember anything from this past semester of Lit Hum, but you’ll probably remember the life lessons that Full House taught you. (Buzzfeed)

We all check our Facebooks after hammering out a paper paragraph, but the habit is actually making you 20% dumber. (Nytimes)

How much sleep do you actually need? Unfortunately for those who will be watching the sunrise in Butler this week, the answer isn’t zero. (Huffington Post)

The most effective study tool via Wikimedia Commons



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  1. Blunts in Butler  

    Cinco de stoned.

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