1. E!  

    Oh, so now we're gonna stalk every fucking football player until they're afraid to open their mouths in public? Lines are being crossed right now.

    • Anonymous

      agreed, not to mention this was a bystander who was eavesdropping in a crowded area... no telling what was actually heard people tend to hear what they want to hear in these types of situations..

    • I agree  

      chick took out her notebook?!
      bitches be crazy.

      • a little misogynistic

        @I agree:

        No need to make this a gender issue now.

        • I agree  

          Knew someone would say this. I am a woman and I am not misogynistic.
          Its just that someone women are bitches and bitches are crazy.

          • I agree  

            some women*

          • Maybe you should look up  

            Internalized misogyny.

          • hey now

            guys can be dicks, assholes, bastards, etc.

            if you're referring to all women or a group of women as 'bitches' then yes you're being misogynistic, but there's nothing wrong with calling a girl a bitch who's a bitch. what else are you going to call girl? "unpleasant?" it's a curse word for a reason #logic #chillout

          • specious argument

            Any gendered pejorative is inherently offensive. The word "bitch," like the word "slut," doesn't have a masculine equivalent — calling a guy a "douche" or "womanizer" isn't quite the same thing as calling a woman a "bitch" or a "slut"— and is therefore sexist.

            Your comment is problematic because it plays off of this trope of the irrational, over-emotional "crazy girl" (a trope which leads to all kinds of negative attitudes towards women, and phenomenon like 'gas lighting').

            When you say "bitches be crazy" it sounds like you're saying that this girl belongs to this category of crazy women — and frankly it would sound even worse if you used less evasive language ("some women are bitches," "bitches be crazy") and called this girl a "bitch" directly.

      • Anon

        Why do Columbia College students regularly create a climate of hate or of disrespect for fellow students?

    • idk  

      This is probably the best Overheard reporting that Bwog has ever published.

    • Maybe  

      What happens in public view, stays in public view.

    • Anon  

      If she had recorded (either just voice or even video) this would have been more solid.

    • Gary Chang

      Most people's attention's directed at this anonymous girl that supposedly jotted down notes of the conversation of the few seniors, but few questioned whether this anonymous girl even exists or merely a device that the writer of this entry used as a way to provoke some people. Just look again at how the entry is written. Isn't it clear on which side the writer stands?

      By the way, why wasn't this guy Silverback there at the scene when it happened? He would have leveled the playing field and fought off the assailant from the defenseless. (Some say he holds a big stick.)

      Any ski team brothers [and sisters] here? Miss you guys.

      Finals--tomorrow. Buenas noches~!

      • Dude...

        Reporting is always based on trust. You have to trust that the reporter talked to the source (that's why Jayson Blair got in trouble) and you have to trust that the source is telling the truth the reporter.

        In theory, every source could be made up. But if you're that skeptical about every story, then you'll never be able to learn anything you don't already know.

      • so  

        you're that spammer that always spams the ski team listserv proclaiming your undying love for everyone on the team (even those that you do not know), please stop, it's pretty annoying

        • Gary Chang

          Haha, nice try. As soon as I saw the words spammer and proclaim, I knew your message couldn't be nice, so I didn't waste my time reading the rest. First, I never spammed. I just reply to the jokes from my brothers like Luke and Peter, replies that other people make as well. (Sarah's humor is the best, though.) Secondly, I didn't proclaim that I will be the next Warren Buffet. I merely sent out 1 message to offer my help using the same skills that Buffet uses to help my friends be "rich(er)," exactly the word I used in the email, in the future when they make investments. I regret that I didn't add in the word "sisters" in the email which some people might inadvertently interpret as I left the girls out. Girls like Nicole, Polly, Sarah are cool and I would get their back if they're in need. And Ariana...

          In case other ski brothers and sisters did not get the relayed message awhile back, I did not mean to leave you guys hanging at the formal event. I heard a lot of you were asking for me that night. I told Chris, James, and Mike that I originally had archery tournament that day outside the city, but a week after I sent out that email to ski team, my coach canceled the tournament. So I was left at a predicament. The email about Warren Buffet was sent out. If I showed up at the formal, people might mistakenly think that I was trying to make myself look good or show off. That email was sincere; I do want to use my skills to better the lives of those around me. So I wanted to preserve the sincerity of that email by not showing to formal. Sometimes... decisions can get intricately complicated...

          If your comment reflects the sentiment of the entire ski team because of some misunderstanding, then it leaves a bitter taste in my mouth about ski team. Why be sincere and try to help some people when they are going to stab you right when you turn your back? That ain't brotherhood.

    • Anonymous  

      STOP BLAMING EVERYONE BUT THOSE ACTUALLY AT FAULT. they said these things. they need to be held accountable for them. arguing anything else is utter bullshit.

    • MPM  

      I was behind them in line, and had the idea of doing the exact same thing that the girl in this bwog post did, but I didn't because I thought it was against their right to privacy.


      I'm a gay man, and when someone in a public space is using "gay" as an insult and "fa**ot" loudly and openly towards others (which they absolutely did, and I heard it and multiple other people heard it), it's gonna piss me off, and it is NOT okay. They were in a public space, saying these hateful things without an ounce of remorse or without any care for the people around them.

      And you know what? I should have stood up to them and called them out on it. And I absolutely regret that. I was simply shocked at what they had said, and didn't have the peace of mind to do it in a proper and effective way that avoided anger and provided education.

      So yes, maybe this young woman was wrong to write these quotes down, but what they said was absolutely disgusting and it was extremely offensive and it provided me with confirmation that these individuals have learned NOTHING from the horrible actions of their peers. Some serious rethinking needs to be done by the administration and the physical education department in order to address this problem and it needs to happen immediately.

    • Anonymous  

      @E!: Maybe they should be afraid to open their mouths in public. Then maybe they won't continue to be such an embarrassment to our community.

    • Baller  


      Will stalking football players help them win games? Smh. You guys suffer from homophobia and winaphobia. Stop being an embarrassment on and off the field.

    • lel  

      that's what your mom said! #REKT

    • John Asian

      What a campus full of frauds and hypocrites. All these people are posting but they won't post their true name for attribution. Yet they are calling for the athletes to be held to that standard.
      Why? They can't meet the standard they require of the athletes! Furthermore, they want THEIR right to free speech but like Fascists they want to stop athletes.
      There are 254 posts and hardly any are their names. Is the Columbia experiment really a big fraud? Columbia used to stand for free speech. I guess it's only when it's convenient.

  2. WT  

    This is getting a little out of hand. Definitely crossing lines. I am also not going to take some dimwitted girl's word on anything. This is just stirring shit up that doesn't need to happen

    • Anonymous  

      Ahhh I see what you did there. Check this out, everybody's a racist!

    • hm

      i see nothing wrong w the second one. black just could be the superior race.

    • Anonymous  

      Can I point out that most of the #gay tweets are by gay people?

      • Anonymous

        but the word gay was used to describe something as lame or stupid... doesnt matter if the tweeter is gay or not still used the term in an "offensive" way

        • This Is Just To Say  

          To all the gay male Columbians out there (of which I am one), when you tell your gay male friend that something he is doing is "homo" or "too gay," even as a joke or ironically, it's conceivable that you are mocking and subverting the deployments of heterosexist power, but that line is murky, so tread carefully. It's all too possible that you have veered (or will soon veer) into a discourse that internalizes heterosexist notions and reproduces the very policing of the borders of masculinity and personality performance that has been used against you for most of your life. We don't need to internalize normative compliance to tired modes of self-expression: we can do better.

        • uhhh  

          clearly you're failing to grasp the performance artistry of twitter

        • Yet another homo  

          Lawl, reclaiming is a thing, ladyboys and girls. Get your jockstraps out of a bundle and Good God, Get a Grip, Girls.

    • Columbia  

      All my fucks. Gone. There they go. Whew! I hate you all. Why do people suck so much?

    • Anonymous  

      After recent events, I was curious to see how long it would take for everyone at Columbia to become monitored by others, ready to be exposed as some kind of bigot at any moment. I didn't have to wait very long. All posts on all social media accounts, if not 100% politically correct, may now be screenshotted and revealed by the pseudo internet secret police for all to see and denounce. Political correctness truly knows no bounds.

    • BC'15  

      Honestly, do people have nothing else to do but find peoples old tweets? Someone went out of their way to go out and target more individuals in this community. Rather than solving the problem, they are making it worse. Whoever posted this should be ashamed. This is character assassination. These people are being targeted WITHOUT any relevance. There is no hate crime attached to their name or group affiliation. Actively searching for the smallest signs of political irrelevance in the Columbia community is akin to a witch hunt.

      • Anonymous  

        This whole article is the columbia community going out of their way to target the football players.

        • Anonymous  

          no. no. no.

          that's not what's happening right now. what's happening right now is people becoming rightfully outraged about an insular culture that sanctions homophobia, racism, and anti-semitism. it's shameful what chad did, but it almost as shameful how many players on the football team are reacting to it (based not just on this, but on the still public twitter accounts of some of the football players) with sympathy for chad and significant victim-blaming. people aren't looking for any reason to hate the football team. people are investigating an insular culture of bigotry that has been allowed to persist on this campus for too long.

    • what the actual fuck, bwog  

      "is he gay or european" is a musical theater song... so...

    • but like  

      don't you have work to do or something


      you fail to grasp the tone of 99% of these tweets

    • gay or european

      ^ "is he gay or european" is from legally blonde the musical and anderson cooper is actually gay... while some of these tweets might certainly be bigoted, i think it's a bit ridiculous to take them so out of context like this... some of them which merely say "gay," you can't even see what they were responding to so there's no way to know whether it was a homophobic tweet...

    • Baller  

      They might as well be football players. Heck, we actually win a few more games,

    • Anonymous

      lol k:

      Ian Marshall is gay and has been dating an asian-American boy for over a year

      Sam Wilson is Jewish

      Noah Robbins is Jewish

      Michael Cuby is black

      Sewa is half-asian, and always jokes about her "asianness," -- she is friends with Joe Girton

      Joe Girton is gay

      Ankeet Ball is Indian-American, and was in the varsity show with Cole Hickman

      They are allowed to joke about these things if they want to. The (ostensibly straight, white) football team is not.

      • Cole Hickman

        Not to mention Eleanor Bray and Cole Hickman are best friends. Eleanor has been dating a Jew for quite some time now, and both Cole and Eleanor are very passionate about anti-homophobia and anti-racism.
        It's not even remotely believable that these people have done anything wrong.

      • Anonymous  

        This is the dumbest thing ever. Most of the football tweets were talking to their friends as well. You cannot excuse one group for doing the exact same thing.

        • Anonymous  

          it's not about their talking to their friends, it's about their identities. the tweets in this album are people of various sexualities and ethnicities making jokes about their own identities, whereas the football players are two people of a different identity making fun of an identity they have no association with i.e. two straight guys making fun of a gay guy or a black guy making fun of an asian guy.

          • Anonymous  

            @Anonymous: But like to be fair a lot of them are also making fun of identities other than their own and I think they should be held accountable for that.

          • Anonymous  

            Well if we're going to start bringing up everyone's associations, there are two part Asians, a few Jewish guys, and a gay guy on the football team, so just because those other people have a connection to the groups their comments are bigoted towards doesn't excuse it.

      • PeopleStop

        It doesn't matter whether they fit the category or not.

        Any time they use the term gay in a slanderous way, they are just making it okay for those around them to do the same. In more personal settings,yes maybe, but right now it's really a charged word and to use it publicly is ill advised. Every time they use it jokingly, they are hurting themselves.

        It's the same for women/girls to call each other (whether they are friends or not) "bitches" and sluts". It's degrading to themselves. It also goes for black/african americans to call each other "N****s" especially when the word has such a charged history. Yes, it was used once, but the excuse "It's okay for /us/ to use it" is not a qualified excuse. There are so many other words that can be used to express yourself.

        • Anonymous  

          That is false as fuck. Let them decide how they use the words that people have used for decades, or even centuries to oppress them. There is a whole politic behind "reclaiming" such words, and some see it as a symbolic form of empowerment. Now that is not necessarily true for everyone, but let people decide on their own terms.

        • Anonymous  

          That's the whole point, they're NOT using it in a slanderous way, saying "gay" to an innocuous thing is humor through hyperbole; I know many of these people personally and to them (as well as me and a lot of others) this weird overuse of gay as a response to nearly everything is tragically funny. So reclaiming the word just to show how its ridiculous contemporary use is much different from ACTUALLY using it in a hurtful or aggressive way.

      • SEAS '14

        That does not make their comments "OK"... you cannot use that logic and blame football players. You do not know whether the football players who tweeted also secretly identify as homosexual, Jewish, or any other identity that they were making fun of. Do not legitimize inappropriateness. The comments of the people you listed could still negatively impact others who identify as gay, Jewish, Asian, or anything else.

        Just because someone is of an identity does not make them king over the group of people in this world who also identify with that identity. Neither of these groups of people who identify as athletes and non-athletes are in the clear for their actions. People should speak up more often in the moment of witnessing derogatory actions. Words do hurt and can impede on a fellow human's liberty.

        Some of my friends slip out phrases like this but although it may be uncomfortable initially, I try my best to address it and inform them about how that made me feel.

    • Sam Wilson

      Magneto is jewish!!! haven't you ever seen a god damn x-men movie

  3. Anonymous  

    This whole thing is just causing unnecessary drama and bringing shame to Columbia. Not just football or athletics, but the entire Columbia community. It is despicable how students are turning on one another. People are publicly condemning these individuals and their inappropriate comments at the expense of anyone and everyone associated with the university.
    I am embarrassed to be a Columbia student.

    • "turning on one another"  

      as in... committing hate crimes against other students? Yeah, that's pretty despicable. We should really stop turning on one another.

    • I'm all for giving people a fair hearing  

      There's some truth to what you're saying, but does covering up problems at Columbia contribute to solving them? There has to be a happy medium between picking on people based on hearsay and sweeping everything under the rug.

  4. Anonymous  

    Maybe it just shows that the football team does not understand the seriousness of the situation .....


    This is absoultely terrible...why is bwog reporting on what some random person allegedly "overheard". Damn I can write in saying I "overheard" anything...

  6. Bwog Reporters  

    You will never make it into journalism school with your inability to follow a basic code of ethics. You cannot publish an article based completely on heresay. At this point, your reporting constitutes defamation, and there's a lot more evidence against you than the guy that started it all.

  7. anon  

    I have also overheard football players blowing this incident off as stupid and believing that they are not in the wrong in any way. I am happy that their words are being put out there for all to see! Good job girl who tipped off bwog with true investigative journalism and getting actual quotes from football players in public. Imagine what they are saying in private!

    • Anonymous

      once again, eavesdropping on other students. Not only is that wrong but your basing your thoughts off of a part of a conversation that you heard- and you cant even say you heard everything correctly because you weren't part of the conversation. If you want to be a decent human being why don't you rationally go talk to the players about the situation and stop trying to start rumors your making the entire student body look bad.

      • my brain hurts from following all these comment wars

        so i just read up until your *first* incorrect usage of the word "your" and downvoted

        • Anonymous

          Who gives a flying fuck if its your or you're.. YOU'RE not supposed to be proof reading this shit

        • fuck you  

          You're so fucking smart for going through every post and looking for grammatical errors. You're such a fucking good samaritan for trying to get your fellow students in trouble. You're such a great kid that grew up in a great home in Connecticut with parents that are millionaires. Such the fuck up you ignorant son of a bitch. You're a piece of fucking shit.

          • WHOA WHOA WHOA

            GO HOME

          • also

            please teach me how to "such the fuck up" i've never heard of it probably because of my apparent privileged lifestyle that you assumed merely due to my attentiveness to grammar, a trait that NEWSFLASH isn't exactly uncommon at COLUMBIA FUCKING UNIVERSITY so bye

          • Anonymous  

            seriously i feel like these really aggressive comments have to be coming from the players themselves... all of them...

            i guess i dont have anything to add to the conversation... i was giving the football players the benefit of the doubt, forcing myself to do it...

            i consider myself a member of the Columbia community-- I love you all, and as I suffer in Butler I just want to resound with everyone that im appalled at the way these players have apparently replied to something we all are really & legitimately concerned about (assuming all these statements made are true)... like, are you seriously spewing all this shit online? not only do, at the very least, the majority (at least the half +1, seems like a pretty reasonable quantity) not care about the community at columbia and give a fuck about academics, but they also continue to completely shit on their relationship with the rest of us (yes, it is evident there is a clear divide, and we have tried being fair to them) and continue to make a mockery of us, while they all continue to circle jerk and tell each other they are the best?

            im gonna say that ignoring the players, 90% of students at columbia dont get any utility out of these teams. sure, maybe the teams that win tournaments and stuff are good (though is that really important? why do schools give so much importance to these events? lots of resources go into them (im not even mentioning that i think many sports players get into the school easier and other people would kill to be here, and cry if they learned how these people shit on the gift that is Columbia)) but then you have these insanely terrible football teams? these kids who should be ashamed to be called football players?

            dont bite the hand that feeds you, bitches.

          • Anonymous  

            i don't think the kids committing hate crimes and engaging in homophobic and racist discourse need any help from us on the getting-in-trouble front. it seems that's one thing they know how to do preeeetty well.

    • Anonymous  

      Here's the problem:

      What "they're saying in private" is none of your business.

  8. Anonymous  

    I've been disgusted by what's happened the last couple days, but this sort of backlash is exactly what our community DOESN'T need right now. Vengeance, particularly the ugly, ignorant sort designed to target individuals, does not contribute to any kind of healing process. Let's lead by example and be a little more mature and respectful.

  9. chad  

    Is the king of new york!

  10. Libel  

    Seniors weren't at the football meeting

  11. Anonymous  

    this is ridiculous people need to stop being such pussies and get over this

  12. MD DG Girl  

    God I want to c*nt punt this girl

  13. Tripe  

    Absolute tripe. Bwog doesn't look good posting this

  14. Anonymous

    I bet some football hater made this tip up.

  15. Anonymous  

    So basically BWOG is now TMZ

  16. anononymous  

    Also, this girl could just pick and choose what she wants to put into her post, to make what these football players said even worse. Because obviously she has an opinion, and probably wanted to portray the football players as best fitting to her opinion as possible.

  17. Anonymous  

    they said it in a public place. fucking cry moar

  18. Anon  

    How the hell is this news? Some anonymous tipster? I heard an anonymous tip that blog is a shitty publication, don't see you guys publishing that one.

  19. Anonymous
    An anonymous twitter account just posted this album. WE'RE ALL BIGOTS. hooray for columbia

  20. anon  

    fuck all u narps

  21. Totally Fucking Serious, Though.

    I once heard a football player say "penis" in public. I giggled and blushed. That's a no-no word.

  22. Bwog  

    Motion to get this article removed because it is slander and libel?


    I was coming home from the gym today and heard 4 students saying Chad had a gun. This is fucking ridiculous. That girl who reported this/supposedly took out her notebook is 100% a dimwitted girl. She should be ashamed of herself. Go fucking study for finals instead of being so childish. People like you are the reason why are school's ranking drops. Also, this is definitely 100% true that these football players said this right? Good job confirming they were in fact on the football team. Its not like the fucking roster is open to the public on Fuck girls like this. I'm not even an athlete but seriously fuck you. You are a weasel and do not deserve to go to a school like this. Is that what your parents taught you to do? Even if you aren't completely lying, eavesdropping and taking out a notebook to take notes? Go fuck yourself. You have way to much time on your hands to be deserving of a Columbia degree.

  24. Listen!  

    If you're going to trash talk, do it in the shower! No one's going to pull out their notepad.

  25. Anonymous  

    columbia is gossip girl

  26. uhhhh?  

    Post the author's name

  27. Bwog.. definitely TMZ now..

  28. Anonymous  

    Horrible as the whole affair is, Bwog should report facts and evidences as they are with a calm, objective journalist tone. This is trying too hard to occupy the moral ground. The tipsters' materials are worth printing, but the way this post is written has an overload of indignation and self-righteousness that makes me uncomfortable.

  30. arstarst  

    the butthurt is strong on this one

    my recaptcha phrase was "but iAsian"

  31. Anonymous  

    this dude is serving the T with a capital T, no shade

  32. I'm all for giving people a fair hearing  

    I'm beginning to wonder if all the comments so far have been posted by the football team. Yes, what this girl was did was a little sketchy, and we can't verify that what she overheard actually was said. But how is no one more disturbed by what the football players allegedly said? If there is even a kernel of truth to any of her quotes, then maybe we should be more concerned about that attitude, of tolerating homophobia and prejudice, and laughing off what should be a serious administrative response, persisting at Columbia, whether it's from a member of the football team or from any other student.

    • Anonymous  

      Agreed. The new Imgur album "Columbia Students" is disheartening, but it's also a tempting distraction from the Football players' blatantly bigoted Tweets.

  33. Carl  

    This is fucking ridiculous. I am Asian and I am ashamed. This reaction is a blatant indicator of why certain Asians get teased. The existence of any of this useless drama, of course, is because of sensitive Asians, ignorant of what a hate crime really is.

    Since when did hate crimes include random acts of free speech? Maybe if racial jokes were taken in stride, then such jokes would lose their value.

    Stop the bullshit! Stop procrastinating and study for your finals or just chill out! A joke, allegedly tipped by an anonymous coward, should not be grounds for any reaction like this one.

  34. Why Am I Reading This?  

    My question is...Why didn't the kid stick up for himself and fight back instead of reporting the douche bag and causing this huge uproar around here.

    Mr. Feelings Hurt, I hope you are reading this, because you are a coward. People will say offensive things for the rest of your with it or move out of New York to Wyoming or someplace similar. You can't make it here.

    What really kills me is that all these student groups are signing on to this petition to investigate this. WTF? Go study for finals and get ready to leave the neighborhood you come to twice a year, take a shit, then leave for summer and trips to ski in Vail.

    If only this much fervor was aimed at some of the poor professors this school has what a wonderful place it would be.

    • '14  

      Why don't you go play some football and write some more racist tweets.

    • Oh Wow.  

      The reason this conversation is necessary is because of responses like this, people like you. I am constantly surprised when views like yours come out of the woodwork, when people think that acts of aggressions should warrant the victims of aggression to enter into a field of violence too. When people think that it is braver to attack a person for being attacked than to seek legal remediation. Yes, the powerful set the terms of the field of contest, sure, but what we need to do is establish that violence is brutish, ugly, and ineffectual, and that cultures that promote hate against racialized groups face quick and impactful response, especially on but not limited to this campus.

    • Anonymous  

      Wyoming was the setting of a terrible hate crime against Matthew Shepard, who targeted because he was gay. These issues are everywhere and if we do not make a stand they will continue. I'm glad the victim in this Columbia incident stood up. People cannot keep swallowing injustices.

  35. C'mon  

    Why can't there be a difference between defending individual rights and defending chad and the football teams actions? I for one am sick to see any racism, much less a violent assault. But vigilante justice is not justice at all.

    And lets please separate the issues of the tweets and the assault. For some of chad's tweets to play into his prosecution for assault is a violation of his first amendment rights.

    Chad should be charged for misdemeanor assault and expelled by columbia. The other 3 football players involved should be suspended for a year.

    To all other student-athletes who have never once said a racist thing, work hard, and live a life we non-athletes really don't understand, I am sorry for the vitriol directed at you.

    As for this reporting: Jesus Christ. The irony of such irresponsible reporting on the campus that houses the world's most renowned school of journalism. Take some responsibility and don't try to stir up page views when people's reputations and futures are on the line.

    • kevin li  


      you think this guy should be expelled because he hurt somebody's feelings? cause let's be real the only thing that got hurt is some guy's feelings

      talk about disproportionate punishment

      it's a fucking witch hunt

  36. what the actual fuck, bwog  

    Hey, Bwog- you guys got a lot of hits and comments! Congrats! Are you happy now?

  37. BC'15

    Obviously someone who is not involved with musical theater was screen shotting these tweets.

  38. BC 13  

    Assuming these overheard comments are true, wouldn't it have been more constructive for this girl to challenge what these guys were saying? If we're looking for change, we should be standing up to the racist/sexist/homophobic comments we hear from our peers.

    It seems like saying something to these guys about their derogatory language would have been a better use of time instead of eavesdropping just to tip Bwog. We have to let others know when they're being offensive if comments like this are to stop. Even if you're brushed aside, at lease you've attempted to be part of the solution.

  39. ...  

    i'm actually pissed off. yeah sometimes you cant say bad things but im sure a lot of these tweets were taken out of context and i know some of the people on there, as im sure a lot of you do--they're not racists, theyre not bigots, sometimes we say stupid things but that gives you no right to target individual people and try to publicly shame them. like people are saying, adding fuel to the fire. so unnecessary.

    • ...  

      im talking about the columbia student tweets btw

    • Anonymous  

      "sometimes we say stupid things but that gives you no right to target individual people and try to publicly shame them"

      Can we say this isn't what happened to the football players?
      Those players reputations are ruined. I can say for a fact the freshman Niko Padilla is one of the nicest guys I know on campus. His tweets were taken out of context too.

    • Mexican CC'14 Dude  

      Because when the 'good guys' are shown to be just as tone-deaf and willfully negligent in policing their own twitter accounts as the football players, it's somehow unfair.

      Special pleading at its finest.

  40. Seriously?  

    Absolutely APPALLED at whoever compiled those tweets. The people involved in these very serious accusations are all very close and run in the same social circles -- the person who did this is familiar with them and knows a lot about them on a personal level.

    What the creator of this page has committed is character assassination to people who have the some of the best characters on this campus.

    Wake up, Columbia. This has turned into a war between athletes and non-athelets, and YOUR PEERS are being targeted and thrown under the bus. When will enough be enough?

    • Sorry, I'm Not Sorry  

      You don't think the compilation of tweets by football players wasn't a "character assassination"? Some of those students are good people, and their comments were also taken completely out of context. Perhaps the second compilation was made to make a point that anything can look bad when taken out of context. Granted some of the football players' tweets were inexcusable, but some of these tweets are also inexcusable. I think it's time all Columbia students take a look in the mirror before condemning any one person or group on campus.

      • BC '15  

        Problem is that this group of people aren't associated with people who are being investigated for a hate crime.

        • Sorry, I'm Not Sorry  

          So you're excusing their bigoted comments? They're tweets aren't inappropriate just because they're not on the same team as someone accused, emphasis on accused, of a hate crime?

        • Anonymous  

          FOOTBALL PLAYERS ARE NOT BEING INVESTIGATED FOR A HATE CRIME. Chad Washington, who happens to be a football player, is being investigated for assault, not even a hate crime. While Chad does not seem to be a role model in anyway, he is not someone that went around targeting Asians specifically. This incident happened due to his asshole behavior and not because the kid happened to look asian.

          • BC' 15  

            How is assault better than a hate crime?

            Aside from that, I'm just saying that although the things these students said are inexcusable, someone, presumably a student at this University, went out of their way to target a group of people who were not involved with this scandal in any shape, way, or form.

            Of course it is horrible that the football team was brought into the situation, but they are AT LEAST associated with Washington in some capacity. A student targeted this specific group of people who were COMPLETELY unrelated to this football player. And although, yes, it proves a very important point, I would define it as an assassination of character in attempt to make the persecuted football players look better. These people are innocent bystanders when in terms to the scandal as a whole. They shouldn't have to be associated with this.

            Obviously there needs to be a University wide course of action to better deal with these issues of race, gender, and sexuality. But that is not the issue I'm trying to attempt to tackle in a mere Bwog post.

          • =/=  

            Harassment is not the same thing as assault by the way. Washington was charged with harassment, not assault. The kid left feeling intimidated, not physically harmed whatsoever. The actions are absolutely unacceptable no doubt, but let's keep that in mind.

  41. Thick Wang  

    Its Thick and Its Me

  42. Everyone needs to chillthefuckout. This is being blown way out of proportion, and you all know it.

    To the statement Columbia's AAA put out: just how many times would you like to refer to this so-called "systematic" hatred. If, indeed, it is so rampant and causing you "deep concern," why have you only now chosen to make a statement concerning "the environment maintained on our campus," of which you apparently so disapprove? The simple answer being: because it happened to you. You're entirely reminiscent of petty Hollywood actors who suddenly start a charity for some rare disease that their child has. Now there is nothing wrong with this, but don't pretend like you've cared about this for a long time when in fact you only recently started caring because it affected you. Experience is a bitch, and there are no such things as altruistic acts...or statements, in this case.

    On Whether Athletes Are Inherently Stupider Than Non-Athletes:
    Recall the amount of hideously dumb people you know that aren't athletes. In addition, if you woke up at 5 or 6 in the morning every day to work out, your grades would surely suffer. We would not be down for that shit.

    "The football team hangs out in cliques"...that's cool. So do asians, definitely. Separatists we once described it. So do blacks. So do whites. So do hispanics. So do indians. So does every other race. So does every other sports team. And at this school. All these groups bond on their similarities, but hey at least the sports cliques often include different races.

    Again, this entire thing has been blown way out of proportion and for the great cynicals, the amount of asian jokes that have since been stated in passing (and in private) as a way to mitigate this situation has risen astoundingly. #irony
    The "in private" part is key. everyone is secretly a racist. And that's just it, most people keep it a secret, while it on twitter.

    To wrap up, we'll just say what everyone already thinks: athletes are dumb, asians are smart, but they're also separatists and they probably talk about you in their language that you most likely don't undertand. Everyone at Columbia is "elitist". Well HYFR!! (hell yeah fucking right) that elitist title is the least we deserve considering some shell out $70k for this P.O.S. school comprised of 50% of teachers who can't speak english. (I know what you're thinking, but we didn't say those teachers were asian, you "racist").

    However, in no way do we condone the actions allegedly committed by Mr. Washington. But neither do any of us know the full story, which is important. We almost feel like alcohol had to be involved in this. It seems like it fits the story. Now, as so many Bwog posts do, let's go on a severe tangent! Let's talk about how alcohol is legal, whereas if either of the two parties were high, this would've never happened!

    To Columbia: You're all tools. Especially the administration that released those toolish statements. Absurd.

    To the girl who took notes on the overheard convo: ......

    Troll Master

    • Anonymous  

      right on. I can't understand my Russian math teachers either...

    • Columbia...  

      needs more people like you. The world thanks you.

    • the dark hand  

      @Troll Master: did you write this?

    • i have finals tomorrow  


    • not affiliated with AAA, but Asian

      you make some good points, but there are parts of your post where you are completely WRONG. do you seriously think that this is the first time asians on this campus have been victimized by seemingly "harmless" stigmas and discrimination? you clearly know NOTHING about AAA seeing as one of the main objectives of organizations similar to AAA (as well as events such as ECAASU, etc.) is to not just celebrate our cultures and the things we love about our heritage[s], but also to bring awareness to the uglier side of race distinction. it's clear from your comment that you have zero association with AAA and you know what that says? that you have ZERO basis on which to claim that AAA hasn't addressed systemic oppression previous to this one event. yeah, this is the first time AAA has addressed the entire school, rather than just its own members and associated groups, but this is also the first occasion that has made that necessary. do NOT ignorantly tell people that "experience is a bitch" implying that they're new to oppression/prejudice. to my knowledge, BSO has never issued a statement on the need for acceptance and tolerance on this campus, and yet i'm sure if they ever did you'd never call them out for not speaking out earlier. and yeah, black oppression and asian oppression are, on a surface level, two different things. but in the end they amount to the same things: ignorance and hatred.

  43. you're not very smart  


    so i'm gonna "break it down" for you:

    "i've got nothing to hide" is a problem when there is a legislative or top-down attempt to spy on people, because it is a fallacy used to give power to authoritarian states that might go above and beyond catching people with something to hide (i.e. PATRIOT Act) by diverting the line of inquiry around pro-privacy arguments.

    however, if STUDENTS decide to police OTHER STUDENTS' twitter accounts for PUBLIC tweets, there is no "affront" to "free speech". you are FREE to be bigoted, but they are free to call you out on being a piece of shit, as they rightly should be. everything is right with the world, george washington gives adam smith a red-white-and-blue blowie, etc.

    so please, stop watering down actually important anti-authoritarian arguments by using them to propagate your intellectually-bankrupt bigot-apologist drivel.

  44. Anthony Villamagna  

    Everyone, please understand that if our goal is to create a more unified Columbia community that this is not the way to do it. The vitriol contained within some of these comments is appalling. We, as students, are the ones who ultimately control our community and our culture. Neither the Administration, nor the Athletics Department, nor the professors, nor any other group on campus can influence Columbia on a daily basis the way we can. Searching out non-athlete’s tweets to find offensive comments is merely showing what each of us already know: that within any large body of people there will be those that think, say, do, or post offensive material. However, it is also a divisive action that pulls us further from where we need to be.

    I believe that Columbia already has a community that overwhelmingly strives for the prejudice and hate free environment that we all want. However, there are those who, for one reason or another, perpetuate racially insensitive, gender insensitive material, or homophobic material. It is our duty as Columbia students to educate. I can guarantee that much of the problem arises from ignorance and misinformation rather than true racist or bigoted beliefs. When we hear misinformation being spread, teach instead of condemn. When we see an improper action being done against a student, stand up instead of letting it pass.

    It is up to us to make these changes. Each person can only control that which is within your own environment. Strive to be the best that you can be, stand up for what is right, and practice what you preach. It is only when we are able to do these things that Columbia’s community will be the place we are all striving for it to be.

    Anthony Villamagna, CC ‘13

  45. Anonymous  

    unacceptable actions, I find, are unacceptable.


  46. Twitch  

    I realize that the comments on this one are winding to a close (I've been self-controlling away from bwog and Facebook for finals), but two thoughts:

    a) the story with the athletics teams--this includes the teams involved in ZBT's hazing scandal this year--is about a ridiculous level of institutional power that gets wielded by athletics. if the rest of us sound bitter, that's why. If this had happened in the frats the world would end and spectacular collective punishment would be meted out. three years ago one student each that was living in the frat house committed crimes that no one thinks are immoral, and even after those students had been expelled, everyone else was given 3 years of probation, had their houses permanently taken away from the chapters, and had a new system of control put in.

    (and it doesn't--frats are actually places of real diversity, where hispanic bros, white (really white) bros, white (jewish) bros, asian (-american or int'l student) bros, gay bros, asian (-californian) bros, or other (not to invisibilize, but this list is long and has to end somewhere), can all be obnoxious douchebags regardless of sexuality or ethnicity)

    b) did you expect a different reaction from these kids? they might have f***ed up huge, but there's an inquisition on right now into the basic fabric of their social lives, and the rest of campus (never a particularly friendly place) has set itself up as judge, jury and executioner. teams that provide a home for them while they're here during really formative years, social structures that have basically raised them and provided them with friends, values, etc., are under attack. really, genuinely under attack. the entire campus views them and all of their friends, everything they've known and done for years, as valueless, immoral, worthy of expulsion, and the administration is going to have to act on it. oh and one of their friends just had his entire life ruined. i'm not defending them, especially their behavior before the sh*t hit the fan. but the idea that they would try to circle the wagons and try to show some loyalty to their collapsing world rather than to adopt the views of those that judge them and their friends to be monsters isn't a continuation of the same despicable and violent willful ignorance that drove the idiocy until this week. it's psych 101, and this much was entirely predictable.

    • Anonymous  

      chad washington did not have his entire life ruined. he ruined his own life by ASSAULTING someone. let's not place the blame on anyone else here.

    • Idiots  

      The ZBT hazing scandal? Do you even know what happened? NO you don't because you weren't there so shut your fucking mouth. It wasn't that bad which is why the house is still theirs, not because athletes are given "extra benefits." People who comment with absolutely no knowledge on anything might be the most annoying thing ever. It wasn't ZBT that wanted to do the hazing, the womens sports team involved came to them. So, blame them more than anyone. Plus this has nothing to do with anything. Athletes are scrutinized at least 10 times more than everyone else in the University. Other fraternities were associated with kidnapping in addition to drugs being sold out of their houses. They lost their houses (obviously) and ZBT was on the brink of losing their house over a few questions asked to some girls. So get your facts straight before making comments kid.

  47. Alum

    It's pretty simple... If you don't want to get burned for using derrogatory language in public, then don't use it in public.

    Better yet, don't use it at all.

  48. Person  

    question, off topic, do asian students commonly feel discriminated against/oppressed/victimized. actually just wondering - not trying to make a statement or anything.

    • Asian  

      Speaking for myself here, but yes. I feel discriminated against on a daily basis in small, seemingly insignificant ways. But those kinds of biases and microaggressions are constantly being brushed off as unimportant by other people and so, I usually don't bring them up. Discrimination against Asians in this country is often seen as more "acceptable" because of the model minority myth and because a small subgroup of Asians has become overrepresented in higher education. I don't have an accent and I'm an American citizen, and yet I am constantly being asked to legitimize my being in this country. I walk down the street and have racial stereotypes shouted at me. But, ya know, it's totally fine because Asians are doing great so why should we complain?

    • Another Asian  

      Not really.

  49. It's fagget  

    FAGGET. Don't you know how it's speled??

  50. Anonymous

    I understand many of the arguments made on both sides of the issue here, but the people trying to explain away these quotes as out of context sound a lot like Mitt Romney trying to explain away the 47% quote.

  51. Anonymous  

    Sucks how excited everybody gets when somebody else in the community fails...

  52. Just a thought

    This is all so interesting to me! The problem I have sometimes with "Multicultural Affairs Offices" or "Diversity Offices" is that it compartmentalizes efforts to fight for multicultural diversity and tolerance. And that can mean that sometimes people forget they, themselves, you, have to be making tolerance and diversity a living part of their, your, life. Logic being, if we have a capitol-o Office to 'fix that stuff,' why should we bother? So we all treat statements from student groups and Columbia diversity offices with kudos, and then indifference.

    But the minute that someone pays attention in their daily life, standing in a line, and then tries to publicize what they found to be problematic, they are thought to be stepping over the line. Even though, technically, NO ONE was hurt by this, because peoples' names were left out.

    • well

      Perhaps the more appropriate response would be to actively combat the behavior. The tipster could have said something to the two, but instead, tolerated the behavior and stayed silent as she listened.

      It's kind of like hearing one of your friends make a racist joke, not saying anything to them about why it's wrong, and then thinking you're doing something by telling a friend in ROOTed about it three days later. "Publicize" is bullshit. Frank dialogue isn't.

  53. Mexican CC'14 Dude  

    Thanks for clarifying. I guess I'll start calling my friends Spics now. None of us are on the football team so it's OK if we do it right?


  54. ok  

    why is everyone so upset about this? the biblesays gayatry is illegal

  55. Anonymous  

    Wow. Fuck you. Seriously? Who the fuck do you think you are eavesdropping on them like that an publishing this shit? Bwog fucking sucks.

  56. Anon  

    Stop posting such long fucking comments

  57. Anonymous

    I am so goddam tired of all these commenters saying "chill out" or "relax." If someone through a handful of dirt on me every time I was told that, I'd be buried in the fucking ground. This MORNING some guy holla'd at me and actually yelled "ASIAN LOVE LOVE" as his friends leered at me like I was some piece of meat. Seriously? I didn't even deserve a verb. And you know, this type of thing is an everyday occurrence for me, an Asian woman. Do you think you're being funny or refreshing by saying "chillthefuckout"? Do you actually think I don't hear that all the fucking time? At least be original, if you're going to invalidate the experience of being marginalized on this campus, city, and world every fucking day of my life. If you notice that your peers, who have warranted your respect and admiration thus far, are angry and using their time and energy to work on something not academic during FINALS week, do yourself a favor and figure out why that is. You might learn something, asshole.

  58. Anonymous  

    @Anonymous: So being gay gets you a pass for being anti-Semitic and dating an Asian makes it ok to say offensive stuff about Asians? Being friends with gay people gives you the right to be homophobic?

    Is this stuff as hateful as the football tweets? I wouldn't say so. But that doesn't make it ok.

  59. Not even a football player  

    My problems with this post. 1. I do not support racist tweets but how am I supposed to trust one girl pulling out her notebook and following the football tam around, writing down what they allegedly "said". This is bullshit reporting. I don't even know this girls name or the guys involved or have any evidence. And, i say this as a black person who doesn't really support athletics, it reeks of bias. So should we follow everyone on the football team and carry our recording devices? hide in their bathroom trash cans to see if they make any homophobic comments while shitting? Should we insert a wire into the minds of all Columbians so that we know whoever thinks one racist thought and we can tell bwog about it? The real bad aspect of all these interactions is YOU bwog. I hope you shut down or go away or get new leadership. You have no respect for anyone on campus, you are willing to risk the mental health and happiness of students ( not in this incident but in others throughout the year), just for a few cheap laughs. You are like a parasite, feeding on the Columbia community. Get the fuck out of Columbia. And go away.

  60. Anonymous  

    whoever you are, eavesdropping, and then sending an "anonymous" tip into bwog, you're so fucking pathetic. if you so badly want to make a goddamn moral statement and be leader against racism/discrimination/whatever, at least post your name, coward

  61. The Boss  

    I demand a free 2 Chainz concert!

    I'm looking for someone selling those Bloods and Crips hats.


  62. wow  

    After reading some comments, I can see how athletes would want to hurt you or "assault" you in some way...

    "so i just read up until your *first* incorrect usage of the word "your" and downvoted"

    ^That up there is a joke. You say they tweet this and say this and say that. This is clear instigation. If you said something like this to me in person, I would want to beat you up to. This is ignorant and rude. I am so discouraged to be going to a school like this. It isn't just the so called enemy "athletes" faults, its everyones. I am so embarrassed to go to a school like this. I wish everyone could just get along. All I see is jealousy and hatred from both sides. If you provoke people they will fight back no matter who they are. Football players might have a bigger mouth to them, doesn't mean they are racist.

  63. Anonymous  

    Sticks and stones people...

  64. Anonymous  

    Bwog should really take all of this shit down. Terrible reporting.

  65. Anonymous  

    Can you say, witch hunt?

  66. Sports

    nerds r all just jealous of our dicks #ihatenerds #hahgayyyyy #BANGBANG

  67. Anonymous  

    shut ur mouth pussy #rekt

  68. RR

    That's. It. Are you all out of your mind?

    "Being friends with gay people gives you the right to be homophobic?"
    Honey. No. You are so wrong. I honestly don't know how better to illustrate this, so I'll try this way. Sometimes, when my friend gets mad at me for teasing him, he tells me he hopes my eyes fall out. He makes a frowny face and says: "Roko. I hope your eyes fall out."

    I don't think he has anything against my eyes, though. Yet, had Wilma, of the eponymous grill, told me the same thing, I would be shocked and offended. If a stranger yelled it at me on the street, I'd be scared. Context determines the message, and if I know that my eyes are in no danger I am absolutely OK with my friends telling me that to mean "stop joking!" or something similar.
    The word 'gay' is not magical, and nothing about it is inherently offensive, unlike the word 'faggo*'. It can be used as an insult when a person intends it as an insult.
    If a gay guy says Lykke Li is #gay, is he being homophobic? No, because being homophobic means having a negative attitude towards gayness, be it fear, annoyance or hatred. Since most of those posts are made by gay men who are CLOSE FRIENDS talking to EACH OTHER, accusing them of being bigots is just as bad as me saying that I am under constant threats of having my eyes gouged out because my bff tells me so when we're joking around with each other.
    "You show me a nigga that takes a bath, and I'll show you a faggo*."
    "You show me a nigga that takes a bath, and I'll show you a faggo*."
    "You show me a nigga that takes a bath, and I'll show you a faggo*."

    Just try to absorb the meaning of that sentence. How does it not terrify you? I thought about it for so long that it's funny to me now, but the person who wrote it was not using 'faggo*' to mean 'bundle of sticks', nor was he implying that dipping yourself in lavander-scented bubbliness causes one to become homosexual. He was making fun of guys like me and he has no right to do so. End of discussion.

  69. Louis CK fan  

    My question is, haven't the football tweeters seen the second episode of Louie season one where they address the use of the word "faggot" ??

    It streams for free on Netflix. Cmon people.

  70. when is Bwog

    just going to disable commenting on posts


  71. Bewildered.

    Have these football players learned nothing from "The Thick of It"? Never say anything within earshot of anyone unless you know they're not an on-the-record journalist!

  72. CC16  

    Its funny when some of them are gay themselves

  73. Trying to stay on the Dean's list  

    Everyone stop blaming the football team, we don't wanna get them all kicked out so they cant sink the curve in every class.

  74. John Asian

    I am a Penn graduate. I love watching the Columbia community go down this endless rathole devouring one another in vicious fashion. You will be a national joke in about 2 days. Keep on hating each other. It's beautiful. You bunch of fucking losers!

  75. ANON

    LEAVE THIS SHIT ALONE -- stop trying to get these kids in more trouble then they already are. of course they are going to talk about it. this is honestly so insensitive. back the fuckkkk off

  76. Anonymous


    replace puntcuation

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