That we could hear none

A group of seniors, including at least two football players, were overheard around 4 pm today in the line for commencement tickets in Lerner making light of the situation involving the football team, according to an anonymous tipster. She was listening to the group standing next to her in line, and after about 20 minutes took out a notebook and wrote down their words. This is what she overheard; everything in quotation marks is a direct quote.

  • One member of the group blamed the victim of the hate crime, suggesting that the victim was the one who “really started it” and “escalated it.”
  • One person insisted that the tweets are “funny and true,” and that one of the perpetrators “wouldn’t take it back.” He added, “every text I got I started laughing more and more.” The homophobic and racist tweets, he argued, were “out of context” and “should be taken with a grain of salt.” Another tried to dismiss that the tweets shouldn’t be taken seriously because one of the tweeters was high when he wrote some of them.
  • One person mentioned that during a meeting held for the football team to address the hate crime and tweets, all the players were “trying not to laugh” the whole time. The coaches took it seriously, but not all of the players.
  • One person said that Chad and the people responsible for the tweets “aren’t even worried” about serious repercussions because the issue will just blow over, and they consider it to be no big deal. At the same time, they worried that the scandal might negatively impact other football players, ignoring the actual victims of the hate crime and tweets.
  • One person mentioned that the hate crime story received a very different reaction on the Barstool Sports blog, compared to Bwog, leading another to chime in, “Yeah, because they’re…real people.”
  • Throughout the conversation, members of the group peppered their conversation with “faggot” and used “gay” as an insult.
  • Finally, they joked that Chad was famous: “He’s famous! He’s a famous homophobe! He’s the king of New York!”

Eventually, both our tipster and the guys received their commencement tickets. She heard two of the boys give their names to the people dispensing tickets; while we won’t print the names, we did check them against last season’s roster and confirmed they were both on the football team.

“There was no shred of empathy for those victimized by their actions and no scrap of remorse,” she tells us.

Bwog’s wishes via Shutterstock