Free Food: There’s An App For That

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Today fro 5-7 pm in the “main lounge” (we’re not sure either) of Lerner, there will be free apps provided by Lerner Operations–“and not the kind you download,” proving they’re hip with the kids.  With any luck, these treats will include buffchick wings, mozz stix, and tons of fruits&veggies.  No word on the presence of zerts or long-ass rice.

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  1. Ron Swanson

    It sounds worthy of a visit, but only if they have bacon-wrapped shrimp.

  2. SEAS '15  

    SO GOOD. They have buffalo wings, mozz. sticks, dumplings, quesadillas. So delicious.

  3. cc 14  

    no fruits... no veggies... sad.

  4. cc2016  

    apps AND zerts though?

  5. Typo  

    "Today fro[M] 5-7 pm"

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