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With classes starting soon, everyone will realize they have to switch Core sections and they’ll spam your Facebook groups with promises of baked goods, sexual favors, and loving you forever. Or maybe you just wish there were a faster way to go about trading unrelated classes. A brave duo, Adam Jaffe and Ilker Eraslan, both SEAS ’16, […]

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Today fro 5-7 pm in the “main lounge” (we’re not sure either) of Lerner, there will be free apps provided by Lerner Operations–“and not the kind you download,” proving they’re hip with the kids.  With any luck, these treats will include buffchick wings, mozz stix, and tons of fruits&veggies.  No word on the presence of […]

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Ever get tired of rummaging through Facebook/e-mail/Bwog/Spec/bulletin boards/asking around/passenger pigeon to find out what’s going on on campus? There’s a new app called Commune that wants to solve exactly that problem. Commune is basically an event aggregator; it allows you to see everything that’s going on in the university (and in the city at large). […]

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This overseen was found by tipster Tanay D. in the 13th floor of Mudd.  Gotcha!  Don’t forget that our overseen/heard contest is still active.

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Are you reading this on your iPhone? Well, maybe you shouldn’t be! Bwog is back to defend the seemingly indefensible, and today, resident Luddite Raphaelle Debenedetti makes the case for the dumbphone. Since it’s not New Jersey, it won’t be our most hopeless battle yet. “Are you two texting each other?” asked the curiously blunt waiter at […]

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Last week, we informed you of the beginning of DevFest, the “week-long application development experience” that has something to do with computers. Since the combination of get-rich-quick potential and Westside cookies was too much for Bwog to resist, technocrat chronicler Michael Menna was dispatched behind the Silicon Curtain of the Computer Science Department to report […]

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These times, they are a-changin’. Saturday Morning Cartoons keeps you up to date on cutting edge technology. Now if only there were an app for recording your night, post-blackout… Cartoons by Jody Zellman

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