John Jay Continues To Suck

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all y'all mothafuckas
all y'all mothafuckas

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This morning, we received a  lovely tip detailing the continuing frustrations of vertical movement within John Jay Hall.  This past January, we saw an uprising of sorts as the JJ elevators were under endless repair.  Apparently some freshmen’s advice to not use the John Jay “lifts” and just take the stairs was moot as, in an intriguing twist, the stairs were under repair:

Subject line: Fuck this place

Yesterday, John Jay’s stairs were being repaired. This means that hundreds of freshmen had to attempt to cram themselves into two small elevators (apparently called ”lifts” in the UK) in order to attend ”mandatory” events or eat meals. It took about 30 minutes to get off my floor. If there had been a fire, much of John Jay would have died, and I can’t help thinking the world would be a better place because of it.

We’d like to tell you it gets better, but, well…welcome to John Jay.  It’ll seem a lot better once you try to get to your first class on Hamilton 7.

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  1. Anonymous

    Both elevators have been repaired and are working, and the stairs are getting improvements

  2. Demo Company

    I say we tear that building down and make a nice modern dorm. It has sucked since my freshman year (Senior year + medical leave) and NOTHING has changed. Did they fix the sewage leaking down the stair well or that over flowing toilet, I bet not. Did they fix the radiators that also leak? nope.avi Every other building is nice on campus, except that one.

    • Anonymous

      haha. John Jay sucks. But "every other building is nice on campus, except that one" is probably the most untrue statement of all time.

      Hamilton? Wallach? FUCKING MCBAIN?!?!

  3. jasper

    if there had been a fire, you couldn't take the elevators anyway

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