Another Semester, Another Series Of Bizarre Comments

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Who knew the greatest twerking jokes of all time could come out of this setting

Who knew the greatest twerking jokes of all time could come out of this setting

As you’re rushing from Hamilton to Pupin and back again today, keep an ear out not just for midterms and finals information, but for what those old people in front of the lecture hall are actually saying in between the course requirements.

On every first day of classes, professors break out the most politically incorrect one-liners, the most irrelevant personal anecdotes, and the most shocking pop culture tie-ins in an effort to make an impression on their new students. In short, professors make some really weird opening remarks, and we want to hear them all.

Send in your professors’ most bizarre/disturbing/adorable comments to or leave them in the comments below — who knows, maybe they’ll be one of those professors who reads Bwog and mention it in the next class. You’ll have made their day.

People secretly funnier and cooler than you via Wikimedia

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  1. Anonymous  

    Is Emelyn Hughes teaching again for FroSci this time around? I hope so, he's an awesome motherfucker.

  2. first day probs  

    is it just me or is ssol down?

  3. A guy  

    Nothing outrageous, but the mention of twerking was pertinent; Bob Neer was playing some song that went "twerk twerk twerk twerk..." while Angelique Aristondo in one of those "find someone who..." activities asked "aimes/deteste Miley Cyrus. Clearly they are trying to show us they are "branchés".

  4. Carlos Montes-Galdon  

    "If I see you eating around campus... bad! At the gym... bad! Sleeping... even worse! Breathing... the worst! Twerking... truly awful, unless you can do it better than Miley Cyrus, which in that case you should come up here and show it to us!"

    Paraphrased, but something like this.

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