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Small spoon to clingy Housing

In our newest installment of WTF, Columbia, a senior describes an all-too-familiar experience: messy communication in housing.

Before school had even started, I submitted a maintenance request to have my bed raised. On the first day of school I realized this was a stupid idea, so I went to Housing and asked them to cancel the request–because for some reason there is no way to cancel a maintenance request online. Once at Housing, a woman, whom I had never seen before, just wrote down my uni on a post-it note (later I found out she was supposed to call maintenance).

I posted a sign on my door saying I had cancelled the request because I don’t trust Housing, but after three weeks I assumed they had gotten the memo so I took it down.

The following morning I came back and found my room a bit messier and my bed 5 feet above ground. It was awful.

So I immediately went to Housing, who were really keen to help me. I wrote down my problem on a list of Emergency Requests which included “overflowing toilet flooding suite” and “fruit fly infestation in kitchen.” At night, however, I received a regular maintenance request in my email saying that fixing the problem may take another 3 weeks.

To make it even worse, I woke up this morning to find an email that said my new maintenance request had been completed… it hadn’t. I know this because I was on my bed and it hadn’t been lowered in my sleep.  So I went back to Housing, where they called maintenance–who were incredibly unhelpful and told us to just fill out yet another maintenance request.

Now I have nothing to do but wait… wait to die… wait to live… wait for an absolution… that would never come.

If only CU beds were that big via Shutterstock

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  1. marry me  

    titanic quotes are my number one favorite thing.

  2. anon  

    Or you could stop being lazy and lower the bed yourself...... If it needs wrench buy one they are like 5 bucks at uni hardware. If the maintenance guy can do it so can you. I believe you and your Columbia level intellect should be sufficient to move a bed down a few inches!

  3. Anonymous  

    Always warms my heart when the new guys see just how awful the Columbia bureaucracy is.

  4. thanks columbia  

    talked to my princeton and harvard friends today. they love their housing and services. columbia, you fucked the hell up. seriously, you fucked up. ask me for a donation, you bisch

  5. curioussoph

    Dude, you're a senior, If you've learned anything thing by now at Columbia it should have been that if you want something simple done(like raising your bed) it's quicker, easier and much less the headache to do it yourself! I've gotta say that you're reaping what you've sown . . .

  6. Wait...

    Da fuq did i just read. Tell me that you didn't just bitch about the height of your bed for an entire article?!? As though the height of your bed is impeding your quality of life..... It's embarrassing. Also, why the hell would you put in a maintence request for a problem, that wasn't a problem? You hadn't even set foot in your room yet. Please stop wasting everyone's time.

  7. Are You Serious, Berns Sarmiento  


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