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Small spoon to clingy Housing

In our newest installment of WTF, Columbia, a senior describes an all-too-familiar experience: messy communication in housing.

Before school had even started, I submitted a maintenance request to have my bed raised. On the first day of school I realized this was a stupid idea, so I went to Housing and asked them to cancel the request–because for some reason there is no way to cancel a maintenance request online. Once at Housing, a woman, whom I had never seen before, just wrote down my uni on a post-it note (later I found out she was supposed to call maintenance).

I posted a sign on my door saying I had cancelled the request because I don’t trust Housing, but after three weeks I assumed they had gotten the memo so I took it down.

The following morning I came back and found my room a bit messier and my bed 5 feet above ground. It was awful.

So I immediately went to Housing, who were really keen to help me. I wrote down my problem on a list of Emergency Requests which included “overflowing toilet flooding suite” and “fruit fly infestation in kitchen.” At night, however, I received a regular maintenance request in my email saying that fixing the problem may take another 3 weeks.

To make it even worse, I woke up this morning to find an email that said my new maintenance request had been completed… it hadn’t. I know this because I was on my bed and it hadn’t been lowered in my sleep.  So I went back to Housing, where they called maintenance–who were incredibly unhelpful and told us to just fill out yet another maintenance request.

Now I have nothing to do but wait… wait to die… wait to live… wait for an absolution… that would never come.

If only CU beds were that big via Shutterstock