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An American Airlines flight made an emergency landing after the interior cabin wall started ripping apart. WTF, American Airlines? Fix your planes. (Sydney Morning Herald) After about six weeks of being completely off the radar, Kim Jong Un returned to the public with a cane in hand. All rumors about his potentially deteriorating health have been […]

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In this installment of WTF, Columbia, Bwog reveals a tramatic experience with the notorious laundry system. Two days ago, I spent my morning attempting to open a washing machine with a metal squeegee. Why, you ask? What could have possibly driven me to such MacGyver-esque (though admittedly crazy) behavior? The star of many a nightmare: Columbia […]

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In our newest installment of WTF, Columbia, a senior describes an all-too-familiar experience: messy communication in housing. Before school had even started, I submitted a maintenance request to have my bed raised. On the first day of school I realized this was a stupid idea, so I went to Housing and asked them to cancel […]

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CUE, that community service pre-orientation program, is facing some unwanted changes. The school cut the group from 84 students last year to 54. Historically Barnard subsidizes dining, but this year they’re providing a “small, kind donation” and office supplies. The biggest change, though, is housing. Typically, CUE lives together in McBain, taking up two to […]

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In our continuing coverage on shitty things the university does to make life much more complicated than it should be, Bwog was anonymously forwarded the following email from a member of the Student Wellness Project.  Here, we get the hilarious and devastating tale of an innocuous white board, unjustly damaged.  If you have a story […]

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Last month, we had our first “WTF, Columbia” post, detailing intricate complaints about the school.  This time around, Bwog Editor Alexandra Svokos (#transparency) divulges on an interesting experience.  If you have a story you’d like to share about Columbia pushing you around, email or use our anonymous form.  Anonymity guaranteed. I love this school. […]

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CCSC unveiled WTFColumbia, an excellent idea for innovative solutions to campus problems. But as commenters know, the best way to publicize an issue is to complain anonymously on the Internet. So we’re starting a series of students’ experiences with the worst of Columbia, from financial aid to Event Management to advising. If you have any […]

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