An Ode To Uni Cafe

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no skin off our back
no skin off our back

Say it ain’t so…?

Yesterday, Uni Cafe was shut down for health code violations.

Today, some deranged tipster who considers Uni Cafe bagels to be delicious wrote this ode:

To the restaurant you creatively dubbed “UNI”
We mourn the shutdown of yesterday
Your doors are locked, your tables too roomy
Your open-ness seems so far away.
Away from 115th I must go
For apparently buttered bagels were only your second-biggest secret
And I sadly find no delicious bagels to match or munch.
But M2M did it–they recovered I know!
So sweep up your floors, sweep twice for good measure
Kill the rats, open the doors, and it’s time for fucking lunch.

Artsy picture via @JackiBryk

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  1. how

    did this take so long? it was shut down as pinnicle like 5 years ago and they literally just renamed it.

  2. Anonymous

    shut down again?

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