1. phil major  

    are those sensual sunday videos shot in Phil 716?

  2. this is columbia

    isn't that a little cisnormative?

  3. Anonymous

    Dump him and go for a handsome Columbia guy.

  4. Remember,  

    2 things never to bring to college: a car or a boyfriend.

  5. Well,

    yah, i bought a boyfriend to college and it ended a year later, but I needed the time to realize he wasn't the one for me. Do your thing, let things run their natural course.

  6. Not always  

    FWIW as an older GS student, my relationship from HS survived her going to school between several states and a continent away for four years. It might be the exception, but it's not impossible.

    That said, I imagine you'll know pretty clearly by Thanksgiving, and let things happen when they happen. No need to preempt things just for the sake of preempting them.

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