How to Print Without Print@CU

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Since Print@CU is down right now (and lately has been somewhat unreliable), Bwog decided to let you all know that there are better other ways to print at Columbia.


Simply follow CUIT’s instructions by entering information about the printer you want to use.

Mac & Linux

The fastest and easiest way is to use the script that the wonderful folks at ADI wrote for you. It’s available for both Mac and Linux, and it installs all the Columbia printers! Mac users, change this setting under System Preferences > Security & Privacy, and don’t forget to change it back when you’re done!

Mac disable signing

If that didn’t work for you, you’ll have to follow CUIT’s tutorial for every printer you want to use.


Just download the CU Print app and you’re good to go! (And read our interview with its creator.)


If you have a class where you need to use CUNIX, you can print a file on the UNIX-based servers too.

Printing Resources

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  1. Anonymous

    this never works for me :( like with those just installed it has a little yield sign with an exclamation point next to every single printer on campus when i try to print something (on my mac). why can't print@cu just work/why did aarons have to sell it to spec who apparently can't do very simple maintenance on it. can't ADI take it over?

  2. Anonymous  

    Why not just e-mail oneself the file or put it on a flash drive and take it to Lerner to print there?

  3. thank you ADi  

    the script works for me. though I had to install the drivers for the printers.

  4. Jake  

    What about carman103a? o.O

  5. wtf  

    why does plimpton have 2 printers and schapiro only has 1

  6. Anonymous  

    because plimpton's are always broken.

  7. Anonymous  

    In things that were entirely predictable: Spec buys Print@CU, Bwog immediately starts promoting alternatives to Print@CU.

  8. ADI  

    If you're having any trouble, please contact us at infrastructure(at)

  9. CU Print  

    According to its own documentation, it just funnels print jobs to print@cu, so will not work if print@cu is down.

  10. Hmm?  

    Where do you see that? Also which service are you talking about?

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