Wall of Shame: The Tardy Professor Edition

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Because flames are cool.

Because flames are cool.

And so 2014 follows in the footsteps of her ancestors: our teachers still have not posted our grades on SSOL. Despite the fact that final grades were due on January 2nd, some teachers feel they are above the law and have not done so. Well you know what Bwog says? Those teachers deserve an F a big F U. Just kidding, we love you guys and we loved your classes, but please just give us a grade so we can go back to watching unprecedented amounts of Scrubs on Netflix.

So below is a list of some of Columbia’s failing teachers. Leave your tardy teachers in the comments.


Mana Kia, CC

Zoe Crossland, Archaeology and Africa

Casey Blake, US Intellectual History 1865-Present

Saskia Sassen, Global Urbanism

Deborah Mowshowitz, Introduction to Cellular and Molecular Biology

Kristina Milnor, Latin Prose Style and Composition

Shlomo Hershkop, Data Structures/Algorithms

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  1. Lauren

    Herbert Sloan, American Civilization to the Civil War!

  2. ugh i love her but

    Mindy Aloff, Dance in Film

  3. Anonymous

    Marcus Folch, classics major seminar

    • let me tell you how this is going to pan out

      You're not going to get your grades back until the first day of office hours when someone can bring it up with him in person. He'll say it's because he thought he hit 'submit' but really hit 'save' instead. Nice, Folch

  4. geology does not rock

    Peter Kelemen, Earth Resources and Sustainable Development

  5. Shlomo's Class

    Well besides the fact that Shlomo Hershko's class is a joke, I have no idea why he can't get the damn grades up. Everything has been graded for the past 12 days on Courseworks. All the hard stuff has already been done.

  6. Anonymous

    Rosalyn Deutsche, History/Theory of the Avant-Garde

  7. Unhappy philosopher

    Professor John Collins for Methods and Problems of Philosophical Thought.

  8. hate to be that guy but

    Maura Spiegel, American Film Genres

  9. FYI

    Mowshowitz put in bio final exam grades on Courseworks tonight. Hopefully course grades will be on SSOL soon.

  10. anon  

    Jeannette Bulinski, Cell Bio (boo, you whore)

  11. Anonymous

    Teresa Sharpe, Sociology of Education

  12. Nona

    Jeffrey Kysar, mechanical engineering lab I

  13. Ja-punctuality

    Edward Lincoln, Economic Development of Japan

    Also, last day of class: "Not to make you feel any worse about it, but I'm going to be in Hawaii while you guys are taking the final exam."

  14. Ghost of Kev$ho  

    They're all too drunk at 1020. K, bye.

  15. CS1007

    Love Prof. Kender. Appreciate that he grades each final exam by hand, but alas.... it is late.

  16. Anonymous

    Literary Texts, Critical Methods - Rosner dumb dumb

  17. Anonymous

    Peter Kim. Electricity and Magnetism. (Final was the first day of exam week, too).

  18. Labor and American Politics  

    Dorian Warren

  19. I just want some grades!

    E'Mett McCaskill, Abnormal Behavior

  20. Angry Senior  

    Benjamin Ben Reddy - Intro to Statistical Reasoning.

    Hasn't even graded the final yet, but I doubt anyone's surprised since he was at least 3 weeks late with EVERY FUCKING THING.

    Come on, dude, I know it's your first time teaching but your style is unacceptable.

  21. FU

    Musatti, Principles of Economics

  22. Angry

    Lise Hazen, Contemporary Biology Laboratory


    Ron Prywes, Bio Individual Topics (W3500)

  23. ThatOneGuy

    I say we penalize our grades upwards for this. For every day late, we should get a half-grade increase in our final grades. Fair is fair - let's all play by the same rules.

  24. Anonymous

    Same story this year. Scantron final on the 17th - that's two and a half weeks ago! - and no grades yet.

  25. Anonymous

    Hannah Hoch, Language Development

  26. Tenured profs don't give an F

    Gregory Pflugfelder, Intro to East Asian Civilization: Japan.

    (for those of us applying to grad school this time of year [read: this week], the Jan 2 deadline exists to help us submit our fall grades on time...)

  27. Anonymous

    at Brown they never have this problem

  28. Annonymous

    Carl Bettendorf - Music Hum: Seeing as it took him a month and a half to grade the midterm, this shouldn't be a surprise.

  29. Mailman MusicHum

    All my grades are in, but my MusicHum prof gave me a grade that does not exist so hooray Columbia.

  30. The final project was due Dec 11

    Peter Belhumer - Biometrics

  31. Feb Grad

    Grades in and graduated bitches!

  32. bio mejor

    I am not angry. I just really want my bio lab grade back, so I can know my final gpa.

    • CC '13

      Take heart, fellow sufferer (I was also a bio major + pre-med). It gets worse, like seriously, it does. Not to mention that once you're done dealing with Mowshowitz and Hazen, you still have to encounter Megan Rigney and all her wickedness when applying for med school. But then eventually you get into med school and it all stops being so bad! So yeah, it gets worse - much worse - but then it gets better!

  33. dick

    david reichman gen chem

  34. Anonymous

    Shlomo is the best. We smoke weed together.

  35. Anon

    Michael Como, Intro to Buddhism: East Asia

    I'm sure it's his pain-in-the-a** TAs' fault though.

  36. Mew

    George Olley, Intermediate Micro

  37. Marianne Giordani, Poetics of the Warrior

  38. anon

    Professor Catharine Nepomnyashchy, Nabokov lit course

  39. CC25

    Paul Blaer, Intro to Programming in MATLAB

    Seriously this guy said he'd have grades out the Thursday of finals week. What's up.

  40. Anonymous

    Alan Timberlake. Not surprising.

  41. Anon

    Our grades aren't up still.
    This is probably due to the fact that our professor may not know how to use the internet. Our Psets are written by typewriter, and our courseworks is blank. Having said this, I now realize that even posting his name would do no good because he has probably never heard of a bwog on the interweb.

  42. Almost awake dude

    Steven Olley, intermediate microeconomics

  43. Anonymous

    still not coming...

  44. jew


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