The Wall of Shame: Our GPAs Are Waiting

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cmon prezbo, put on the hat
cmon prezbo, put on the hat

Imagine your teacher wearing this, it will make you feel better

We’re not sure about you, but Bwog woke up this morning thinking 2013 would be different. We had high hopes that everything we wanted would come with this new year and all our wishes would be fulfilled. And then we checked SSOL, and grades were still missing. 2013 has come, and nothing has changed.

In the spirit of looking to the past, we’re bringing back an old tradition and calling out teachers who have yet to post grades, nearly two weeks after the last day of exams (when grades are allegedly due). Perhaps with this call we can enact change and get our grades, so we can send out updated resumes for summer jobs stop caring about 2012 already.

Leave yours in the comments and we’ll update the post as grades come in.

Lee Bollinger, Freedom of Speech and Press

David Reichman, General Chemistry I

Saskia Sassen, Global Urbanism

Andrew Nathan, Intro to Human Rights

Patricia Lindemann,Experimental Psych

Marianne Giordani, Military Literature

Jill Shapiro, Human Species

Timothy Frye, Intro to Comparative Politics

Seyhan Arkonac, Intro to Econometrics

Andrew Delbanco, Foundations of American Lit

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  1. TA with stacks on stacks of papers to grade  

    bite me.

  2. Anonymous

    Technically exams ended on the 22nd, only nine days ago, with most of the intervening days being holidays. Many of the offices are closed that week including the admissions office.

  3. Anonymous

    Ricardo Reis Intermediate Macroeconomics

    Eric Blanchard American Foreign Policy

  4. Anonymous

    E'mett McCaskill Abnormal Psychology

  5. P

    Yea people calm down. It's the holidays.

  6. Anonymous

    Brian Rakitin, Statistics for Behavioral Scientists

  7. Anon  

    Carol Rovane, CC
    Deborah Mowshowitz, Intro Bio

  8. From a prof  

    Professors were informed this fall that "The deadline for submitting grades is Wednesday, January 2, 2013" unless their home department set an earlier deadlines (and most do not).
    So talk to us again on 3 January Bwog.

  9. Premed

    Deborah Moshowitz Biology

  10. sorry, but

    Deborah Mowshowitz, Intro Bio
    though she said , in a week, so.... do i even want to know?

  11. Anonymous

    Steven Feiner, UI Design

    • Anonymous

      I was gonna post this. I wonder which classmate of mine wrote this. SEAS 2013, Comp Sci?

      I'm almost positive that I bombed the final, but did well on everything else. Fortunately, the final is only 20% in that class. A bit antsy about seeing this grade... hurry up Feiner/ Semih / Cyril!!!!

    • grades are up  

      but damn, how was this class even graded? Looks like the elusive final project grade mustve killed me

  12. Anonymous

    Teresa Sharpe, Sociology of Education

  13. Anonymous

    Gerald Navratil-Applied Electrodynamics

  14. anon

    Peter Kelemen, Earth: Origin, Evolution, Processes, Future


  15. pissed

    Solomon Mowshowitz - Immunology

  16. LOL

    Can we get some TA names up here? PrezBo is not the one posting grades, let's be real.

  17. Anonymous

    Bio is he waiting for?

  18. Anonymous

    Bernard Salanie, Principles of Economics

  19. Anonymous

    Paul Duby
    Aquatic Chemistry

  20. Anonymous

    David Albert - Methods and Problems of Philosophical Thought

  21. Anon

    Jae Lee- Advanced Programming... posted our grades on courseworks days ago. Not clear on why they couldn't be posted on ssol.

  22. Anonymous

    Jeremy Dauber and Paul Levitz- The American Graphic Novel

  23. Anonymous

    Shamus Khan- The Social World

  24. Anon

    Elizabeth Martin - Death and the Body

  25. Anonymous

    major debates study of africa

  26. Anonymous

    Matthew Connelly - The Future as History

  27. anon

    Intro to Film, R King

  28. anonymous

    Environmental Science Senior Seminar, Martin Stute
    Third Year Conversational French, Benjamin M Olivennes
    Earths Resources and Sustainable Development, Peter Kelemen
    Intro Bio with Paul Hertz

  29. anonymous

    Ha Nguyen
    Intro to Statistics (1111)

  30. D:

    Lena Edlund, Gender Economics

  31. Anonymous

    Science for Sustainable Development Ruth Defries

  32. this is some shit

    Luis Campos - Organic Chemistry I
    Ha Nguyen - Introduction to Statistics (W1111)
    Vesna Gasperov - Supervised Independent Research
    Deborah Mowshowitz - Introductory Biology I

  33. Anonymous

    Elementary Persian - Hassan Hussein

  34. Anonymous

    Ed Morales - Latin Music and Identity

  35. Meowth  

    Micheal Shnaidman - STAT W4107
    Qingmin Liu - ECON W4415

  36. Anonymous

    Claudio Lomnitz - Historical Anthropology of the U.S. Mexico Border

  37. question

    what's the average for a calc 2 class?

  38. CC '13  

    Nathan shouldn't be on here. He sent out final grades by email. I got my 25-page paper back with a long list of comments and a final grade within one day of submitting it. Pretty impressive, no? I suspect he was listed here because someone couldn't be bothered to calculate their own GPA.

    Also, Shapiro probably won't submit grades for another few days. My year, we didn't find out until Jan. 6th.

  39. Funny story about Econometrics

    My final grade was posted on courseworks over a week ago, mysteriously disappeared a day later and I have not heard anything since then. This is more than fishy.

  40. A disgruntled CC student

    Art Hum - Irina Oryshkevich

  41. Erm

    Intro to Experimental Physics Lab - Aaron Veicht

    The grading in that class makes no logical sense. For all I know, my grade could be anywhere between an A and a C-. So it'd be nice if grades were posted sometime soon...

  42. mike  

    kanye west - Intro to how to finish with women.

  43. anonymous

    michael reed - graphics. that bastard told me he couldn't give me an extension on the final homework assignment due the day before the final because he needed to submit grades the day after we took the final. its been days now and still no grade on courseworks or ssol. i got a 1 out of 10 on the final assignment too.

  44. Anonymous

    richard billows, ancient greek history

  45. Anonymous

    Deborah Steiner - sophocles

  46. Anonymous

    Bob Neer Contemporary Civilization

  47. negative inaction lol

    lol your daddy's a debt-saddled jobless bitch. your mommy sucks strange dick and takes it up the ass on the regular to help pay off your lucrative liberal arts degree.

    • King Anon

      Yes, we got it from all of your other posts on bwog. You think you are some big shot because your dad is rich and achieved something in life. Well, that just makes you a leech since he did the work-not you.

  48. LOL

    This lateness will never compare to last year's Labor and American Politics. The grades were submitted on January 13th...

  49. tbh

    Kimberly Marten Intro to International Politics

  50. Anonymous

    E&M 3007 - Phillip Kim

  51. Anonymous

    Khalidi-History of the Modern Middle East

  52. alsdfj

    American Urban History- Kenneth Jackson

  53. Anonymous

    Mahmood Mamdani, Major Debates in the Study of Africa

  54. Pissed @ Drewitz

    Oh come on. Alexander Drewitz you folded here.

  55. Anonymous

    seriously we turned in those papers in november.

  56. Anonymous

    Third Year French Conversation-- Benjamin Olivennes

    Seriously, we had no grades in the class. How hard is it to decide what grades to give us??

  57. Anon

    Mahmood Mamdani-Major Debates in the Study of Africa

  58. Anonymouse

    Giuseppe Cambareri - Physics Lab

  59. King Anon

    Luis Campos-Organic Chemistry

  60. Anon

    Patricia Grieve-Hispanic Cultures I

  61. Anonymous

    John Kender - Honors Introduction to Computer Science (COMS 1007)
    Aaron Veicht - Physics Lab (PHYS 1493)

  62. Anonymous

    Rodolfo Toledo Masterpieces of Western Music

  63. Anonymous

    Katherine Ewing, Intro to Anthropology of South Asia

  64. Anonymous

    Susan Boynton—History of Western Music

    (although to be fair she did extend the deadline for concert reports until basically today)

  65. Anonymous

    Ghost and Spirits from Kant to Marx -- Stefan Andriopoulos

    Modern Poetry and Poetics -- Paul Stephens

  66. Brent Cockwell and Liang Dong

    Biochem I

  67. Anonymous

    Ricardo Reis, Intermediate Macro. This class is the only one I took a real exam for and it cannot have been as bad to grade as 100 10-page papers, especially with 3 TAs. It's also the only class I am WORRYING ABOUT, come on!


    The only professor of mine who I will make no complaint towards is Basalo (thermo) seeing as she kept coming to class to lecture until the day before her due date... I'll wait for that grade.
    To the rest (especially that take-home we turned in during reading week)- no excuse.

  69. Anonymous

    Pablo Pinto- Political Economy of Trade & Investment ar

  70. A Haiku

    January Third
    It's official; they are late
    Those fucking TA's

  71. Anonymous

    Sherry J. Wolf - Intro to Being Offended

  72. Anonymous

    Sarah Lazur - Third-Year Grammar and Composition (French)

  73. Anonymous

    but actually what I don't understand is that my physics lab TA submitted our final grades to the physics department on the 5th of december. It's been a month, and the registrar still hasn't posted them to SSOL. Seriously? wtf?

  74. King


    Exactly. My TA did the same, and the grade isn't posted.

  75. Anonymous

    Norman Christ - Accelerated Physics I

  76. SSOL

    hasn't been updated since 00:53 on the 2nd.... I've gotten emails from two TA's who said they posted the grades yesterday

  77. Jan 2 grades are posted

    can we update the wall of shame with teachers that missed the deadline?

    Steven Feiner, UI Design

  78. alsdfjasdf

    Anyone know what the average was in Reichman's gen chem?

  79. anon

    Nathan's grades just came in! :)

  80. Yay!  

    Frye grades are in!

  81. anonymous

    Edward Lincoln - Economic Development of Japan

  82. anon

    Pamela Cobrin, Rhetorical Choices

  83. fuck it

    I no longer want my bio grade, Mowsh can have it. Mowsh, if you are reading this, don't post grades. It's cool.

  84. I don't understand

    So deadlines just don't apply to professors?

  85. you have no excuse

    Todd Tarantino- EAR TRAINING II.
    Seriously we had a final the LAST DAY OF CLASSES that required almost no actual grading. If it was right it was right and if it was wrong it was wrong. The rest of our grade besides class participation was already calculated. What is taking him so long?
    Seriously the worst professor I have ever had in the music department.

  86. A

    Margaret Vandenurg- Modernism

  87. Munchlax

    Seriously, Mahmood. There were no exams in Major Debates, and the essays, class participation, and presentations were all supposed to be graded before exams started. Where is my grade?

  88. Anon

    Arkonac Intro to econometrics.........still not up QQ

  89. anonymous

    I really don't think that Bollinger and Delbanco should be on the wall of shame, but their TAs should be. They don't do any of the grading really (Delbanco grades his discussion section's finals and papers), but seriously, the hold up is always the TAs. Especially with Bollinger, the TAs didn't do a whole lot of anything. And it consistently took 3 weeks for my Foundations TA to grade an essay.

  90. Anonymous

    solomon mowshowitz - immunology :(

  91. Anonymous

    ... and now the ssol server is down...

  92. crying

    Mawhinney Physics 1403. I mean I'm not surprised at all that he's this late, but come on.

  93. anonymous

    Mahmood's probably vacationing in Africa this very moment. one of the TAs is probably holding up all the grades I bet

  94. at least,

    physics lab grades are in, but Mowsh,well, she's another story.

  95. Aaa

    Peter Connor, 19th Century Novel

  96. CC'13

    I've seen a bunch of people call out Mamdani/his TA's, they deserve it. Our final paper was due before classes were even done, and I heard enough from both him and our TA's about how there would be NO EXTENSIONS BWAAA

    "Dear all,

    A heads-up. Professor Mamdani has asked that we collate your final grades for this course by Wednesday the 12th. This means that you must have your papers in by Monday without exception. If the paper is not in there is no way I can grade them by Wednesday. So again, there will be absolutely NO extensions on this paper. No paper by Monday, F for the course.

    Good luck!


    I didn't need one, but come on, ya'll. This is pathetic.

  97. Anonymous

    Anthropological Theory 1 - Lesley Sharp

  98. After the storm

    So- in my previous three years here I haven't had this issue, but I have three grades missing.
    When is the LATEST that I may actually get them / they have to come sometime right?

  99. Angry

    This is bologna. I missed a chance to apply for a summer fellowship because of Mamdani. So much for the grade being finished compiling on the 12th of December.

  100. Anonymous

    Dance in Film - Mindy Aloff

  101. BC '15

    Steven Chaikelson, The History and Practice of Producing

  102. Senior

    Paul Stephens, Modernist Poetry and Poetics

    Final exam was a month ago, final papers were due over 2 weeks ago - neither were that long so what gives?

  103. Munchlax

    I just talked toProfessor Mamdani through email, and he told me what my grade was. I think he had already uploaded it to SSOL, but for whatever reason they are not showing up there.

  104. Anonymous

    Qingmin Liu- Game Theory

  105. no excuse

    Ha Nguyen... no grades...

  106. Anonymous

    Kartik Chandran - Environmental Engineering

  107. what the fuck

    Mowsh, fuckin post the grades. We took our exams a MONTH AGO. WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU????????????????????

  108. also

    How am I supposed to register for classes when I don't know the grades from my old classes? What the hell is this? I don't pay 60,000 bucks a year for this shit.

  109. quick question

    For a yearlong course, should the space where the "grade" part is remain blank? or should there be an indicator, like "N/A"
    so confused.

  110. Anonymous

    Immuno grades are on ssol even though I haven't gotten an email yet

  111. Anonymous

    Beth Gollnick - Art Humanities

  112. Anon

    Well, it looks like grades were not processed last evening. This is starting to become a joke.

  113. srsly?

    still waiting on two. what was once character-building is now... no longer.

  114. Anonymous

    Still missing grades, keep receiving calls and emails from graduate schools for my grades. I just don't know what to do at this point. It is not like you can take the risk to piss off the professor that is about to grade you.

  115. still missing

    Music Composition with Carl Bettendorf. We didn't even have a final!

  116. Pissed and impatient  

    Ivan Lupic, Lit Hum. A great teacher but, seriously? It was the first final I took, and now almost a month later and still no grade?

  117. come on

    I don't think anyone's mentioned Wolfgang Mann, Hist-Phil. I know the final was long...but...IT'S JAN. 12TH. REALLY. I need to send out my transcript for summer stuff!

  118. Anynymous

    Rejected from one grad school because of incomplete file. Thank you !

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