Because flames are cool.

Because flames are cool.

And so 2014 follows in the footsteps of her ancestors: our teachers still have not posted our grades on SSOL. Despite the fact that final grades were due on January 2nd, some teachers feel they are above the law and have not done so. Well you know what Bwog says? Those teachers deserve an F a big F U. Just kidding, we love you guys and we loved your classes, but please just give us a grade so we can go back to watching unprecedented amounts of Scrubs on Netflix.

So below is a list of some of Columbia’s failing teachers. Leave your tardy teachers in the comments.


Mana Kia, CC

Zoe Crossland, Archaeology and Africa

Casey Blake, US Intellectual History 1865-Present

Saskia Sassen, Global Urbanism

Deborah Mowshowitz, Introduction to Cellular and Molecular Biology

Kristina Milnor, Latin Prose Style and Composition

Shlomo Hershkop, Data Structures/Algorithms

Middle school graphics via ShutterStock