Special Interest Communities Applications Are Open

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This is basically where you get to live.

This is basically where you get to live.

Do you have a special interest? Do you eat, breathe, and sleep in your special interest? Would you like to share a living space with people who also share that special interest? Or maybe you just want to figure out your housing stuff really early?

Well, here’s your chance! Special Interest Community applications are up, and they’re due on January 26.

For more information, check out this website.

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  1. Anonymous  

    Hey it would be great if you could list the names of the houses - there are a lot that people wouldn't expect!

    Application Development Initiative
    Casa Latina
    Columbia Pre-Health
    Community Health House
    Creative Commons
    Manhattan House
    Metta House
    Middle East House
    Pan-African House
    Potlock House
    Q House
    Students for Substance Free Space
    Wellness House
    Writers House

  2. Anonymous  

    Greenborough is actually the most epic place ever.

  3. anon  

    "students for substance free space" man that must be a fun place to party!

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