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Field Notes: One Last Hurrah Edition

As the last weekend of fall semester comes to a close, Columbia still manages to have some meaningful events: like Orgo Night, Primal Scream, and lots and lots of exams. :( Bwog Tries To Study Had a MIDTERM Finally sent out my resume/cover letter I swear I actually managed to study for finals Did not […]

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Get Hype! Flying High With Diving’s Alyssa Menz

The next installment in our series of interviews of Columbia athletic teams features an interview by aquatic aficionado Ross Chapman with diver Alyssa Menz (CC ’15).  Bwog: How’s everything going this year? Alyssa: Everything’s great, thanks! I was abroad last semester in Kenya doing a tropical biology and sustainability field course, so I wasn’t quite sure how it […]

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Field Notes: One Cookie to Rule Them All

This weekend seemed to be a little slow in the party department-sounds like the semester is starting to pick up steam. In our wait until Bacchanal/freedom from these oppressive chains, let’s take a look at what you Columbian’s get up to during the weekend in this week’s Field Notes. As always, send in your party stories […]

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Let Me Belong to You

Lily Keane spotted this strange artifact outside of Sulz. An excerpt from the ’61 single? Make me your slave Tie me down, make me behave Let me belong to you Brian leads off with those words, and later in this hit, creepily whispers them again. Bwog couldn’t make this up, folks.

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