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Valentine’s Day approacheth! Today’s Columbians looking for love are Nathen Huang, and Liam Bland. If you want to take any one of these awesome humans on a date, email us and we’ll set it up (and give you ten whole dollars to take ‘em out). But sorry guys, we’re just toooooo popular — we’ve received enough submissions, so we won’t be accepting any new personals after this point.




looks like he's plotting...the perfect date

Nathen Huang

Name, Year, School, Major: Nathen Huang, CC ’15, Psychology and German

Preference: Guy for guy

Hometown: Cerritos, CA, but I mostly grew up in Orange County

Your nightmare date in seven words or fewer: You must defeat my seven evil exes

What redeems you as a human being? I almost crashed into Daniel Radcliffe when he was filming “Kill Your Darlings” at Columbia my freshman year. I was about to open the door to a bathroom in Havemeyer, when he threw open the door, narrowly missing me, and sped away. He’s actually really short in real life.

Library room of choice: Butler Reference Room

Beverage of choice:

Guilty pleasure song: Fashionista- Jimmy James

Where can you usually be found on a Saturday night?

Historical Hottie: Heinrich Heine


more vests

Liam Bland

Name, Year, School, Major: Liam Bland, CC ’15, Political Science

Preference: guy for guy but who’s counting

Hometown: Fabius, NY. there were cows and I was famous for moving there in the 4th grade and making my first joke: “where’s the alfalfa growing?” yeah I know it’s not funny but those rednecks laughed and laughed until I graduated.

Your nightmare date in seven words or fewer: Turns out he was straight all along

What redeems you as a human being? Maybe the cardboard cutout of Zayn Malik on my bedroom wall.

Library room of choice: twitter. follow me @liam_land

Beverage of choice: Hard to pick between tequila and mountain dew. I tried mixing them once during freshman year and threw up for hours

Guilty pleasure song: Would you feel guilty about owning every single One Direction album and concert DVD? i certainly don’t.

 Where can you usually be found on a Saturday night? Depends on if I’m drinking tequila or mountain dew.

Historical Hottie: James Dean/Aki Terasaki


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  1. Anonymous


  2. I want a threesome  

    With Kate and Izzi

  3. Anonymous  

    DAYUM Nathen.

  4. Trigger Warning

    this blog promotes anal culture

  5. so like  

    can liam's zayn malik cardboard cutout and my harry styles cardboard cut out be best friends, or...

  6. but seriously

    those girls are perfect

  7. straight girl

    would love to be bfflz with liam, sing 1D songs and gush over zany malik

  8. Damn  

    Izzi is cute and Kate is just a catch overall. I'd like to meet the parents that made them

  9. Anonymous  

    I'd love to take Izzi on a date. She seems like a fun girl

  10. 10/10  

    On the Scott Pilgrim reference. Brownie points for Nathen.

  11. CC'14  

    Liam Bland is an amazing receptacle of love.

  12. Liam

    is that a nice way of calling me a cum dumpster? rude.

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