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Bacchanal is mere days away. While some may be preoccupied with what they’ll be drinking or where they might find a toilet on Saturday, Anna Hotter is just worried about keeping up with the crazy kids and their music.

If, like me, you’ve been living under a musical rock for the past 7 years, listening to the same the Mountain Goats album over and over again, then Bacchanal is a scary time. As soon as the first rumours surface, I start to feel like a balding 50 year old who is desperately trying to keep with it. Search terms like “what’s a maclamoor” appear and quickly disappear in my browser history, until I finally admit defeat.

This year, however, the fact that our main act, Lupe Fiasco, hasn’t been the most relevant in recent years, gave me hope that I might be able to catch up with all you groovy cats after all. I thus went deep down the rabbit hole of Mr. Fiasco’s discography and compiled a playlist of his most popular acclaimed work, which you can enjoy below. Fans of Modest Mouse should give The Show Goes On a listen.

Since most people seem a lot more excited about the very hip DJ duo and cucumber enthusiasts The Chainsmokers, I felt that it was only right to give them a listen as well. Unfortunately, the only track that is currently available on their Spotify is #SELFIE, which will make you weary about the future of our species, so you have to go to their SoundCloud to get the full experience. Here is a roundup of some of their more interesting mixes.

Adventure Club – Wonder

Chromeo – Jealous

Bastille – Flaws

Ellie Goulding – Goodness Gracious

The Killers – Miss Atomic Bomb

Phoenix – Trying To Be Cool  I’m guessing this one is autobiographical?

Two Door Cinema Club – Sleep Alone  My personal favourite.

Kids, please listen responsibly.

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  1. Missed two  

    Missed two of the Chainsmoker's best remixes:

    Also, if you want to hear what their live sets are like (quite different from their remix style since they'll mix a lot of big-room and electro in), give this a listen: https://soundcloud.com/thechainsmokers/tcs-ultra-mainstage

    Although, be warned that they're probably going to play a very similar if not outright exact set at Bacchanal so if you want to be surprised during, probably don't listen to it.

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