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Like this, but bright and outdoors

Like this, but bright and outdoors

After weeks of speculation and some recent drama, Lupe Fiasco will be performing at Bacchanal, as Spectrum released before the 12 am embargo on the information and as the Bacchanal statement reads below.

Get ready to pregame early (but not as early as last year), as Bacchanal is slated to start at 1 pm. Expect Flaxo and the Chainsmokers to open, as we reported earlier.

The theme this year is #throwbacchanal—a pun which we give a hearty B minus. This announcement comes after the annual Battle of the Bands ceremony was abruptly cancelled due to issues with holding the event in the Beta house. Instead, students are able to vote in Lerner for the band they want to open. Links to the contending groups’ music are included on the Facebook event page as well as in a Bwog article from earlier this week.

As with every year, please rejoice/bitch in the comments.

Dear Columbia Student Body,

The Bacchanal executive board, along with Airbnb, is pleased to announce the performers for this year’s Spring Concert, #THROWBACCHANAL. Get excited for a lineup that includes Grammy-award winning rapper Lupe Fiasco, #SELFIE kings The Chainsmokers, and Campus DJ’s first-ever “Top College DJ” Flaxo, as well as an as-yet-to-be-determined student opener.

In addition to the performers, #THROWBACCHANAL will also feature food trucks and water fountains. The concert will take place on Low Steps on Saturday, April 12, 2014 and doors are tentatively scheduled to open at 1:00 PM. As usual, attendance to the Spring Concert is limited to Columbia affiliates only and there will be security measures announced closer to the date.


The Bacchanal Executive Board

Co-President: Joe Girton

Co-President: Anaïs Ross

Concert Chair: Chloe Cassens

Concert Chair: Benjamin Kornick

Publicity Chair: Michael Cuby

Secretary: Meredith Venerus

Treasurer: Gil Feig

Fundraising Chair: Charles Yolen

Lupe via Wikimedia

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  1. CC'14  

    Lupe Fiasco is a joke, even hip hop heads have been lupewarm towards him in recent years. What a waste of money and time.

  2. now i get it  

    it's #throwbacchanal because it's a throwback to when Lupe was relevant

  3. Anonymous

    can't wait to try out the water fountains

  4. wishful drinkin'  

    pls april foolz plsss

  5. cc15  

    honestly. i look at brown's spring weekend, and then I look at this. and i....i...



  6. Anonymous  

    Hurt Me Soul!

  7. Don't

    Vote. Lupe told me not to. So happy that's the message our headliner is sending to our student body. So happy.

  8. Anonymous

    someone plz tell me what songs he'll probably play so i can act like i know his music?

  9. GS '13

    Ugh, Lupe was popular the FIRST time I dropped out of college

  10. Anonymous

    I like that song Battle Scars at least

  11. cool but  

    isn't airbnb technically illegal


  12. Anonymous  

    FUCK this shit. UPenn has DAVID GUETTA.

  13. Anonymous

    spec dun n fuked up good, y'hear?

  14. CC '15

    GS why are you even here

  15. Arsene Wenger /Bacchanal/ edition

    Am I too late for the annual tradition of complaining about Bacchanal, only then getting fucked up, going and realizing enjoying oneself anyway?

  16. Anonymous  

    Honestly, until today the only Lupe Fiasco I'd heard of was when Buster Bluth was caught in bed with the maid.

  17. y'all  

    just got pranked. its april fools HELLO

  18. brm  

    Not as much of a fiasco as Bwog's April Fools font

  19. Grow up.  

    Spoiled shits. Lupe's gonna be great.

  20. maybe..  

    we should vote for bacchanal committee every year. What ever happened to the days when we could get Kanye West & John Legend in the same year? Grizzly Bear & The National? It's been more and more disappointing each year. Although I'll probably end up getting shit-faced and having a great time, it's disheartening to see other schools with much more impressive lineups.

    • ppl annoy me

      Kanye dropped his debut in like 1 month before Bacchanal in 2004 and was a nobody then... We had Macklemore just as he was getting big. Fortunate timing has nothing to do with the Bacchanal Committee.

      Does it dishearten you that Columbia doesn't charge for Bacchanal so everyone can attend rather than have students priced out and excluded?

      Would you rather pay like EVERY OTHER IVY so you can go to a better concert and maybe some friends of yours would have to miss it because they couldn't afford it? Is that heartening?

      If so, please convince the vast majority of the student body to sign a petition and I'm sure the school will make that happen.

      • fair points..  

        but I think the problem is that we've shifted our approach.

        It's no longer trying to find people before they get big (i.e. Kanye, John Legend, Vampire Weekend, etc.). Now, we just try and find people that have already peaked (Lupe, Snoop [whatever], etc.), or straight-up randos (Big Gigantic?) because they are in our price range.

        And Macklemore was different because he was on an independent label so he didn't charge as much, and he was doing a nationwide college tour so he was easily available.

        To be honest, I'd rather pay a little more to get a quality performer. Especially if we had an elected committee that had the interests of the student body in mind. This year has already been shaky with the battle of the bands ...fiasco... so I'm having a tough time believing that the committee is on top of their shit, and they should have more pressure from the student body to get the job done.

    • maybe DIY?

      instead of voting for it next year, MAYBE you should do it yourself and see how easy it is! MAYBE it'll be easier than complaining like a child. grow up and fix the problem instead of waiting for a diaper change.

      • Anonymous  

        "Omg I have a sack full of money and so much pressure to impress my friends. What if they hate m3? Omg I have to pick up the phone and call all these booking agents who R really nice n stuff nd take me out to free lunches to discuss the prospects of playing @ columbz which I have all the power in deciding. I feel so important, yet, Y IS LYFE SO HARD?"

    • Anonymous  

      THEY HAD GRIZZLY BEAR/THE NATIONAL ONE YEAR?! this makes lupe even more disappointing.

  21. Goddamn it  

    we live in NYC and we couldn't find s/o else? Christ.

  22. Anonymous  

    oh well there's always WBAR-B-Q

  23. Anonymous  

    top 40, grammys *gag* worthy..

    this is shhhhhhhirt

  24. cc15  

    One thing brown has that Columbia has never had in recent history: a FEMALE HEADLINER- WTF Bachannal committee. You guys are pretty lame and definitely not radical: let's pay one -big- man $100,000?!??. Um, no thanks, not necessary. Spread your money somewhere else in the music industry where it matters. Like to the WOMEN, or much more authentic and maybe lesser known performers so you can share the wealth. It's a privilege we get all this money, so why not put a little more thought into the intentions behind it? Lupe would seem to be a joke and I can't believe Columbia is content with paying him all that money. Disgusting! We need a new Bachannal committee ASAP.

    • Chloe Cassens

      Hey CC15, just wanted to respond and say that this was definitely something that I, as well as Ben, wanted to change about Bacchanal this year; in fact, many of the performers we contacted are women - but unfortunately, most of them were already booked for Coachella, even way back in August/September when we started this process. However, look at it this way: the person getting a huge commission cut from Lupe's booking fee is a woman - so the wealth isn't squarely set in the bank accounts of men.

  25. Dead Horse  

    Oh man, Lupe is so 4 years ago, right guys?

  26. If you are what you say you are  


  27. ITT  

    Everyone forgets about Chainsmokers and Flaxo, two huge up and coming artists will almost definitely "tear $h*t up" on Bacchanal.

  28. Why can't we  

    Just pay 10 bucks each and recruit an artist who is actually RELEVANT?
    I mean, we could make it so that the students who can't afford the tickets still can get access (all students under financial aid, for example). I dont think anyone would mind paying a small fee to get a marginally better artist...

  29. Transfer Student  

    So how easy is it to get non-columbia students into the event? Do they check ID or how is it usually handled?

  30. Anonymous  

    Flaxo > Chainsmokers > Lupe
    Flaxo is so hot right now

  31. PC Fatigue  

    Do we really have to turn everything into an activist cause? Why cant we just focus on having a good headliner and charge a few dollars if necessary instead of sacrificing quality in order ensure that it's free/gender representative?

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