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After years of writing posts complaining about the things we can’t stand about this school, Bwog editor Amara Banks realized there is also some good at CU. Bwog Love stands opposite to our Call Out series, where we share how much we appreciate something about campus. Is this cute or corny? 

There are countless departments on this campus that affect me every day–Administration, Philosophy, Library, Facilities, etc. But I’ve felt a special warmth from CU Dining. Every time I walk into Ferris, the staff is so friendly and sweet. Multiple people ask about my day, my weekend plans, if I’m okay (because I look a little tired), and even roast me a little bit when I burn my waffle (which honestly happens 1/3 times I use that grill).

I also believe CU Dining is one of the departments on campus that is most sensitive to our requests and complaints. They were extremely apologetic about JJ’s death, and communicated its plan for recovery in an email sent to all students. They asked students what they would like to name the new smoothie bar, the winner being JJ’s Cool Zone. CU Dining even restocked their banana supply in response to a conspiracy post we wrote when we hadn’t seen our yellow friends in John Jay after a while.

This post is nothing more than me sharing how positive my experience has been. I love you, CU Dining. That is all. ♥

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