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The stately entrance of your potential new home!

Still unsure of where you’ll be living next year? As housing selection heats up, Bwog brings you another Housing Review! Nussbaum is a beautiful building, and what it lacks in new facilities it makes up with in high ceilings and a chill vibe.

Location: 600 West 113th St (colloquially known as Nuss)
Nearby Dorms: McBain, Watt, relatively close to Hogan and Broadway. Close enough to the frat rows on 113th and 114th that screaming will reach your window on lower floors on sorority formal nights.
• Stores and Restaurants: Nussbaum & Wu, Milano, Community, Dig Inn, Amigo’s, Amir’s and fantastically, International Wine and Spirits

Cost: All upperclassmen housing for Columbia has stabilized at $9,292

• Bathrooms: Bathrooms vary among suites, with some rooms that have private bathroom, some single use bathrooms and others with communal bathrooms with stalls. If bathrooms are a big stumbling block for you, Bwog advises that you go check your desired suites out in person.
• AC/Heating: No AC, and steam-powered heating. You won’t be cold, but you may be plagued by the ghostly noises of clanking pipes.
Kitchen/Lounge: Very few suites have lounges (mostly in the C-line suites). However, all suites have a kitchen or share a kitchen with an adjacent suite. The kitchens are generally modern, and have a stove, oven, sink, microwave and refrigerator and are easy to cook in thanks to copious counter space. Kitchens do have a tendency to become messy very quickly, which hinders cooking pleasure.
• Laundry: In the basement. A decent amount of washers and dryers, although you may need to wait at times for them.
• Computers/Printers: There are no public computers, but there is a convenient printer in the lobby.
• Gym: Nope, no gym to work off the daily bagels from Nussbaum & Wu.
• Intra-transportation: There are two elevators and a well-lit set of stairs. The elevators are incredibly slow, and one feels as if you will die any moment within, so you’ll have to opt for the stairs if you’re running late to anything.
• Wifi: Relatively fast Wifi and Ethernet are both available.
• Hardwood/Carpet: Entirely hardwood or fake hardwood.
• Facilities/Maintenance: Nussbaum has some completely undergrad floors, but others are reserved for graduate students and non-affiliates. Consequently, Nussbaum is home to a lovely non-Columbia maintenance crew, who clean the kitchens and bathrooms around once or twice a week. Maintenance requests are resolved very quickly, and the crew is generally lovely to be around, and is guaranteed to cheer you up, even if you just had an Orgo midterm.

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The Buffet by Jean-Louis Forrain

GSSC last night lasted until 11:30pm and Bureau Chief Romane Thomas has all the details on how intense it was. 

At last night’s General Studies Student Council, things got ugly. But before getting down in the nitty gritty of elections and the upheaval they caused, some other updates must be addressed.

GSSC President Larosa reminded the council that elections are going on right now and apologized for the website errors that have been delaying voting. He also pointed out that Lerner 476 A and B can now be reserved by LGTB groups and groups representing people of color.

GS Senator Curtis announced that the Food Bank would soon be able to move in to their assigned space. Meanwhile, the VP of Policy is currently working on the Teaching Administrators Awards and hopes to have the online nomination system ready by next Tuesday. Chief of Policy Raisa Flor updated the council on the current state of constitutional review. She is confident that it should be done by the end of the semester. The Student Services Representative announced that the JTS student Council passed the swipe access resolution unanimously and that ESC also passed the resolution with only two votes against. He is still waiting on the other councils’ decision.

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What John Jay lounge COULD be.

The second day of housing passed with most of Claremont, Ruggles, and Woodbridge disappearing into the hands of (somewhat unlucky) rising seniors and juniors. But never despair, Broadway is still entirely open, and that’s a pretty good gig for an unlucky rising junior. Watt has a bunch of studio doubles, too, and those can be pretty good if you pick well.

As per usual, you’ll find our running Google Doc and our liveblog recounting the day’s activities. Moment by moment. For you, Columbia.

A candy land via Andrew Dunn / CC BY-SA 2.0



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River Phoenix fan? We’ve got you. River is one of Columbia’s hottest dorms, at least in our opinion. This dorm may have a simple name, but it’s got big plans. Read about its cool features.

Location: 628 West 114th Street between Broadway and Riverside Drive.

Nearby dorms: Shapiro, Broadway, Hogan, St. A’s, those Barnard 116 dorms.

Stores and restaurants: Best halal cart, M2M, Starbucks, Morton Williams, Sweetgreen, University Stationary.

Cost: standardized to $9,292/year


  • Bathrooms: Four shared, gender inclusive, private bathrooms per floor.
  • AC/Heat: No AC; you’ll remain toasty year round.
  • Kitchen/Lounge: Two shared lounge-kitchens on every floor (one per suite), complete with seating, television, refrigerator, oven, microwave, and dishwasher. Residents can be as domestic as they like in this fine abode.
  • Laundry: Located in the basement with four washers/dryers, all free.
  • Computers/Printers: A computer lab is located in the basement with one shared printer.
  • Gym: Fitness room with treadmill, elliptical, and other various athletic equipment located in the basement.
  • Intra-transportation: One elevator and one stairwell for six floors, though the basement is only accessible by elevator.
  • Wifi: Yes.
  • Hardwood/Carpet: Hardwood.
  • Facilities: Residents are responsible to maintain kitchens and room/suite trash. Bathrooms are cleaned weekly be facilities, and recycling is removed on a weekly basis as well.
  • Bonus: Music practice room in the basement.

Room Variety:

  • Total of 127 singles and one walk-through double on the first floor. There are around thirty “big” singles and 97 smaller singles. Room sizes range around 110-145 sq. ft.
  • Largest singles are the corner rooms, so those tend to go quickly.
  • Many of the larger rooms have river views. Alternatively, many of the side rooms are shafted.


  • Last year’s cutoff for large singles (most of which have a river view) was 30/1581
  • Last year’s cutoff for other singles was 20/1312
  • Overall, it’s mostly seniors with some juniors. (It’s easier to get as a junior in a mixed senior group).

What does Bwog recommend?



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Saint Luke the Evangelist is the patron saint of artists, physicians, surgeons, students and butchers, who seem pretty much all and the same

Saint Luke the Evangelist is the patron saint of artists, physicians, surgeons, students and butchers. All and the same?

We hate a lot of things at Columbia, but we admit we love surviving self-inflicted doom. Here’s a genuine shout-out to the institution that literally, but dispassionately, gives us life, especially on Bacchanal Day.  Although it has to be said: like most great love stories, the love here is unrequited.

St. Luke’s, you’re a gem: an unassuming fortress of brick and glass that has housed the vomit, blood, and neuroses of Columbians since time immemorial. (Or really, since 1896.) Through it all, you’ve been impassive, a little aloof. There is no judgement here, only cool medical attention. Yes, the nerdy, excitable, newly-liberated, and newly-intoxicated students in your emergency room are beneath you, but to be fair, everything is—so we don’t take it personally, but admire you from afar.

We appreciate your tough love



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Roar, lion, roar!

Whether Columbia is good at real sports is debatable, but here is a list of fake sports that Columbia would be good at.

  • Walking quickly through a wind turbine half-awake wearing nothing except a Canada Goose vest.
  • Elbowing your way through Ferris at peak dinner hour.
  • Sprinting across Broadway with 2 seconds left on the timer.
  • Stopping the subway door from closing, then pulling it back open.
  • Humblebragging.
  • Not sleeping.
  • Swiping left.
  • Pretending to be sober in front of a public safety officer.
  • Public crying.
  • Sunbathing on the Low steps in all black everything.

We still love you, Columbia football! via Columbia Athletics



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Happening in the world: There was a deadly chemical attack in a northern rebel-held zone of Syria yesterday. Dozens of people, including children, died from this attack. The substance seems to have had a nerve agent or other banned chemicals. Western leaders, including Trump, are blaming President Bashar al-Assad for the attack. (NYT)

Happening in NYC: After Monday’s derailment at Penn Station damaged equipment, Amtrak said that there will be modified services and delays for the foreseeable future. Other trains going in and out of New York, including LIRR and NJ Transit, will also be affected. (ABC – click for details on the modified train schedules)

Happening on campus: Dr. Salim Abdool Karim will be leading a discussion about HIV/AIDS, hosted by the Journal of Global Health today in Fayerweather 313, from 7:30pm to 8:30pm.

Overheard: “I love Pride and Prejudice so much, [my suite] named our bong Mr. Darcy.”

An old celeb tweet:

Don’t do drugs, kids

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