Bwoglines: Taxes, Easter, And Homosexual Tendencies Edition

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Sarah Silverman got straight to the point with this one.

Good morning, Columbia! We’re finally in the home stretch to the end of the semester. Just a few more weeks! You can do it! Here’s some Bwoglines to give you a little extra push. 

Happening in the nation: This weekend was Tax Day, which means that thousands of people all across the country organized protests to demand Donald Trump’s tax returns. Surprise ending: they didn’t get them.

Happening in NYC: Yesterday, the Easter Sunday parade took over Fifth Avenue, with hundreds of New Yorkers sporting outlandish hats and bonnets in celebration of the pastel holiday.

Happening on campus: Today in Lerner 476B from 7 to 8 pm, Columbia He For She will be hosting a Conversation on Inclusion and Gender Based Violence. Head on over to check it out (and get a free tote bag!)

Overheard: “I think all my homosexual tendencies just stem from the fact that I’m a narcissist.”

Check out this kid who cries like a racecar. 

Tweet via the lovely Sarah Silverman

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