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Yesterday afternoon, the Barnard Columbia Solidarity Network (BCSN, for short), an alliance of activist groups on campus, released a welcome letter to Barnard’s new president Sian Beilock. This alliance currently includes Divest Barnard for a Just Transition, Undocumented Students Initiative, Student-Worker Solidarity, Columbia University Apartheid Divest, CU/BC Branch of the International Socialist Organization, and No Red Tape.

The letter begins by introducing BCSN as a” coalition of student groups mobilized in a common struggle for liberation” that opposes consolidation of power, wealth, and resources “in the hands of a few” at Columbia. It then goes on to list a few recent victories for activism at Barnard and Columbia, including Barnard divesting from companies that deny climate change, Columbia divesting from the coal industry and private prisons, and student workers winning a $15 minimum wage.

After this introduction, BCSN cuts to the chase in expressing their concerns about President Beilock’s appointment: “the Barnard community was effectively locked out of the presidential search process”, they write, because student and faculty representatives were appointed rather than elected, and student concerns were trivialized. Debora Spar has left what BCSN considers a troubling legacy, as she failed to address needs of low-income students, undocumented students, students of color, and other groups of marginalized identities. And it seems that BCSN is not particularly impressed with President Beilock’s history, either; they cite her work at University of Chicago taking “a leading role in the administration’s assault on graduate student workers’ right to unionize”. In addition, the writers of this letter found President Beilock’s and Provost Bell’s statement on the events in Charlottesville wanting, as that statement failed to condemn white supremacist ideology, “explicitly defend the rights of students of color”, and “state what you [Barnard] will do… to stand for racial justice”.

See BCSN’s demands and read the full letter after the jump



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Buy these balloons for your room

Have you gotten the hang of how to navigate NSOP yet? Made some friends? Bwog is here to help you figure out what activities you should go to so that you can skip all the rest of the icebreakers and make real friends. If you don’t have any friends yet, don’t worry; we will be your friend! If you see/hear/do something amusing, interesting, NSLOPpy, funny, disgusting, worrying, or otherwise noteworthy, or want to be friends with us, email us at tip@bwog.com or submit it anonymously on our website. 

Today’s highlights: 

  • Shuttle bus to Bed, Bath & Beyond: There will be free shuttles running a few times an hour from 9am to noon for you to buy any last-minute bedding, pillows, shower caddies, etc. that you have forgotten. It’s a pain in the ass to take the subway to 66th St. and carry back parts of your bedroom on the stinky subway, and Uber costs money that you could spend on shitty beer (disclaimer: Bwog does not endorse underage drinking), so take advantage of this shuttle. It leaves from 118th and Amsterdam.
  • Academic Resources Fair: Here is your chance to explore which major you will choose to replace the geography major you put down on your application. (If you’re actually planning on majoring in geography, more power to you.) You can meet faculty members from every academic department, ask questions, learn about different programs, and maybe even find out if you have to take any placement exams. This is a fantastic opportunity to get to know some of your professors before classes actually start and you are catapulted into having actual schoolwork before you can even shake off the alcohol-induced NSLOP haze. Ask questions! Talk to people! Ask for class recommendations! This event will be held in the Roone Auditorium and the Lerner Party Space from 3pm to 5pm.

One thing to do before graduating: After a wild weekend night, doing whatever fun things that the kids do these days, before you pass out from exhaustion at 3am, go to the lawn by Hartley (the one without a gate) and lie on the grass, pretending you can see actual stars in the sky. The campus may or may not be quiet, but it’s an interesting experience, and if you’re with a friend, you can have a drunken talk about the meaning of life.

From the archives: Do you ever just sit and think about rubber bands? Same.

Lovely silver balloons via Columbia College Facebook Page

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