Introducing The 124th Varsity Show Creative Team

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It’s that time of year again: a bunch of theater nerds send us an email at midnight announcing the people who have been budgeted an exorbitant amount of money to put together yet another mediocre Varsity Show. All we have to say is that our left titty could probably write a funnier show. Here’s the full creative team:

Director: Hazel Rosenblum-Sellers (CC ’19): Assistant Director, V122; Publicity Manager, V123
Producer: Emeline Bookspan (BC ’20): Assistant Stage Manager, V123
Writers: Shreyas Manohar (CC ’18): Actor, V122; Hayley Tillett (BC ’19)
Composer: Simon Broucke (CC ’19): Composer, V123
Lyrics: Alex Saltiel (GS ’19)
Choreographer: Christine Sedlack (BC ’19)
Production Designer: Yilun Ying (CC ’18): Assistant Set Designer, V122; Set Designer, V123
Stage Manager: Julia Zeh (CC ’18): Assistant Lighting Designer, V122

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