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This is why we can’t see stars on this island.

While the lighting of the trees on College Walk may signify the beginning of finals season, with piles of homework, tests, and papers coming our way, Bwog staff made sure to enjoy their weekends in the only way we know: food, alcohol, going out, and maximizing time on campus. Enjoy this recap of the things we did.

Bwog and Alcohol:

  • Spent more on sangria in two nights than I’ve spent on alcohol in the past month.
  • Committed myself to a dry season for the rest of semester. Went to 1020 100% sober and it was as bad as I thought it would be.
  • Felt buzzed after glasses of wine, a testament to not binge drinking this semester.
  • Got harassed by an old man at 1020 who told me “sorry” on the way out. I told him to go fuck himself.
  • Saw my Bwog big at 1020!
  • Was feeling very lonely and depressed on Saturday night and wanted to have a chill 1020 night, had one of the wildest nights of the semester.
  • Used my new french press for the first time and I love it!
  • Got really drunk on Thursday night and cried for hours (an hour of which was in the Beta house chapter room).

Bwog on Campus:

  • Pushed a writing conference back by half an hour so that I wouldn’t be late.  Was then late to the rescheduled time.
  • Went to JJ’s too many times.
  • Got all dressed up for a party that didn’t happen.
  • Got walked in on by my roommate while crying and trying to wax my own legs.
  • Got dumped! #anti-cuffing-season
  • Made plans to “reconnect” with an acquaintance, just ended up hooking up with him instead.
  • Slept in my nook that I made under my bed. The best thing I did all semester.
  • Finally finished watching Lost, 121 hours (or something) later. This show has taken up my life this semester and may result in an irreversible GPA nosedive, but it’s been worth it every second. If anyone ever wants to talk conspiracy theories, hmu.
  • Found out I was gossiped about by not one or two, but three people in the CU jazz band.
  • Tried really hard to clean my room but a bitch could not do it smh.

Bwog and Food:

  • Spent $54 on a salad and 2 glasses of wine at a restaurant with dead animals on the walls for my high school friend’s birthday.
  • Snuck through the line twice with different friends at the Tree Lighting so I could get multiple Krispy Kreme donuts.
  • Befriended the ‘greeter’ at Panda Express.
  • Literally took a bite of a banana and puked it up at 7 pm due to a day-long hangover :-(.
  • Had gourmet mac n cheese at 5 am because New York City is the shit!!
  • Went to a quinceñera for a girl I didn’t know just for the Mexican food and to meet fellow Latinos.

Bwog in the City:

  • Abused my C-14 license for hookup purposes.
  • Lost my Columbia ID by accidentally dropping it through the grate of a subway.
  • Went to a sex shop for the first time.
  • Finally watched Pacific Rim and it totally lived up to the hype.
  • Got stood up by two guys that I was supposed to go on field trips with (one who I was catching feelings for). Still salty.
  • Went to the Intrepid museum with Roberta! Ran around like little kids and sung the Top Gun theme song repeatedly.
  • Watched a drag show at Suite sober and really enjoyed it.
  • Didn’t get carded at 1020, did get carded and turned away trying to see an r-rated movie because I didn’t have my license.
  • Went to the MoMA with my boyfriend and colored together in the children’s area.
  • Accompanied my best friend (hi Lexie) to Village Tattoo so she could get more piercings.
  • Drank spiked eggnog and watched Twin Peaks with a bunch of NYU people I don’t know.

All I Want for Christmas is You *Extra Festive Version* via Bwog Staff



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This semester, a truly impressive number of fast-casual eateries have made their stake in Morningside Heights, many of them right on top of each other. First, Junzi Kitchen opened over the summer at 113th and Broadway, offering build-your-own Northern Chinese-style noodle bowls and (more recently) late nights with better booze than Mel’s. Then, Shake Shack opened its doors on 116th and Broadway just in time for NSOP, including a menu of local items such as “Heights Bites” and “Pie Oh My.” Then, about a month later, we began to see signs of a Panda Express on 111th and Broadway, as well as an H-mart at 110th. We wondered if these new East Asian eateries had something to do with the demise of Ollies, a Chinese restaurant that used to occupy Shake Shack’s current location.

In November, we discovered that a Pret a Manger was coming in as well, taking up residence right between University Stationers and Morton Williams. This store managed to get its shit together faster than a senior writing their entire thesis in one week, and opened only two weeks later, with breakfast and lunch giveaways the day before its official opening that had students lining up along Broadway. (Also like a senior writing their entire thesis in one week, Pret seems to be suffering from doing too much too fast; a sign in the store’s window this morning announced that they are temporarily closed due to a lack of hot water.)

Panda Express opened the day before Pret’s “soft opening,” greeting us with a friendly panda mascot on our walks into campus from 110. We’re still waiting on more news from H-mart, which appears to be nearing completion.

We’ve always known that MoHi secretly wants to be the Upper East Side, but this semester’s openings have really cemented that this neighborhood is giving in to gentrification and letting the chains take over. However, we’re optimistic that our longtime faves, like Absolute, Tom’s, and Hungarian, will stay strong enough to give us at least some claim to originality. And we’re hopeful that, among all of these new casual restaurants, a dive bar will slide its way in – we’ve replaced Ollies and Deluxe, sure, but something still needs to replace Cannon’s.

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If only Columbia clubs were like Club Penguin.

Bwogger Nadra Rahman gave up on student groups after being rejected from EcoReps her freshman year, so this might be a good idea.

In the second-to-last meeting of 2017, CCSC took a step back and focused on an initiative that the Finance Committee has been working on all semester—student group reform. In case you’ve missed the surveys and op-eds, CCSC’s contention is that certain student groups are overly exclusive, feeding into a culture of stress and ultimately, leading to an unfair use of our student activity fees, which fund all recognized student groups. Last night’s discussion allowed the working group (consisting of VP Adam Resheff, Inclusion and Equity Rep Elise Fuller, and VP 2021 Skye Bork, among others) to debrief the general body and take into account their feedback.

Why does CCSC care?



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The brain of a decent human being who knows sexual assault is not okay. Also a human being who is attending the Zuckerman event tonight!

*CW: Sexual Assault, Violence*

Happening Around the World: After tensions have been raised over recent conductions of nuclear weapon testing by North Korea, many individuals believe now is the perfect time to begin reconciliation talks and deescalate the situation at hand. Kim Hong-Gul, a Nobel Peace Prize winner and one of the few individuals who have met Kim Jong-Un, is one of the individuals who believes this, and is advocating for peace talks to begin in order to help solve the crisis that has been becoming more tense. (Bloomberg)

Happening in the US: Donald Trump officially endorsed Roy Moore, a Republican candidate running for senate in Alabama, a move that everyone expected yet is still extremely shitty. Roy Moore has been accused by multiple women of sexual assault, yet still maintains his position in his campaign. Sounds familiar… birds of a feather flock together? (CNN)

Happening in the City: Fighting for a parking spot in Queens turned ugly Sunday night as a man has been found guilty of stabbing and running over multiple people, eventually killing 1. The incident occurred in the South Ozone Park area of Queens in front of a hookah shop, and took place using a rental car from New Jersey. Police have identified the victim as being a 23-year old man named Richardo Chattergoon, but the perpetrator has yet to be named. (NY Daily News)

Happening on Campus: Tonight at the Italian Academy, the Zuckerman Institute is holding an event called “Educating the Brain: How the Acquisition of Reading and Mathematics Affects Human Brain Circuits” from 4:15-6:15 PM. Professor Stanislas Dehaene will be leading the conversation as they discuss their research on this topic as well as issues such as brain plasticity and the consequences of neuroscience in education.

Overseen on Campus: “You have your coke addiction, I have my apple addiction.” (The Bwog Staff Writer who overheard this has no clue what the context is, so it is up to interpretation).

Lit brain via Public Domain

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