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Bwogger Aliya Schneider pulled double duty this weekend and also reviewed and photographed Latenite’s Fall Anthology. It’s basically seven plays in one, so get your septuple dose of theatre below!

I was originally planning on going to the Latenite Fall 2017 Anthology 11 pm show, but it was highly recommended that I go to the 8 pm show instead. This was my first time actually seeing Latenite, and from what I had heard, I had expected it to be a confusing mess of people running around holding random objects. I was impressively engaged the whole time, and it all (mostly) made sense. (Not sure what that’s saying about me.) I actually almost came back for the 11 pm prank show, but after begging friends who decided it would be more fun for the actors than the audience, I stayed at West End eating french fries. I actually regret not coming back for the 11 pm show.

If you get anything from this review, it’s that the actors in Latenite had it together. I honestly thought that people who did Latenite didn’t take it seriously. Whether this is the case or not, they sure seemed to. How all the actors consistently stayed in character despite their ridiculous roles? I’m not sure. Maybe they’re just ridiculous people. I dig it.

My friend Benjy Sachs who copped a “Reserved for Bwog” seat next to me described the show as an “hour-long theatrical debacle fest [that was] entertaining and delightfully uncanny.” Honestly, the whole show was a sigh of relief that Columbia students know how to have fun and just let go. The Anthology was broken into seven pieces. Here’s what you missed:

What did you miss? Click to find out (and see our awesome photo gallery)!



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There are so many performances on campus in the lead-up to finals that it can be hard to keep track of them all. Bwog is here to give you hand; we sent Bwogger Aliya Schneider to photograph (and eventually review) Orchesis’ semesterly show, because chances are you have at least one friend in it who will want to talk to you about it.

I love Orchesis’ presence on campus. They make an obvious effort to include anyone who wants to be a part of their community. They accept everyone who auditions, so the show consists of dancers from a range of experiences, yet every dance was impressive and interesting. Due to the inclusive nature of the club, some of the dances were huge, so you may expect them to drag on and look like a jumbled mess. But they didn’t. It worked. It worked really well.

Orchesis’ semesterly shows are always spins off of the word “Orchesis”. In the past they’ve done “Work Work Work Work Workesis” and “1, 2, 3, Fourchesis.” This year, the theme was “Love is an Open Door-hesis”. Some may roll their eyes at how hard the group tries to make puns with the name, but I find it endearing. The theme is picked after the pieces for the show are chosen, so the pieces don’t necessarily match the theme. To tie in the theme, dancers volunteer to stage interludes throughout the show. So in between serious dances with professional-looking costumes, dancers came on stage wearing t shirts and even a onesie, dancing to Frozen songs. Some interludes were impressively choreographed, others a bit messy. They were all fun. Some of the dancers seemed to take the interludes seriously, while others took it more as a joke. The interludes clash with the professional nature of the rest of the show, but it still works. It’s a tradition, and keeps things light. The dancers clearly have fun with them, which makes them interesting to watch.

See photos and find out more about the show!



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Just looking at this gives me anxiety.

Bucket List represents the intellectual privilege we enjoy as Columbia students. We do our very best to bring to your attention important guest lecturers and special events on campus. Our recommendations for this sparsely populated reading week are below, with no specifically recommended events. If you notice any events that have been left off the list, or a correction, please leave them in the comments.

Monday, December 11

  • “Introducing Bangsokol: A Requiem for Cambodia” 7:00-9:00 PM, Buell Hall.
  • “Senator Sheldon Whitehouse, Captured: The Corporate Infiltration of American Democracy” 10:00 AM – 12:00 PM, Joseph D. Jamail Lecture Hall, 3rd Floor, Journalism Hall. (RSVP).

Tuesday, December 12

  • “Turkey: Freedom of Expression in the Dock” 6:00-8:00 PM, World Room, Journalism Hall.

Wednesday, December 13

  • “How Far Can Facts Take Us?: Einstein and Bergson, Ghosts and Demons” 6:00-8:00 PM, 801 NYU Gallatin School of Individualized Study, 1 Washington Pl.

Thursday, December 14

  • “The Uzbek Diaspora And The Immigrant Experience: Radicalization, Transnational Networks, And Media Portrayals” 5:00-7:00 PM, 404 IAB.
  • “Uprising 13/13: Revolt- Foucault in Iran” 6:15-8:45 PM, Casa Hispanica. (Email for RSVP).

Friday, December 15

  • “Gravity: A Status Report” 7:00-9:00 PM, Room TBD (follow the signs), Pupin Hall.

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I feel like not much has changed.

On a chilly Saturday afternoon, Bwog baby Jenny Zhu decided to break out of Butler for once, brave the first flurries of the Columbia school year, and stop by the Kingsmen K’winter concert.

As winter approaches, some inevitable markers of the annual seasons come with it: swaths of new wintry snow, the impending doom of finals season, the tarps, and the many, many end-of-year concerts held by acapella groups on campus.

The Kingsmen were no different, holding their Kingsmen K’winter concert this past Saturday afternoon in Furnald Lounge – a really unfortunate venue, as residents trying to leave would find and have to trudge through 10 oddly blazer-clad men, singing their hearts out about impotence in the throes of the most uncomfortable hip gyrations potentially imaginable.

Indeed, the performance began 8 minutes late. One of the Kingsmen was wearing literal basketball shorts. The tomfoolery didn’t end there.

Opening the concert with a song centered around one repetitive lyric (“That girl Jane, I did her in McBain”), the Kingsmen demonstrated their knack for slapstick humor, with that token reference to relatable Columbia content (McBain, ha ha ha) – but somehow it didn’t work on the comic side for me.

How did the rest of the performance shape up?



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The hearts represent how much you’ll love Bwog if you show up.

It’s Sunday again, and that means it’s time for your weekly reminder that it’s still not too late to join Bwog this semester (big shock, I’m sure). Bring your pitches to Lerner 510 tonight at 9 pm to help us welcome our new editorial board, eat some good snacks, and hang out with the best group on campus. I promise it’ll be the best decision you make this weekend…or at least definitely not the worst.

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Let them have this. They’ll be sick of it soon enough.

Happening in the World: Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi of Iraq has declared victory over the Islamic State, after three years of battles to regain parts of the country from the group’s control. Though this does not mark the end of the threat this group, or any other, poses over the region, this marks a new era of pride in the government and security forces, as well as an opportunity to begin rebuilding. (NYT)

Happening in the US: A winter storm brought snow to cities across the southern US, some for the first time in over the decade. Some areas Corpus Christi, Texas, which last saw snow over Christmas 2004, received upwards of six inches in some areas. Kids in the region described the experience as ““pretty cool” and, channeling their inner Los Angeles first year, reported building snowmen as tall as five feet. (NYT)

Happening in NYC: Famed toy store FAO Schwartz, which closed in 2015 , is reported to be opening a new location in Rockefeller Center. The new store will occupy 16,000 square feet (a slight downgrade from it’s former 61,000) and is scheduled to open in fall 2018. (NBC New York)

Happening on Campus: A capella group Nonsequitur presents their winter concert, NonseqWintur, today in Lerner C555 at 3:30. Come out if you appreciate a good pun or some good music and check out their Facebook event here.

Word of the Day: Nix: Latin for snow, because it sounds nice and I’m feeling deeply uncreative today.

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