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Why is this the photo for 1020? The fuck?

If you’ve stopped by 1020 this semester, you’ve probably noticed that they hung up a huge new projector screen over the front windows. While the bar has always been (in)famous for playing oddball movies on the TV screen in the back of the bar, we here at Bwog have been brainstorming what new movies/TV shows they should start playing on the front screen. Here are some of our ideas.

  • Law & Order episodes from the early 2000’s.
  • Family Feud.
  • Rolling footage of Obama’s White House Correspondents Dinners.
  • Lost.
  • 1 Hour of Yoda – Rockin’ and Rollin’.  
  • Vine compilations.
  • All of the Lord Of The Rings movies, back to back to back.
  • Rick and Morty.
  • End Of The F***ing World. (Is anyone else obsessed with this show??)
  • Portlandia.
  • Old episodes of America’s Funniest Home Videos.
  • Mulholland Drive.
  • Silence of the Lambs.
  • Infomercials.

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*Alicia Keys voice* This bitch is on fire!!

We’ve all been there. You’re peacefully sleeping on a Saturday morning when suddenly, the sonic pits of hell are opened as the fire alarm lining your hallway rings off. Hesitant at first, you contemplate staying in bed and waiting it out yet decide to head downstairs just in case. As you come outside, all of your hall (in theory) is there, a sudden halt  from their activities.

Here is a fun game to play when your tired ass has to sit around with hundreds of other people you probably rarely see in the first place. The objective is simple – every time you see this person being described, add the number of points associated with them. Find the grand total, and look at the distribution at the bottom to see how you did!


The people that probably pushed the alarm in the first place. You can immediately tell they’re drunk/high by their demeanor – while everyone is tired and angry over the alarm, they’re fucking laughing. This is more of a free card then anything – add (1) point for every drunk/high person you see during this drill on a Friday or Saturday, but add (4) points for every person on a school night.



You’ve seen this person, because they have to let everyone within a 20-foot radius of them know that they were showering when the alarm went off. Often touting a bathrobe or a towel, make sure to avoid their presence unless you want to hear about how they still have shampoo in their hair for 15 mins. Add (3) points for every person who is dripping water onto the floor and screaming to the world about the injustice of the shower being cut short.

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Last night, Engineering Student Council reconvened for their first meeting of spring semester. Staff writer Zöe Sottile went and learned about various project updates as well as the changing elections process.

VP Policy Zoha Qamar
VP Qamar announced her new role as ESC representative for the Student Group Adjucation Hearing Panel, a panel with six members – CCSC, ESC, GSSC, IGB, ABC, and SGB. The panel deals with mostly financial violations, such as not filing paperwork or performer agreements – in the case of Bacchanal – on time. Hearings are on Friday afternoons, and while their content is confidential, the outcomes will be public. She explained that a similar board exists for Greek life groups, and announced a motion to vote for an alternative representative as well.

Election drama, just as important at ESC as in the USA.

She met with Associate Dean for Undergraduate Student Affairs Leora Brovman to discuss efforts to make study abroad more accessible to engineering students. The plans include creating flyers for each major that show where students have studied abroad and what courses they have taken. Moreover, Brovman is interested in updating the training for first-year advisers and updating the language in the study abroad bulletin.

While not much progress has been made towards dispensing emergency contraception on campus, VP Qamar did meet with the CCSC 2021 and 2020 representatives to discuss support for free tampons and pads. She’s creating a Google form for both individuals and clubs to pledge their support.

VP Student Life Ben Barton
VP Barton went over some of the upcoming events ESC is planning. On February 8th at 10 p.m., ESC is hosting Midnight in Mudd, which will be 1950’s-diner-themed and loving catered with breakfast food by JJ’s. Engineering Week is happening February 19th – 22nd, and will feature four different ESC events. Two of these are industry talks, and one is a student group showcase; the other is still in the works. He also mentioned that University Life monthly meetings will be on Friday at 4:30 p.m.

Hear from University Senator and more after the jump



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diamonds are made under pressure (as well as the quark-gluon plasma apparently)

What can hydrodynamics tell us about the beginnings of our universe? In our very first installment of Bwog Science, we sent staff writer Angelica Lagasca to yesterday’s physics colloquium, titled “Unlocking the Secrets of the Fastest Fluid in Nature,” hosted by Dr. Jorge Noronha.

As an angsty teenager who has spent many an hour in the saunas of Pupin’s lecture rooms, I consider myself a physically, mentally, and emotionally dehydrated person. Naturally, when I heard about Dr. Jorge Noronha’s talk about extraordinary fluids, I was intrigued — what could possibly be the “exotic counterpart” of water, goddess of self care?

The atmosphere suddenly became very physics to me. Before the lecture began, two men in button-ups and slacks were chatting about Philadelphia and governors — and I mean, these guys had to be professors. My past substitute physics TA with a pretty face came in. My physics professor (God bless his heart) came in (I hoped he didn’t see me). I had to wonder: Why/how did they allow a pleb like me into the room?

Dr. Jorge Noronha was then introduced — he received a PhD in theoretical physics from Goethe University, worked as postdoctoral researcher in Columbia University, and accepted a position as an Assistant Professor in the University of São Paulo. I took a quick glance at the wine and cheese for the reception, but then realized I was lactose intolerant.

With a quickly paced voice that made no mistakes, Dr. Noronha revealed an intelligent and passionate mind concerned with hydrodynamics and quantum theory. Although my sloth of a mind had to sort the “macros” from the “micros”, I realized Dr. Noronha hoped to unite the incredibly small and the unnecessarily large through physics, his efforts similar to those that attempt to reconcile classical theory — which explains phenomena of objects larger than an atom — with quantum theory — which explains subatomic phenomena. This unity, he claimed, made the “dry” subject of hydrodynamics (haha, get it) relevant again.

Hydrodynamics becomes involved, he said, because of quantum chromodynamics (QCD). Quantum chromodynamics is a theory concerned with the interaction between particles called quarks and gluons; each of those particles are assigned a “color”. Quarks and gluons are extremely unstable particles formed only in extremely high temperature or density levels. These quarks and gluons decay immediately through a process of hadronization, forming hadrons, a group of particles that include the proton, neutron, and pion. In pions, grouped quarks can be isolated from each other, although the newly isolated quarks immediately form back into pions; in Dr. Noronha’s words, “Quarks and gluons are never truly free” (I mean, after all, who in this universe truly is free?).

Read more about the most fascinating fluid in the universe



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Barnard SGA’s Rep Council re-convened for the semester last night for a meeting that was somewhat informative but also probably a waste of time. This week, SGA was joined by Provost Linda Bell and Jen Green, Dean of Barnard Library and Academic Information Services, to discuss plans for the new Milstein Center library building that is slated for opening this coming fall.

Accurate representation of the LeFrak Center.

Bell did most of the talking, with Green chiming in to confirm a few points. The Milstein Center (are we really sticking with that name?), as anyone who has tried to walk through Barnard’s campus knows, is made of two parts: to the South, a lower rectangular building, which will house the library and related services, and to the North, a tower that will host academic departments in the social science–economics, urban studies, political science, and history. This means that students in these departments will no longer have to spend time lost in the maze that is the temporary LeFrak offices in order to find their professors.


More on the library after the jump



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Happening Around The World: Yesterday, a volcanic eruption in central Japan killed a soldier and left 14 others injured after the explosion triggered an avalanche of snow. Six members of the military were doing an exercise in the area, and they along with over 100 others were evacuated from the region. (BBC)

Beautiful, but deadly.

Happening In The US: The Not So Great Government Shutdown of 2018 is over as Democrats led by Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) agreed to continue funding for three more weeks in exchange for a debate on the future of DACA. Many on the left are disappointed with this result, seeing it as capitulating to Republican leaders for the fourth temporary budget since last fall. (BBC)

Happening In NYC: Since Gothamist was shut down, us dailies have had to get creative with our local news sources. Today, another one is under attack, though this one seems well-deserved. NY Daily News Managing Editor Robert Moore is facing allegations of sexual harassment and creating a “sexualized atmosphere”, and is undergoing investigation by the paper’s parent company. (NPR)

Happening At Columbia: Supreme Court Justice/Columbia Alum/Badass Ruth Bader Ginsburg is coming to campus! The lunch and discussion takes place on Sunday, February 11 as part of the “She Opened The Door” conference. Tickets are $15 and registration closes tomorrow, so be quick!

Overheard: “He thinks he’s God because he’s in SEAS.”

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