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This will be one of us when the Academy decides whose weekend was the shittiest!

With midterms rolling through for most CC students this week, Bwog Staffers made sure to find some balance in between studying, partying, and watching the Oscars. Here are the nominees for this weekends’ awards, all completed by Bwog Staffers themselves. Feel like you have an award-winning moment from this weekend? Email it to and your story will be added too!

Nominees for Best Love Story:

  • Became an ordained minister; officiated a wedding at 3 A.M.
  • Had a really lovely, wholesome, nice date with someone I met at a metal-themed bar the previous weekend.
  • Hooked up with someone I have a lot of mutual friends with…kept it a secret for like three days before it spread like wildfire.
  • Ran into two people I hooked up with on Friday. Was in a drunken haze with my friends from sig chi (which sucked) all the way to 1020.
  • Made out with my friend in order to make his ex hook up (a boy) jealous.

Nominees for Best Original Drinking Story:

  • Went to Drinking with Bwog and remembered pretty much nothing from it.
  • Realized that I was really good at beer pong at Drinking with Bwog!
  • Started drinking on Saturday at 6:00 p.m. and had a wonderful night that i’ll probably never remember <3
  • Went downtown, footed the $460 bill of only tequila shots.
  • Hosted my first Drinking with Bwog and did not flinch when a random person walked in and pretended to know us.
  • Went to Mel’s for the first time! Hated it.
  • Spent quality time with my sister in 1020 (thanks Rachel <3). The two of us ended up making out with random European men.
  • Went to Amity with a friend and used our fakes to get drinks during a Columbia dinner social…freaked out when the friend admitted to some adults that we’re underage freshmen.

More nominees after the jump.



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The Quad courtyard, protected by the Chastity gates.

On Sunday, the Barnard community received an email from Dean of the College Avis Hinkson reporting on an intrusion in the Quad by a Columbia student earlier that morning. Hinkson explained that “a Columbia student who had signed in as a guest of a Barnard student entered the room of another student, without permission and in the nude. The student awoke and became alarmed by his presence. The intruder ran but was detained by Barnard Public Safety, and the police were engaged.”

The student was later arrested on grounds of criminal mischief and taken to the police station at the 26th precinct. According to public records obtained from the NYPD, he has been identified as 19 year old Clay Watson, a first-year at Columbia College and a member of the heavyweight rowing team. This is Watson’s first arrest.

Witnesses report that around 4 am, the intruder came into the lounge on the fourth floor of Sulzberger Hall with a towel covering his genitals, ran around the room, then back out into the hallway. A few seconds later, an unidentified Barnard student began complaining that he had urinated on the floor of her room. The NYPD also noted that he damaged the door of the room as he was leaving.

We have reached out to Columbia Athletics and the Barnard Administration for statements, and we will update the post when we receive them.

UPDATE, 3:58pm: We have received a response from the Barnard Administration. At this time, they are unable to release more information because of the “ongoing investigation.”

UPDATE, 9:20pm: We have received a response from Columbia Athletics, saying that they are still in the process of investigating the incident, but that the “alleged behavior” will not be tolerated.

Full text of the Athletics statement after the jump



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Is it a bird? Is it a plane? I know it’s definitely not my train!

We’re back for another week of MTA tomfoolery. Here are the inconveniences that administrative incompetence and state vs. city politics will cause you this week (Monday through Friday). Use this as a reference as you travel this week. Expect unexpected delays, per usual.

1: That same weird 1 service from last week is continuing through this week. Between 11 pm and 5 am, the 1 will run in two segments (south of 96th and north of 137th), leaving MoHi dwellers stranded in between. In other words, the 1 is skipping 103rd, 110th, 116th, 125th, etc. Shuttles will provide alternative service.

2: Downtown 2 trains will run local from 96th to Times Square after 10 pm until Thursday.

3: There are no 3 trains from 11:45 pm to 5 am. 1 and 2 trains make all 3 stops from Times Square to 135th.

A: From 11 pm to 5 am, uptown (Inwood-bound) A trains will skip all stops from 72nd to 163rd. The D is running local to make up for it.

B: Service will end early at 9 pm until Thursday.

C: From 9:45 pm to 11:30 pm, uptown C trains will skip all stops from 72nd to 163rd. Take the D local instead.

D: Uptown (Norwood-bound) D trains will run local from Columbus Circle to 145th to make up for the fact that the A and C trains are skipping almost a hundred blocks’ distance.

Not my train via Bwog Archives



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Healthy and delicious!

This buttery, flaky salmon is the easiest and most luxurious weeknight meal you will ever make. I used to make it with my ex-boyfriend, and not even our breakup could taint this recipe for me! Serve it with roasted veggies or rice. 

Roasted Salmon (adapted from Mark Bittman)
4 tablespoons (½ stick) butter, or more!
Salt and freshly ground black pepper
Half of an onion or a shallot
1 salmon fillet (2 to 3 pounds), skin on if you like
2 tablespoons chopped fresh parsley leaves for garnish
A few sprigs of thyme and rosemary

Heat the oven to 475°F. Meanwhile, begin sauteeing your onion in butter with generous amounts of thyme, rosemary, salt and pepper. You want the onions to be translucent but not too browned.
Put the salmon in the seasoned butter, skin side down, and sprinkle the top with more salt and pepper, as well as a generous amount thyme and rosemary leaves. Return the pan to the oven.
Roast until the salmon is just cooked through, 8 to 12 minutes. To see whether the fish is done, stick a paring knife between the layers of flesh; the center should be bright pink and still a little translucent. Garnish with the parsley and serve. Put a little extra butter on top if ya like!




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Is it just me or does this guy look like he’s doing the cotton-eyed joe?

Sports Editor Abby Rubel tears herself away from her reading to bring you the latest from Columbia Athletics.

Women’s Basketball: The Lions finished their season in last place with two consecutive losses against Dartmouth and Harvard, one game behind Cornell. Despite three double-digit performances (from seniors Camille Zimmerman and Paige Tippet and first-year Imani Whittington), the team fell 88-77 against Dartmouth. On Sunday, they lost 78-59 to the Crimson—the last collegiate game for Zimmerman, Tippet, and fellow senior Jillian Borreson. But Zimmerman went out with a bang, becoming Columbia’s all-time best rebounder with 938 rebounds. She also finished the season as the all-time fourth highest scorer in the Ivy League.

Wrestling: Columbia came in ninth out of 16 teams in the Eastern Intercollegiate Wrestling Association Championships with a total of 55.5 points, 109 points behind first-place Lehigh. Seniors Garrett Ryan and Markus Scheidel both got NCAA auto-bids. Scheidel won the 157-point title, one of five podium finishes by Columbia. Ryan finished fourth in the heavyweight category, senior Tyrel White finished seventh in 174, and seventh place finishes from junior JP Ascolese (in the 141-pound weight class) and senior Jacob Macalolooy (149-pound) rounded out Columbia’s top scorers.

Track and Field: The women’s team came in fourth out of a 41-team field at the IC4A/ECAC Championships this weekend. Senior Akua Obeng-Akrofi came in first in the 400 meter race, half a second ahead of the second-place finisher, although she did not set the school record. The men’s team was less successful, placing 14th out of a 32-team field. Robert O’Brien came in seventh in pole vault. The distance medley relay team of senior Brian McGovern, first-year Jackson Storey, junior Josiah Langstaff, and senior Spencer Haik came in second, less than a tenth of a second behind first-place Providence, for the men’s top finish of the weekend.

Men’s Basketball: lost 80-78 at Dartmouth, lost 93-74 at Harvard (Rest in peace, #IvyMadness hopes)
Baseball: lost 13-1, won 4-3, lost 8-0, lost 13-6 at University of South Florida
Softball: (District Classic tournament in D.C.) won 11-8 against Virginia, won 10-4 against Georgetown, lost 5-0 against Iona, won 12-1 against Howard
Women’s Tennis: lost 4-3 against Maryland
Men’s Tennis: won 7-0 against Monmouth
Lacrosse: lost 20-10 at Dartmouth

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The navel-gazing was intense last night. Bureau Chief Nadra Rahman reports straight from the 212. 

Say, "I love transparency and accountability and here's the Lionlink to vote!"

Say, “I love transparency and accountability and here’s the Lionlink to vote!”

Last night, CCSC took a picture of itself. It was ostensibly for the yearbook. E-board, class councils, and at-large members milled about, searching for direction. People (jokingly) fought to stand next to 2018 Rep Lord Hyeamang, who if you don’t know, is also a football star. There were a few takes, including a “silly” one. The photo was taken by a Spec reporter. Notably, this occurred on a day that VP Campus Life Alex Cedar, VP Finance Adam Resheff, and VP Communications Sreya Pinnamaneni were all absent. What were they up to, I wonder?

After this moment was reified, CCSC turned to deliberating how to best solicit student feedback, particularly with regard to the body’s policy and initiatives.

How To Talk To Peers 101

Remember WTF Columbia, that website where students would submit ideas for “the improvement of their undergraduate experience” and provide feedback to student governments? Probably not, since it’s been down for years, with President Nathan Rosin citing high server cost as the main contributor. But Rosin added that the site was successful at the time, leading to a high volume of ideas and less tangibly, more student engagement. Last night’s discussion focused on the use and feasibility of using a similar platform to foster such student engagement, alongside other forms of outreach. (In the present day, with Columbia-supported sites, costs should not be as much of an issue.)

Really: WTF, Columbia?



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My brain this week, trying to learn weeks of material in one night.

Happening Around the World: Italian election results are in, and no one won a clear majority of votes, resulting in a hung parliament. This will require political parties to form coalitions to get anything done in parliament, as there is no denominating party within the system. (BBC)

Happening in the US: The Oscars happened Sunday night, with many big stars winning awards, including Gary Oldman for Best Actor, Frances McDormand for Best Actress, and The Shape of Water winning the big prize of the night, Best Picture. (CNN)

Happening in the City: After conducting research on levels of noise and the amount of complaints made by citizens of New York City, Washington Heights and Inwood have been found to be the noisiest neighborhoods. See the whole list and analysis here. (NY Post)

Happening on Campus: “Sexuality, Disability and Aging: Queer Temporalities of the Phallus” is a lecture conducted by Jane Gallop from 4:00-6:00 PM in the East Gallery of Buell Hall. More information can be found here.

Overseen on Campus: Girl doing her laundry while crying in the John Jay laundry room (make sure to get rest and take breaks from studying, y’all!)

I’m going to take the biggest L on this midterm today via Bwog Recycled Images 

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