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Meet Briley Lewis, this week’s CU Women in STEM subject, who can answer any questions you might have about planets

Bwog Science is back with CU Women in STEM, where we highlight the amazing women in science at Columbia. Today’s profile is from Briley Lewis (CC ’18), astrophysics major and Pluto enthusiast!

Major: Astrophysics

What subjects are you interested in? Exoplanets and planetary science

How did you get interested in your subject? Can you remember the moment that got you hooked? When I was a kid, I always wanted to be a vet. But in middle school, when you have to dissect frogs and everything, I realized that I am INCREDIBLY squeamish – so, being a vet wasn’t quite an option, and I needed to find a new interest. One of my best friends ended up giving me the book Death by Black Hole and Other Cosmic Quandaries by Neil deGrasse Tyson, and I absolutely loved it. I wanted to learn more about space, and I just kept on learning until I got to where I am now.

Most important research/extracurricular experiences so far: I’ve been a part of two research projects as an undergrad, and both were incredibly important to me. First off, I’ve worked at the American Museum of Natural History for two years (since the summer after sophomore year) as a part of Dr. Rebecca Oppenheimer’s group; we work with an instrument called Project 1640, built at the museum and operated on the Palomar Hale Telescope in CA, which surveys nearby stars to discover new exoplanets through direct imaging. Secondly, I spent last summer at Space Telescope Science Institute in Baltimore, MD, working with data of Pluto from NASA’s New Horizons mission.

What are your career goals? I want to continue pursuing research, earning my PhD and eventually either becoming a tenured professor or maybe a civil servant at NASA. At the same time, I hope to be actively involved in shaping policies about space exploration and astronomical research funding, and also to continue doing lots of outreach and teaching.

Favorite science building on campus? I totally have to pick Pupin; it’s basically where I’ve lived the last four years. Also, it may not have the best classrooms, but it TOTALLY has the best roof – go there when the department does public outreach events to see one of the best views!!

Click here for Briley’s advice!



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Obama understands how awkward you feel.

Is your ability to get internships better than your ability to get a girlfriend/boyfriend?

Did cuffing season come and go, with you still being single?

Did your two best friends start dating, making you an awkward third wheel?

If so, you aren’t alone! Columbia is known for its hookups, and not everyone can be in a secure relationship. While it is important to be supportive of your friends’ relationships, not everyone is prepared to do this, especially if your cuffing season went from a hopeful start to a disgraceful end. To ensure that you’re prepared for your new role, I asked Columbia students for opinions on how to properly third wheel. Here are their responses!

  • Be well trained in how to take photos so you can take cute candids of them
  • Take advantage of them being distracted with each other and “steal some shit”
  • Talk to the person you know least thereby making yourself a fixture in the conversation
  • Drag a random chair in Butler over to a two person desk to be with them
  • Be happy for the couple!!!
  • Always have your phone around so you can scroll through Instagram while they’re making out next to you
  • Use the fact that they’re third wheeling you as an excuse for them to do nice things for you
  • Be proactive in planning their dates
  • Use it as an excuse to spend more time off campus (and escape the Columbia bubble!)
  • Stare at them until they feel uncomfortable
  • Tweet about their relationship
  • Act like a tricycle and not a spare tire
  • Stop being friends with them…it’s not worth it
  • Pretend the other two aren’t dating
  • Just cut your losses and have a threeway

If all else fails…you have a few other options. Why not break them up, so being a third wheel isn’t an option? Or, you can always find a significant other of your own…and make it payback time.

(Quick shoutout to two of my best friends, who inspired this post. If I have to be a third wheel to anyone, I’m glad it’s you.)




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What’s cooler than being cool? Our ice cold discourse, apparently.

Last night’s Barnard Student Government Association Rep Council meeting was officially about the budget for the upcoming school year. While the gathered reps were treated to a vary detailed slideshow of budget requests, allocations, and projections, most of the action came earlier in the hour, when SGA Executive Board spoke about responses to the recently passed referendum.

First, though, kicking off their messages of support for student activist groups, President Angela Beam read a statement of support for 24/7 Columbia, which is currently staging a sit-in in Lerner Hall to advocate for accessible round-the-clock student healthcare. “We stand with them,” said Beam, and encouraged everyone to sign the group’s petition.

Members of Exec Board then took turns reading parts of a statement in response to President Beilock’s recent email to the student body about the referendum results. In the email, Beilock explained that acting on the referendum would “risk chilling campus discourse” and would be “inconsistent” with the college’s mission. She also noted that there is “clearly not a consensus across the Barnard community on whether or how to address the issue.” Because of these reasons, she does not plan on moving forward with the results of the referendum, though students and student groups are of course free to continue the discussion.

The reaction to Beilock’s email and more



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The MTA improving something? I’m shook.

What’s Happening In The World: A van in Toronto rammed into a crowd on Monday, killing ten and injuring 15. The driver has been identified by police as Alek Minassian, a 25 year old Toronto resident. He is currently in police custody. (BBC)

What’s Happening In The US: Mike Pompeo is about to get confirmed as the new Secretary of State. Overview: He’s like Trump – bigoted and gross – but he’s probably not crazy? More than we can say about the woman who might replace him at the CIA… (NBC)

What’s Happening In NYC: What do we want? Better subways! What are we getting? Double decker buses…on Staten Island. Only slightly less inconvenient than going to London to ride the OG. (Patch)

What’s Happening At Columbia: Former Attorney General Eric Holder (CC ’73) will deliver the 21st Annual David N. Dinkins Leadership and Public Policy Forum Keynote Address. Miller Theatre, 6 – 7pm, but probably best to get there early!

Overheard: “Stacks? ;)”

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