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This could be you (and GSSC)!

While Bwog loves weird short posts, investigative features, and everything in between, our favorite content involves doing our civic duty. We cover meetings of all four of Columbia’s undergraduate student councils: Columbia College Student Council (CCSC), Engineering Student Council (ESC), Barnard’s Student Government Association (SGA), and General Studies Student Council (GSSC). For each council, we have a Bureau Chief, responsible for attending every meeting, listening to all the deliberations, the arguments, and the occasional impeachments, and writing a recap post about that meeting the next day. These Bureau Chiefs keep all of campus in the loop about what their student councils are doing, enabling students to support or protest their leaders accordingly.

This semester, we’re looking for a new GSSC Bureau Chief. GSSC is perhaps the most chill of Columbia’s student councils; their meetings tend to center more on planning parties and initiatives for low-income students than intense debates on student government’s role in the Israel-Palestine conflict. Also, they often serve food at their meetings. If you’re free on Tuesday evenings after 9 pm and you want to make cool friends in General Studies, then this is the job for you!

If you’re interested in the position, come to our open meeting tonight (9 to 10 pm in Lerner 510) and talk to us about it. Or, if you can’t make the meeting, email telling us who you are and why you want to cover GSSC.

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