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join GSSC for thanksgiving festivities

Tonight in GSSC was more of the usual, with announcements of upcoming GS events and some updates on relevant issues for GS students. Groggy Bwogger Andrew Chee interrupts his exam cramming to summarize the meeting for you.

General Studies Student Council kicked off a little slowly, with several absences due to the GS Scholarship Dinner occurring at the same time, as well as some technical difficulties. Once the show got started, Linda Amrou, the Program Officer from the Columbia Global Centers stopped by to discuss the nine global centers and the opportunities they provide. They are focused on research and education, and “were founded with the objective of connecting the local with the global, to create opportunities for shared learning and to deepen the nature of global dialogue.” For more information, you can check out their website here or email Linda at

The rest of the meeting was fairly straightforward, with several key updates being announced, leaving the rest of the meeting for the allocation of funds for various upcoming events. GSSC will only be meeting two more times this semester: the next meeting will be November 27th (no meeting the week of Thanksgiving!) and will feature Dean Rosen-Metsch, Dean Rojas, Sean Trulby, and Ashley, the new Director of Student Life. It is intended to be an extraordinarily special GSSC meeting, so if you only attend one GSSC meeting this semester, make sure you drop by that week! They claim there will be copious amounts of food, so I will definitely be there to evaluate that claim. The following and last GSSC meeting will be on December 4th. The council also announced that GS will be increasing the number of sections of University Writing from 23 to 26, which is intended to alleviate some of the difficulty some students (cough me) have been experiencing with getting into a section of University Writing. Seriously, I’ve failed to get into University Writing for two semesters now, but maybe third time’s the charm? The last update is that the Council is looking for a Sustainability and Community Service Chair, an External Events Chair, and a Senior Class Treasurer. If you are interested in applying for any of these positions, applications should be available in the weekly GS emails; if not, feel free to reach out to any of the council members.

Upcoming Events

  • Open Mic Night, tonight November 14th at 8 pm for students with disabilities and chronic illnesses in Pupin.
  • Thanksgiving Dinner on November 22nd from 3 – 6 pm in the GS Lounge – catering will be provided by West Side Market, Seasoned Vegan, with Kosher options TBA.
  • Senior Coffee Fridays on November 16th and 30th – further information should be sent out to seniors via email.
  • End of Semester Senior Party at Mel’s, which is tentatively set for the beginning of December – or possibly the beginning of the spring semester, in the event of a conflict with Lerner Pub. GSSC plans to have a giveaway at this event with 50 scarves and drink tickets, so stay tuned!

That’s the scoop for this week! There will not be GSSC next week, so enjoy your break y’all!

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Me trying to hear at GSSC with no mics

Are you ready to Give and Get?! GSSC lays down all details (seriously, every single one of them) about Giving Day, and Big Boy Bwogger Andrew Chee is here with the key facts for your morning read. GSSC meets every Tuesday night in the Jed Satow room in Lerner at 8:15 pm.

Despite some technical difficulties and a lack of a microphone, GSSC was fairly quick and straightforward last night as the council hyped everyone up for Giving Day today. If you are not already aware, Giving Day is an event in which alumni are encouraged to give back to the university financially, so that current and future students may continue to receive scholarships to assist their educational journey. In other words, Giving Day is pretty exciting since it directly impacts students! Dean Rosen-Metsch dropped by to remind people to show up at the GS Giving Day Celebration, which will occur today, Wednesday, October 24, at 6:30 pm. Dean Rosen-Metsch directly stressed that even if you are a student and/or not able to donate to Giving Day financially, it is imperative to show up anyway to meet the donors and bump up the atmosphere! Come out and show the alumni who they are giving to and why their support matters!

Additionally, for the first time, a $5000 gift was donated anonymously in which students are able to decide where they would like to see the funds allocated toward, provided that the community matches that amount. If you would like to support General Studies on Giving Day, you can donate all day right here. Lastly, Giving Day has an engagement challenge, and GSSC is asking everybody to show some social media love! Be sure to hashtag #ColumbiaGivingDay and #GSPride today, as well as tag Columbia GS in any posts you make today! The GS community has done well with social media engagement the past few years, and GSSC would like to see that streak continue, so make sure you bother all your friends and family about Giving Day today!

More fun GS events after the jump



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Pictured are two GS students conversing about post-midterm fun

Tonight’s meeting was straightforward, as the council focused on fun upcoming events after midterms! GSSC Bureau Chief Andrew Chee sacrifices his Butler time to bring you this delicious recap.

Stephanie Jennings, a senior health specialist at Columbia Health Services, was tonight’s guest speaker, opening up a conversation about what students would like to see more of in the Columbia health insurance plans.

Students noted that they particularly desired :

  • Affordability, with regards to co-pay, medication, and premiums
  • Reliability
  • Partial coverage for out of network doctors
  • A larger network for out of state providers
  • A more affordable dental plan
  • Greater transparency regarding insurance policy benefits, termination, and fees
  • Additional option plans with lower premiums and higher out of pocket costs

If you have any comments or suggestions for the Columbia health insurance plan for future semesters, you can reach out to Stephanie at

GSSC President Updates

GSSC has two open positions: Senior Class Treasurer and Community Services and Sustainability Rep. Apply if it seems like it is up your alley!

Upcoming Events

  • Midterms Snack Attacks are still going on this week. Today and tomorrow (October 17 and 18), head over to the GS lounge for breakfast and lunch at 9:30 am and 12:30 pm, respectively.
  • The JTS Shabbat dinner is happening this Friday, October 19 at 8:15 pm in the GS lounge and will have kosher/Persian food. For this event, make sure you RSVP on the Google Form provided on the Facebook event.
  • The Homecoming Pep Rally will also occur on Friday, October 19 on Butler lawn at 1 to 3 pm. Lazy Halloween will be on November 1 at Mel’s at 7 pm.
  • Basketball Mania is on October 25. Prizes include $50k for a half-court shot, $10k for a three-pointer, and Columbia laundry bags. GSSC is looking for a GS student to partner up with the women’s basketball players for the three-pointer shot. You are eligible if you have not played basketball competitively in the last five years, so contact Sondra Woodruff at if you are interested!
  • Senior Class events
    • Oktoberfest on the 27th 1:30 to 4:30 pm in front of East Campus Plaza.
    • First Year Senior Year Lunch is on November 2nd in the GS Lounge.
    • Lerner Pubs

That’s all from GSSC this week! Check out these exciting events and unwind during the stressful midterms period!

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Too busy to stop by General Studies Student Council? No worries, resident Bwogger Andrew Chee skipped out on soup dumplings to bring you the rundown of the major topics discussed tonight.


An amendment to the bylaws was proposed to replace the impeachment process for appointed members of the council. As it currently stands, the impeachment process was a fairly public spectacle that generated a great deal of drama and hard feelings. Thus, the council successfully voted to revamp the process, implementing a six-week process consisting of the superior officer first meeting with the member, and then the full student council meeting with the member if the issues are not rectified. Finally, if no improvements are evident, the council can convene to privately impeach said member via unanimous vote.


Newly elected Alumni Affairs Rep Jessica Kim will be meeting the alumni relations team on Friday to throw some ideas about to engage alumni for Giving Day. Additionally, the Monthly Owl is still looking for submissions for upcoming events! If your organization has an upcoming event that you would like to promote, feel free to check the Weekly Raisa for the link to submit your event.

Campus Life

Many events finally have a date and time! The pep rally will be on October 19 at Butler lawn from 1 to 4 pm and will have free t-shirts, a marching band, and more. Next, the Shabbat dinner will take place later on the same day, October 19, in the GS lounge at 8:15 pm, and it will be open to all General Studies students. Lastly, the Lazy Halloween party at Mel’s has been scheduled for November 1 (time TBA) and it sounds like it’s gonna be a blast! GSSC is renting out Mel’s for the night, and there will be an unlimited hot food and milkshake bar, and a drink ticket. Entrance tickets for the event will $5, and subsidized tickets will be available as well. A motion for $6600 to be allocated toward Lazy Halloween (for the cost of renting the venue and providing the aforementioned goodies) was approved.

stouts are the best beer change my mind

Senior Class President

Senior Class President Stephen Ballew announced a senior class event: Oktoberfest! Oktoberfest will take place on the 27th in the plaza in front of East Campus from 1:30 to 4:30 pm. Additionally, GS seniors will be allowed to bring a +1 for this event and other events, in an effort to improve turnout at senior events. Stephen made a motion to allocate $230 toward senior class Oktoberfest steins from the senior class budget, which was approved. The steins will be given out to the first 100 students at Oktoberfest, so start lining up!

Keep reading to hear from the Senator and Committee Chairs!



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not cute

Newly flu-immune GSSC Bureau Chief Andrew Chee brings you the key highlights from tonight’s General Studies Student Council meeting. If you want to experience the action front and center, be sure to stop by the Jed Satow Room in Lerner every Tuesday at 8:15pm.

President Raisa Flor delivered some updates regarding the Alumni Affairs team, the upcoming Giving Day, and the Silent Auction. GS hired 4 people recently solely to improve alumni affairs and connect undergraduate students with alumni more effectively.  Giving Day is an event in which students are challenged to give back to the school, culminating in a series of competitions, where students’ donations will be matched by the trustees upon reaching a certain number of gifts. Giving Day is set for October 24, so keep your eyes peeled for further information as the date approaches. In addition, GSSC will be allocating funds toward the Food Pantry for the Silent Auction, as well as two tickets to the GS Gala. The Silent Auction is an event taking place on October 10 in Lerner 555 from 6 to 9pm, which aims to raise awareness of and combat the stigma associated with food insecurity. For anyone wishing to donate items or services (e.g. DJing, personal training sessions), make sure you email or send them a message on Facebook.

Committing to Carbon Neutrality

Meredith, BC/JTS’21 and Ariana, CC’21 came in to speak about their campaign for Columbia to commit to carbon neutrality in its sustainability plan, as well as to garner support from the student council and student body at large. They believe that a commitment to a pledge will serve as a positive example for students to emulate in order to be more green, and that the university will make back its financial investments in sustainability in the long run. Although Columbia will not be a leader in this sector, as many other universities have already made or completed formal commitments to carbon neutrality, it “hopes to align with New York City’s goal of 80% reduction by 2050 and a short term goal of 35% reduction by 2020”, the latter of which they are about to reach. As the largest property owner in New York City, Columbia can however be a leader within the city, and collaboration with the state would be likely and an effective move. As Columbia would need to release its data regarding its own carbon usage and emissions before further steps could be taken, the ball is now in their court as Meredith and Ariana ramp up the pressure on them and gather support from the general student body. Moving into the discussion, Meredith and Ariana stated that they plan to involve alumni as much as possible and avoid any and all potential financial repercussions for students in the form of tuition increases. Furthermore, a member of audience stepped up to state that, “[As a private sector energy consultant], 2030 is a very aggressive date, but very doable.” Let’s hope Columbia makes the right decision as world leaders and protects the environment.

But where are the mashed potatoes?



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Actual photograph of Raisa bringing down the hammer/gavel

Our gallant and fearless GSSC Bureau Chief Andrew Chee braved the torrential downpour to give y’all the rundown of breaking news from the General Studies Student Council! Let’s just pretend that it was not drizzling lightly by the time he walked over to Lerner. Tonight’s highlights include a Q&A with GS Dean Lisa Rosen-Metsch, GS ’90, and additional nominees to the council.

GSSC kept it healthy today with fruits and fresh veggies for the meeting. President Raisa Flor, GS ’19, had to bust out the gavel just to get everyone away from the food and right into business.

Q&A With the Dean 

Our lovely GS Lisa Rosen-Metsch dropped by for a Q&A session about updates since she became Dean in January, as well as plans for the future. As a quick refresher, Dean Rosen-Metsch is an alumna of General Studies, majoring in sociology in the first dual degree program of the dual BA/Jewish Theological Seminary. She is now a sociologist who has done work with public health, most notably regarding the HIV/AID epidemic, and she was the chair of the department of sociomedical sciences at Mailman, where she currently serves as a professor.

For this fall semester, Dean Rosen-Metsch noted that we have 710 new GS students, including 118 veterans, 117 in the Postbac Premed program, 4 students from the Trinity College Dublin/GS dual BA program, as well as students from a multitude of various backgrounds, such as ballet dancers, writers, athletes, models, teachers, musicians, designers, journalists, engineers, entrepreneurs, investment bankers, real estate agents, and workers in construction, hospitality, government, and nonprofits. Just to give a sense of the achievements of the incoming class of GS students, Dean Rosen-Metsch mentioned one new student, an Olympian who won the US National Championship for show jumping in 2012 and competed in London as youngest ever member of US Olympic Equestrian team! Excited to see you all on campus and welcome!

Tell me more about horses



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Pictured: Possibly one GS student?

In the second exciting meeting of the General Studies Student Council, Acting Dean of Students Ivonne Rojas dropped by as a guest speaker for a Q&A, followed by the interview and appointment of nominees to the council! Brand spanking new GS bureau chief Andrew Chee brings you the exhilarating run down of all the nominees!

Q&A with Dean Rojas

In her second ever GSSC meeting, Dean Rojas gave a quick run through of her unbridled love for GS, summarizing her past as an admissions officer and student advisor, while also overseeing the dual BA program with Science Po and Trinity College. Her near future plans as Acting Dean include working on food insecurity and mental health, as well as emphasizing the success of the grad school coaching program. Clearly, she is all about supporting students while they are here in undergrad and after they graduate as well!

The Q&A revolved completely around the topic of food insecurity and what Student Life was doing to address it. Dean Rojas and Assistant Dean Sean Trulby stated that, in addition to existing initiatives, new ideas being discussed included attempts to make food insecurity programs more accessible – how could the school make students more comfortable in asking for help? Other goals floating around included expanding vouchers to even more restaurants and grocery stores, and an emergency stipend for immediate funds for unexpected emergencies and situations.

Updates, candidates, and more after the jump!



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Maybe the real gavel was the student democracy we found along the way.

School’s back, and so is GSSC! Sweet baby Bwogger Michael Colton swung by the Satow Room last night at 8:15 pm for this year’s first meeting of General Studies Student Council.

The General Studies Student Council convened last night, September 11, for their first meeting of the academic year. Appointments for general council roles have yet to be made, so last night’s proceedings saw only the 5/9 executive board members of the council — this figure later became 7/9 thanks to the late (and UNEXCUSED) arrivals of Chief of Policy Olivia Hartzell and Chief of Communications Max Waldroop — engaging in votes and discussions. President Raisa Flor assured me that attendance would improve at next week’s meeting of the full council, but the two men seated behind me arguing about urinal etiquette and somehow chewing black beans and rice loudly provided me all the company that I needed throughout the meeting.

Weekly Update and Recruitment

VP of Communications Sitara Herur-Halbert was the first of our lovely board members to give remarks. She noted that the GSSC recently increased its contribution towards the cause of university-wide student organizations in an effort to afford General Studiers more opportunities to engage with extracurricular groups and events. The annual Mel’s Orientation event — attended by GS first years and OLs (talk about partying with your icons!) — was said to have “gone well,” so congratulations to all that were there. On the matter of recruitment, VP Herur-Halbert noted the group’s need for graphic and web designers in order to aid with the GSSC website and other digital outreach initiatives; if you or a friend has experience or interest in such a position, contact General Studies Student Council on Facebook or visit their webpage at for more information!




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This could be you (and GSSC)!

While Bwog loves weird short posts, investigative features, and everything in between, our favorite content involves doing our civic duty. We cover meetings of all four of Columbia’s undergraduate student councils: Columbia College Student Council (CCSC), Engineering Student Council (ESC), Barnard’s Student Government Association (SGA), and General Studies Student Council (GSSC). For each council, we have a Bureau Chief, responsible for attending every meeting, listening to all the deliberations, the arguments, and the occasional impeachments, and writing a recap post about that meeting the next day. These Bureau Chiefs keep all of campus in the loop about what their student councils are doing, enabling students to support or protest their leaders accordingly.

This semester, we’re looking for a new GSSC Bureau Chief. GSSC is perhaps the most chill of Columbia’s student councils; their meetings tend to center more on planning parties and initiatives for low-income students than intense debates on student government’s role in the Israel-Palestine conflict. Also, they often serve food at their meetings. If you’re free on Tuesday evenings after 9 pm and you want to make cool friends in General Studies, then this is the job for you!

If you’re interested in the position, come to our open meeting tonight (9 to 10 pm in Lerner 510) and talk to us about it. Or, if you can’t make the meeting, email telling us who you are and why you want to cover GSSC.



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summer! so close but so far

Spunky young GSSC Bureau Chief Zoe Sottile brings you the latest and greatest from General Studies Student Council. As always, GSSC meets at 8:15 pm on Tuesday nights in the Satow Room.

This was the last GSSC General Body of the year! Lots of updates, lots of co-sponsorship requests, so little time. And, as usual, there was food.

Dean Rosen-Metsch

New GS Dean Lisa Rosen-Metsch made it a goal to attend GSSC once a month; last night’s meeting marked her fourth such visit. She gave shout-outs to GSSC’s success with the gala and encouraged students to take the Student Well-Being Survey.

Dean Rosen-Metsch spoke mostly about her efforts to improve GS’s financial aid and food security last night. She described financial aid as her “highest budget priority” and mentioned the setting aside of a budget next year specifically dedicated to alleviating student food insecurity. When a student asked what her highest priority was for improving student aid, she named GS’s endowment. She stated a desire to “ensure the financial viability of GS going forward” as well as ultimately “meet the full financial need of students”. GS is unique among the undergraduate colleges in that it doesn’t need to hire its own professors. Thus, essentially all of the profits of the endowment go towards increasing financial aid.

Dean Rosen-Metsch also mentioned her dedication to social justice issues, specifically naming the college’s partnership with the Center for Justice. The center is looking to create more educational opportunities for people who were formerly incarcerated; several GS deans are teaching or working at the center on that project and others.




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GSSC had cookies, guys. And they gave me one.

Newly crowned GSSC Bureau Chief Zöe Sottile swung by the Satow Room to cover this week’s meeting of General Studies Student Council. If you want to watch the drama and discourse yourself, check out GSSC at 8 pm on Tuesday nights. 

General! Studies! Student! Council! This is the week of elections, so get out there and rock the vote. Voting closes on Thursday; election results should be out by 5 pm then, with the exception of Senate elections which take longer because they require the input of the Premedical Association. Democracy makes the dream happen.

VP Campus Life: The Fun Stuff

GS Gala is this week! They still need volunteers to help set up the decor – GS students should’ve gotten an email soliciting volunteers, so respond if you want to help make Gala as beautiful as possible.

Campus Life moved to allocate $1,546.30 from the Campus Life Budget to the Senior Gift, since the senior class is larger than expected, requiring additional funding. The motion was approved.

Aaaaand there’s an upcoming event co-hosted by Barnard called We’d Like To Hang Again on April 20th (blaze it) from 1 to 5 pm. Campus Life moved to allocate $300 from its own budget for the event, so that they can rent tables and chairs in case it rains and people don’t want to sit on the wet grass. How considerate, Campus Life.

Keep reading and there’ll be a fight



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don’t worry, this image also triggers high school flashbacks of wearing business casual and shouting at other sweaty sixteen-year old virgins

It’s election season, and intrepid young GS bureau chief Zoe Sottile is bringing you the latest and greatest from GSSC’s candidates debate last night.

First of all, GSSC both had pizza and saved me a seat for the debates. Y’all, GSSC is truly the best. Each candidate had two minute to present their platform and then five minutes to respond to questions from the full and lively audience or the livestream.

VP Communications

We first heard from the three candidates for VP Communications, Karl Sully Guerrier GS ’20, Sitara Herur-Halbert GS ’19, and Biao Huan Foo GS ’20. Nicole Rogers, the current VP Comms, asked what the candidates’ plans were to actually engage students over the school year and if they had any previous website or coding experience. None of the candidates had any tech experience, which may present a problem for the Communications committee going forward. Guerrier focused in his responses on reaching out to students who feel “out of the loop”, suggesting that he set up tables in the lounge to reach out to students. In one of the spicier moments of the debate, Herur-Halbert, the current GSSC Social Media Representative, called Guerrier out for not reading her platform and made her own suggestions for having club events displayed on the TV in the GS lounge, as well as making display boards in the lounge and Lewisohn. She also proposed expanding the tech team that supports Communications as well as starting two weekly video series called Weekly Skim and Dear PrezBo. Foo discussed the possibility of a design competition for online visuals to get students more involved. When questioned about past difficulties in recruiting students to provide tech support for GSSC, Foo suggested that recruitment go beyond GS and include students from other schools.




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These could be yours at the first-year GS end of year celebration.

Bwog is back with weekly GSSC coverage! Staff writer Zoe Sottile went to check out the happenings at General Studies Student Council. 

This week drew a large audience at GSSC and with good reason: new dean Lisa Rosen-Metsch visited to give some updates and answer questions; the elections commission brought forward a few new candidates for its positions; and treasurer Eric Lunzer, who used to be an executive chef, catered a whole meal for everyone. You guys. GSSC is the best.

Rocking Out With Rosen-Metsch

This was Dean Rosen-Metsch’s third time visiting GSSC; she intends to come to one meeting every month. She discussed her pride in GS’s 463 student veterans – which is more than the entire rest of the Ivy League has combined. She also emphasized the importance of Columbia’s mental health initiatives, which are currently being spearheaded by Deantini. Here she brought up her own background in public health. Currently, she’s still continuing some of her own research on HIV / AIDS, and has brought on four GS students to help her.

She also discussed food insecurity, calling it “a symptom of financial distress and morally reprehensible for our students.” While she presented no immediate plan to solve the problem, she is working with Dean Hartford and Dean Rodgers to gather more data.

She addressed the feedback she’s heard from students before, which mostly concerns undergraduate research, building community across the four colleges, and global experiences. She’s working on trying to help GS students get involved in research early on, partnering more with the other undergraduate schools, and is very excited about the new dual-degree program with Trinity College in Dublin that starts next year. She currently co-chairs a committee on instruction with CC and is going to the next Barnard faculty meeting to introduce herself, decisions that she hopes will help build communication between the administrations of the different colleges.

Questions from the audience after the jump



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A possible look at the upcoming GS Donuts Celebration.

For a brief change in pace, staff writer Zöe Sottile made her way to the Satow Room at 8:00 pm for General Studies Student Council. 

This week, GSSC’s main priorities were evaluating nominees for a few representative positions as well as the upcoming GS Gala. As someone who has previously covered ESC meetings, I was surprised by how many differences in how GSSC and ESC are run. GSSC felt significantly more relaxed – the meeting started twenty minutes after it nominally began, and there were many more members of the audience than at ESC.

Meet The Nominees

GSSC dedicated the first part of its meeting to hearing from the nominees for a couple student representative positions. Rachel Bartlett made her case for Veteran Representative. She’s a first-year in GS who has been in the Marine Corps for eight years and is passionate about community outreach and development.

Both Amy Faskus and Dan Burkhardt are nominees for GSSC’s new election commission. Since this is a new internal committee, it’s unclear what exactly the commission will look like and these nominees will likely have significant power to shape and guide the new elections process. Amy is a senior theater major who discussed her previous leadership experience in clubs. Dan is a senior studying information science who has facilitated the elections for MilVets for the past two years.

Finally, Irene Ku is a nominee for the new position of Dual-BA representative. Irene is in her final ear of the dual degree program with City University of Hong Kong. Her main concern is that dual-degree programs, who arrive as juniors, don’t feel like they get enough career development and information about job opportunities. She wants to host events with dual degree alumni to help alleviate this problem.

updates from GSSC after the jump



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gssc to get swoll?

As per usual, Bwog brings you a summary of last night’s General Studies Student Council (GSSC) meeting. Highlights include an upcoming fitness challenge and important initiative updates. 

General Studies Student Council kept the second meeting of the semester short and sweet (about 30 minutes). As a reminder, GSSC meetings happen each week on Tuesday evening, and are streamed live on the GSSC Facebook page.

The council announced the upcoming GSSC Fitness Challenge, which will be underway soon. The challenge will consist of three separate phases. Phase 1 will emphasize a variety of exercises to do at home (body weight exercises, etc), and will include several instruction videos. Pawel Maslag, GSSC member, promised to complete weekly challenges (including doing one push-up for every like on the instructional videos). Phase 2 will involve collaboration with other groups on campus, and will include matching up workout buddies at Dodge, and mock workout plans. Phase 3 will feature a day of challenges on campus, including jumping jack and push-up challenges, as well as a fun run.

Click here for more announcements from the council

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