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“The work of politics is to acknowledge the world as it is, but to fight for the world as it should be.” – Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

Last night, the Columbia University Democrats and the School of International and Public Affairs (SIPA) co-hosted an event featuring Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, the 28-year-old Democratic nominee for Congress in New York’s 14th Congressional District, in Riverside Church. Joining her onstage were Nobel Laureate and SIPA professor Joseph Stiglitz and Anya Schiffrin, the director of the Technologies Specialization at SIPA and wife to Stiglitz. Staff Writer Elizabeth Burton and Social Media Editor Zack Abrams attended.

After a last-minute room change to off-campus, the Columbia University Democrats hosted a conversation with Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, the Democratic Party’s nominee for Congress in New York’s 14th District. Joined by Columbia professors Joseph Stiglitz and Anya Schiffrin, Ocasio-Cortez answered questions regarding her campaign and her platform.

Prior to beginning her campaign, Ocasio-Cortez started a publishing house for children’s books, worked as an education researcher, assisted on Bernie Sanders’ 2016 Presidential campaign, and held a job as a bartender to make ends meet. She went on to launch her own congressional campaign in 2017 as a Democratic Socialist, highlighting issues related to human rights, healthcare, immigration, and capitalism. In a surprise upset, she unseated ten-term incumbent Joe Crowley in New York’s 14th Congressional District in order to win the Democratic primary, and is heavily favored to win the race this November.

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Don’t forget to recycle!

During last night’s SGA meeting, everyone had one thing on their minds: sustainability. Senior Staff Writer Ramisa Murshed caught all the action, including some guest speakers and special presentations on keeping Barnard and Columbia sustainable.

After all of the SGA reps gave their respective announcements, including that the 616 computer lounge and Hewitt reusable takeout boxes are back, two representatives from the Roosevelt Institute arrived to give a presentation on their campaign to get Columbia to commit to carbon neutrality. Carbon neutrality, which can be defined as releasing net zero carbon emissions into the atmosphere, can be achieved through renewable energy, energy efficiency, and offsets. As of 2017, Columbia has achieved a 33.1% absolute greenhouse gas reduction since 2006 and a 28% carbon intensity reduction. Columbia has not, however, made a commitment to carbon neutrality.

The Roosevelt Institute representatives then compared this to institutions similar to Columbia such as NYU and UPenn, who have already made commitments to achieve carbon neutrality. The main reason for this presentation is that the Roosevelt Institute hopes to get Barnard’s SGA, in addition to CCSC, ESC, and GSSC, to pass a resolution in support of Columbia’s formal commitment to achieving 100% renewable energy and carbon neutrality in its 2020 Sustainability Plan. Although it’s a big economic investment upfront, they argued, there are many potential returns and savings, and the university will lose a lot of money if they continue to use nonrenewable resources.

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Robert “Beto” O’Rourke, a U.S. Representative from El Paso who is currently challenging Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) in his quest for a second term, is an insurgent firebrand with an incredibly bright political future… and a pretty interesting past. Though many people around these parts aren’t aware of it, Beto—or Rob, as he was known during his youth—is a Class of 1995 graduate of Columbia College.

Are you really going to look into those eyes and try to tell me that Rob *wasn’t* a typical CC f*ckboy?

When he was a college student, he studied English literature, had hair that was nearly down to his shoulders, was captain of the heavyweight rowing team, and played bass in a punk band called Foss. It seems highly likely that “Rob,” who has been campaigning as both a pro-choice, pro-LGBT+, pro-racial justice progressive and a skateboarding, air-drumming cool kid, was something of a woke dudebro (you know the type: the guy with a Hillary sticker on his laptop who unapologetically uses the word “bitch” ten times during an average conversation) back when he was a resident of Morningside Heights.

But what else was Rob up to?



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Getting typical with the global warming pictures.

Staff Writer Henry Golub ventured over to Columbia Law School on Monday night to hear Climate Week NYC’s discussion, “Fighting Back Against Attacks On Climate Science.” He heard multiple experts discuss climate change denial and propose solutions.

Climate Week NYC 2018 kicked-off on Monday with exhibits, concerts, movie screenings, and panel discussions held throughout the city. The international summit aims to encourage policy change by spreading climate change awareness and fostering discourse among government officials, business leaders, and the public. New York City has hosted the event annually for the past 10 years.

I attended a Climate Week panel discussion at Columbia Law School, where prominent speakers addressed the issue of climate change denial. Why do many Americans so vehemently oppose well-supported climate science? What recourse do we have?

Is it all just a Chinese hoax?



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As every week, Bwog’s dedicated and experienced Engineering Student Council Bureau Chief Finn Klauber reports everything going on in SEAS student government. This week there are mold problems, Oktoberfest, and basketball-related free tuition.

ESC met last night to give a round robin-style slew of updates. Luckily for your humble correspondent, this meant that the ESC meeting ended before 10:30—which is always a good thing. Relevant updates from each position are recorded below.

Student Body President

  • ESC took a few minutes yesterday to discuss/nominate a representative for the Inter-School Governing Board (IGB) and an alternative representative for the Student Adjudication Panel.
    A meeting with Scott Wright regarding the EC mold problem did not pan out very well. Wright explained that the Facilities workers paint over the mold with a special type of chemical that is supposed to kill all mold spores. However, after continuing to see mold in treated rooms, the President was hard pressed to agree with Wright that the mold has been treated completely. Tangentially, Wright claims that Columbia will have all its dorms air conditioned within the next 30 years.
  • The JED Mental Health Task Force is continuing its efforts to improve Columbia’s mental health problems. Of course, all these meetings are confidential and we haven’t seen much adopted from JED in the past two years, so who can say what’s really going on.

VP Policy

  • After meeting with Jessica Prata, ESC is hoping to reestablish the “Green Fund” which went inactive a few years ago. The Fund aims at funding sustainability projects which students manage, but was shut down a few years ago due to lack of proposals. ESC is thinking about how to reboot thiss and market it better to SEAS students.

VP Student Life

  • Everybody’s favorite on-campus pep rally, Basketball Mania, is happening in Levien Gym on October 25th. Athletics wants students to be more involved this year, so the dunk contest judges will be elected and athletics is sponsoring a set of prizes for making a half court shot, making layups, etc. These prizes range from free coffee for a semester all the way to a semester’s worth of free tuition.

Class of 2019

  • If this is not the outside of Lerner, I am dropping out

    Representatives for 2019 across the schools are working on October’s Lerner Pub. As every year, this means an Oktoberfest-style celebration in one of Columbia’s outside plazas. It’ll be the week after Homecoming. Hopefully there’s some great Oktoberfest swag which will be given away.

Campus Affairs Representative

  • ESC discussed briefly COÖP and CUE, specifically whether everyone who applies should be able to attend. The Campus Affairs Rep will be meeting with Aaron Gomez, Director of Orientation, to discuss expanding these programs to more pre-frosh at Columbia.


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People who live in John Jay made a wise choice… the single (room) life is the life for me.

Upon arriving to Columbia, many first years were getting ready to deal with a lifestyle shift never before considered: having a roommate. Although many of us grew up sharing rooms with siblings, or having a roommate at boarding school, college roommates are a whole new ball game. So, new Bwogger Chenoa Bunts-Anderson decided to ask around and see how people are coping with sharing a room for the first time. 

The first week away from home can be overwhelming for a number of reasons. You’re afraid you’ll get lost on the subway, you suspect that you’ve accidentally called people the wrong name and they’re not correcting you because they don’t know yours, and sometimes the dining hall food just sucks. However, it’s not expected that maniacal giggling will wake you up in the middle of the night.

Lying there in the dark, I had a sudden realization: My new roommate was a serial killer. Or just manically giggles in her sleep. Same thing.

Struck by curiosity, and haunted by her occasional 3 am sleep-giggling, I decided to find others getting to know their new roommates. These are their stories:

“It took me two weeks to finally meet my roommate while she was sober.”

“I found a note on my door telling me to not walk on, or wake, my roommate while she napped on the floor between classes.”

“While I was writing my first UW paper my roommate transferred a party of drunk people into our double.”

“While I had a friend staying over for the night, I started having a sex dream and woke her up. She stayed awake. The whole time.”

“My roommate came back to our room drunk and proceeded to read the Iliad while laughing hysterically.”

“I went to John Jay with my quad-mates and asked them if anyone had a bag to sneak the bananas I was stealing out in. One of them said yes, and then put the bananas between her breasts. She also jiggled them around a bit. So I told her to keep the bananas.”

“My roommate listed me as her emergency missing-person contact after I told her she couldn’t.”

“When I go to sleep my roommate comes over to my bed and passive-aggressively starts cleaning my side of the room.”

“My roommate still hasn’t unpacked. I don’t even think I need to explain more than that.”

Conclusively: Roommate’s suck (except mine you’re the best person in the world please don’t hurt me while I sleep).

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It does not get better than this

Happening in the World: The annual Castellers festival is occurring in Spain. In this festival, people make human towers and walk around in their human tower formation (USA Today).

Happening in the US: Trump is planning a meeting on Thursday to discuss with Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein. This meeting, according to Trump, will determine whether he will fire Rosenstein (US News).

Happening in NYC: A man in the Bronx got into a fight with a worker in a deli and then proceeded to light the establishment on fire, answering the question “what would you do for a Klondike Bar?” (NBC New York).


Happening on Campus: Author Alexander Lukin is coming to campus to speak about his book “China and Russia: the New Rapprochement” from 12 to 1:30 in room 1219 of the International Affairs building. He will examine these relations as a result of strained US relations and the Cold War.

Something to Brighten Your Day: Rupaul’s Drag Race: the ultimate cinematic event. Hilarious queens, fierce fashion, and overall insanity. Nothing makes me feel better than watching someone lip sync for their life, knowing that I will never be able to do that because some of us are not athletically inclined. Watch it with your friends, your bae, your mo, your granddad, Prezbo, fun for the whole family

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