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Why buy something new when you can make do with with the junk you have already accrued underneath your bed or all over your floor? Bwog staff has compiled a list of ways to repurpose literal garbage in your dorm room.

  • Refill a soup container with water to use as a vase for flowers.
  • Use your blender as a water pitcher because filtered water is scarce and rare in the quad.
  • Sleep with your head inside your refrigerator during the summer and behind the refrigerator during the winter.
  • Hang clothes from a curtain rod to block the light coming in through your blinds.
  • Use a lamp as a drying rack.
  • Use your roommate’s mini steamer as a kettle to brew hot water for exactly one cup of tea.
  • Use a T-shirt as a pillowcase.
  • Take out your fridge shelf and use it as a pantry.
  • Use the flyers from the Milstein opening to make a lanyard of inspirational women. :’)
  • Use a cardboard box as a pot for your 3-foot tall plant you accidentally ordered on Amazon.
  • Stack all of your old disposable coffee cups from Ferris you forgot to throw away into a pyramid to use as a step stool to get onto your bed.
  • Use the tapestry you were too lazy to hang as a towel.

If you have any other interesting ways to reuse your old stuff to be useful in your room, let us know at because Bwog loves innovation.

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Upon arriving to Columbia’s Campus, Bwogger Miyoki Walker noticed something strange. Instead of the North Faces and Fjallraven Kankens she was used to seeing in high school, everyone and their mothers were carrying canvas tote bags. Something else Miyoki noticed? The totes say a lot about the people wearing them.

So many totes, so little time.

The New Yorker Tote

You’re an English major who needs everyone at all times to know that you read the New Yorker—nevermind the fact that you actually only read the fiction section. Listen, there’s nothing wrong with being in it for the aesthetic. A real book heaux and possibly a Gemini.

The other New Yorker Tote

You’re definitely a Pisces. You’re currently undecided on your major, but everyone knows you’ll probably end up majoring in English. You tend to procrastinate. You waited a little too long to get the 12-weeks-for-6-dollars subscription deal, and now they went and changed the design. Yeah, it says New Yorker on the top, but does it really count?

Barnard Tote

You are cooler than the rest of us. Maybe a Scorpio, but you definitely know a lot more about astrology than I do.

The EcoReps Tote

You’re absolutely an Aquarius sun, possibly with a Leo rising. You started out as a poli sci major, but who knows where life will take you! You’re environmentally conscious, or at least you like people to think you are. You also noticed the new tote trend, but haven’t had enough time to go out and buy a more original one. Hey, who doesn’t love a free tote?

The Blue SVR Consent Tote

Big Libra energy. At least a little woke, or maybe you just like the color.

Solid Colored/Patterned Tote

Taurus. Reliable and grounded. You like to play it safe and you know what works for you. Probably majoring in something practical like computer science or anything else miserable sounding.

The “Shakespeare & Company” Tote

Hardworking and self-critical. Straight Virgo shit. Who am I kidding, I ordered this for $12 on Amazon as soon as I saw someone else wearing one.

Totes via Miyoki Walker (Yes, she owns every one of them)



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Staff-Writer-turned-Spelunker Henry Golub totally explored Columbia’s tunnel system and lived to tell the tale. He also likes inflating his word count and eating burritos.

Whoa. Tunnels.

Beneath Columbia’s campus—below Spec’s lair—lies an extensive tunnel system where the school used to run maze experiments on NYU students. Few people have since entered the labyrinth, but those who have tell of extraordinary sights: a secret entrance to JJ’s, Alexander Hamilton’s arm and leg (which he gave up for Hamilton tickets), and even witches.

Now, I don’t believe in Alexander Hamilton, but I could not resist seeing for myself the other wonders lying beneath Morningside. I had to find the tunnels.

Into the tunnels after the jump



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soup with rice and a little bit of sautéed zucchini on the side!

Today on Cooking With Bwog, we have Korean beef radish soup! Bwog’s resident Korean and EIC Youngweon Lee follows a recipe by YouTuber Maangchi

Do you just happen to have half of a giant Korean radish left over in your pantry from making dried pollack soup a few days ago? No? Just me? Well, regardless of whether you’re trying to take care of leftover radish or you went to HMart and bought one just for this soup, this is a great simple recipe. If I can make it and succeed, you can too, because I literally don’t know how to cook.


  • As much Korean radish (or daikon) as you want (it’s $0.99/lb at HMart on 110th I believe: super cheap and versatile for soups)
  • Beef – any cut with a bit of fat will do
  • Minced garlic
  • Soy sauce or fish sauce (I prefer fish sauce – also sold at HMart)
  • Salt
  • Scallions or green onions (optional)

Instructions after the jump



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this guy definitely has a sleeve

We’ve done Barnard. We’ve done SEAS. The end is in sight but we can’t forget GS. Despite a wide variety of degree programs, we here at Bwog have managed to boil GS students down to an essence they all share. Take this quiz to determine how much you’ve got or if that kid who won’t shut up in your class is an obnoxious GS student living up to the stereotype, or just plain obnoxious. Share your results in the comments!

If you suspect you or someone you love of having BGE, start with a base of 10 points and go from there:

  • Is a MilVet (+5)
    • “but not one of those MilVets” (+4)
  • Is a former ballerina (+5)
  • Goes to Mel’s (+2)
    • know the bartenders at Mel’s (+5)
    • does shots with the bartender at Mel’s (+10)
    • has a mug at Mel’s (+15)
  • Only friends with non-GS people (-12)
    • Is under 21 (-8)
    • Buys alcohol for underage friends (+5)
  • Has a 4.0, qualifies for the maximum FAFSA contribution, and still doesn’t get any financial aid (+10)
  • Is over 50 (+2)
  • Has kids (+15)
    • Has to miss campus events because they can’t get a babysitter (+5)
  • Has a sleeve tattoo (+1)
  • Wears a suit on the first day of class (+2)
  • Eats in the dining halls (-8)
  • Has social media other than Facebook (-6)
  • Only sits with other GS students in lectures (+3)
  • Goes to Barnard science classes (+5)
  • Doesn’t get the “Core experience” because they pay by the credit and it’s cheaper to fulfill the requirements other ways (+4)
  • Drinks to forget that most the incoming CC freshman class were born in 2000 or later (+2)
  • Went to the Barnard/GS picnic last spring (+2)
  • “The three undergraduate schools of Columbia: CC, SEAS, and GS” (+3)
  • Participates very heavily in discussion sections (+5)
    • Is condescending to the TA when they do it (+3)
    • Is older than the TA (+2)

Finish your calculations and find out the results after the jump!



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Pictured are two GS students conversing about post-midterm fun

Tonight’s meeting was straightforward, as the council focused on fun upcoming events after midterms! GSSC Bureau Chief Andrew Chee sacrifices his Butler time to bring you this delicious recap.

Stephanie Jennings, a senior health specialist at Columbia Health Services, was tonight’s guest speaker, opening up a conversation about what students would like to see more of in the Columbia health insurance plans.

Students noted that they particularly desired :

  • Affordability, with regards to co-pay, medication, and premiums
  • Reliability
  • Partial coverage for out of network doctors
  • A larger network for out of state providers
  • A more affordable dental plan
  • Greater transparency regarding insurance policy benefits, termination, and fees
  • Additional option plans with lower premiums and higher out of pocket costs

If you have any comments or suggestions for the Columbia health insurance plan for future semesters, you can reach out to Stephanie at

GSSC President Updates

GSSC has two open positions: Senior Class Treasurer and Community Services and Sustainability Rep. Apply if it seems like it is up your alley!

Upcoming Events

  • Midterms Snack Attacks are still going on this week. Today and tomorrow (October 17 and 18), head over to the GS lounge for breakfast and lunch at 9:30 am and 12:30 pm, respectively.
  • The JTS Shabbat dinner is happening this Friday, October 19 at 8:15 pm in the GS lounge and will have kosher/Persian food. For this event, make sure you RSVP on the Google Form provided on the Facebook event.
  • The Homecoming Pep Rally will also occur on Friday, October 19 on Butler lawn at 1 to 3 pm. Lazy Halloween will be on November 1 at Mel’s at 7 pm.
  • Basketball Mania is on October 25. Prizes include $50k for a half-court shot, $10k for a three-pointer, and Columbia laundry bags. GSSC is looking for a GS student to partner up with the women’s basketball players for the three-pointer shot. You are eligible if you have not played basketball competitively in the last five years, so contact Sondra Woodruff at if you are interested!
  • Senior Class events
    • Oktoberfest on the 27th 1:30 to 4:30 pm in front of East Campus Plaza.
    • First Year Senior Year Lunch is on November 2nd in the GS Lounge.
    • Lerner Pubs

That’s all from GSSC this week! Check out these exciting events and unwind during the stressful midterms period!

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Petition to change the maple leaf to a weed leaf

Happening in the World: Canada is officially the second country in the world to legalize possession and recreational use of marijuana. The first country to do so was Uruguay, which legalized the cultivation of weed in 2014 and the sale in 2017 British Columbia will open up its first legal store this coming week (BBC News).

Happening in the US: Multiple states in the Midwest are preparing to vote on marijuana legalization in November. Michigan and North Dakota face the decision of whether or not the drug should be legal for ages 21 and over, similarly to alcohol. Missouri and Utah are taking baby steps, deciding whether or not to legalize the use of medical marijuana only (US News).

Happening in NYC: A house fire in the Bronx left a firefighter severely injured and led to a man’s arrest. Louis Roman, the 50-year-old resident of the house, was allegedly growing marijuana on his property. Reporters are referring to the scene as “a marijuana grow house” (abc7NY).

Happening on Campus: The SIPA Diversity Committee is hosting a panel regarding the influence of policy in voting and voter turnout. The event will be held in the International Affairs Building from 6:00pm-8:00pm. Panelists include former mayor of Philadelphia, Michael Nutter,  Alex Hertel-Fernandez, assistant professor at the School of International and Public Affairs, and more.

Quote of the Day: “Look, for a lot of people, life is just one long hard kick in the urethra.” – BoJack Horseman

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