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THE legend herself.

Bwog is back and better than ever from a long, crazy weekend. From celebrity meetups to scaring poor tourists away, here is a collection of the highlights of our Staff writers’ weekends. If you have any stories you would like to contribute, email us at and we will add it to this week’s edition!

Bwog and Food/Drink:

  • Talked shit over vodka sodas with a friend like i was on Sex and the City.
  • Ate a Stews meatball after it had fallen on the floor of an Academy bus (I think).
  • Spent approx. 1/6th of my current remaining money on a dozen Absolute bagels.
  • Pregamed the Olympic Opening Ceremony at an event called “Miracle on Smirnoff Ice.” Took a shot every time the NBC commentators made some dumb comment about nature and man being in harmony. Subsequently got wasted.
  • Had a bomb smores reeses cake at an otherwise terribly-mediocre rowing party.
  • Fought management at Carmine’s for a table.
  • Ate fancy bread pudding with jalapeño ice cream.
  • Got very drunk very quickly with my roommate. Ended up leaving Mel’s at 1 in a cab and we caused a scene in front of Appletree because I was screaming because my friend was trying to run back to Mel’s.
  • Drank Smirnoff Ice and listened to early 2000’s music whilst watching my friends fill out the Datamatch survey.
  • Got stoned and called a spa in the UWS that I frequent to ask them what their spaghetti policy is. Laughed harder than I should have for longer than I should have.

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Ahhh, a slice of pizza the size of your whole body from Koronet’s always does the trick.

Though the semester is finally starting to kick in with the workload and assignments due, Bwog Staffers still made sure to take some time out of their busy lives and enjoy their weekends. Luckily, we compiled the best of their stories from the past few days and have a nice list for your enjoyment.

Bwog and the City:

  • Met a detective and my Law and Order dreams came true.
  • Went home just to see my dog and steal some avocados.
  • Lost all sensation in my left hand for 16 hours after canvassing in Queens when it was ten degrees Fahrenheit outside.
  • Spent over two hours at bluestockings looking at books before ultimately deciding not to buy anything.
  • Figured out how to program “A Cruel Angel’s Thesis” at a Korean karaoke place, then proceeded to absolutely fail at singing it because the lyrics were all in Japanese.
  • Helped my angry drunk friend home after finding her in Roti Roll thanks to Find my Friends, even though she’d texted me that she was “in an uber home.”
  • Went to a virtual reality concert. Met a cute boy who made fun of my Jack Wills parka.
  • Slipped on ice whilst drunk and entered John Jay lobby with a bleeding wound on my leg.
  • Went to Yale for a program training. Surprised myself by actually being happy to see the Columbia gates for once.

Super Bowl stories after the jump.



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Unrelated photo but happy belated birthday to our EIC Betsy!

Every so often, one weekend will be so wild and eventful that every Bwog Staffer is teeming with stories and highlights of their weekend. Lucky for you, this was one of them. Whether it was due to the open frat parties because of rushing or just the desire to rebel two weeks into the semester, here is the synopsis of Bwog’s weekend adventures.

Bwog in the City:

  • Was driving with my grandfather in the country and he hit a deer and subsequently had to carry it out of the street with his bare hands while wearing a suit. I’m still having Bambi themed nightmares.
  • Went to the sauna for the first time.
  • Spent my Saturday night (6:30pm to 3:30am) at the Brooklyn Public Library for the night of philosophy.
  • Went to Times Square at midnight to meet my roommate so we could watch “The Shape of the Water.” Realized there were no theaters showing it then and we ended up walking around downtown until 3 AM.
  • Traveled to Bay Ridge, Brooklyn.
  • Saw Phantom Thread and sat in the theater for 10 minutes after it ended, contemplating my life.
  • Also saw Phantom Thread (again) and also spent a solid ten minutes sitting in the theater after the credits stopped rolling trying to make sense of love/life/all that jazz.
  • Went to an event at which Chuck Shumer was speaking to take notes for my internship but fell asleep three-quarters of the way through his speech.
  • Went to a bizarre little club in the basement of a Chinatown hotel.

Bwog and Food:

  • Babysat in a super crazy bougie penthouse on the UWS and stole a bunch of their San Pellegrino.
  • Got brunch with my childhood best friend after not having seen her for years!!!
  • Discovered that my friend’s mini-fridge literally contains nothing but bottles upon bottles of Coca-cola mixed with whiskey.
  • Ate an entire box of Eggo waffles in the span of 40 hours.

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Maybe it’s because of the new semester or all of the fraternities that are hosting rush events, but last weekend was one for the books for Bwog Staffers. From endless hookups to weird encounters at 1020, here are the best moments from our weekends.

If you know, you know.

Bwog and Hooking Up:

  • Got laid, then went to Tom’s with him the next morning for post-sexual encounter brunch.
  • Left my Twitter handle and a plea for cute gay girls to message me on a “try our markers” board at a Muji store.  (Fruitless so far.)
  • Got dumped, got laid. In that order.
  • Hooked up with a guy that I have been loving to hate all semester. Was so drunk that I ended up kissing his nose at the end and I have yet to come to terms with that.
  • Stayed overnight with a guy and accurately diagnosed him with sleep apnea the morning after (he’s getting a mouth guard).
  • Got laid and stole his Thrasher shirt.

Bwog in the City:

  • Went to Roti Roll three separate times. Realized there’s an inner door connecting Roti Roll and Suite, the gay bar next door. While I was ordering, the drag queen walked through the door and grabbed some napkins from Roti Roll’s counter.
  • Lost my phone, then had to spend all of Sunday watching on Find my iPhone as the guy who had it walked from Schapiro to Lerner and back like four times.
  • Scheduled my first interview for an internship.
  • Went to Junzi Late Night for the first time and got the tequila mango juicebox cocktail. Realized that I hated tequila.
  • Went to an arcade in Chinatown with my boyfriend.
  • Got lost in brooklyn & was mortified by the degree of gentrification.
  • My girlfriend got hit on by a guy at Mel’s who used the opening line: “What do you know about cryptocurrency?” He then pulled up a chair and gave us a 30 min overview. Apparently Ripple is gonna get big soon, so invest now.

Bwog at Frats:

  • Got asked by a frat guy at a party, “You definitely go to therapy, right?”
  • Was called a frat loyalist, rebelled and crashed a KDR get together.
  • Got really crossed at a Beta party, where I proceeded to sign up for information on the frat by accident.
  • Smoked hookah for the first time and got so sick I threw up in my friend’s bed.

Bwog Doing Other Things:

  • Ate pizza with my best friend who goes to school in Boston and who shares my same name.
  • Learned how to use a bong via analogies relating to various band instruments.
  • Was named “best at eating someone out” in a game of Paranoia.
  • Woke up to my roommate being on acid.
  • Got so drunk that I did parkour on Philosophy Hall and then dove into a bush.
  • Ran away from friends in the effort to get to JJ’s. Was nearly run over by incoming traffic.
  • Carted my friend to her dorm in a blue bin when she became immobile in Hamilton; it turned out she had a sprained ankle.

“Who do you know here?” via Recycled Image



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Get it… like… field?

With break having come and gone, syllabus week is the perfect time to reflect. Our little time without school work and obligations gave Bwog the perfect opportunity to have some fun. Here’s some of the highlights from Bwog’s break!

Bwog gets sick

  • Had to go to the ER (not alcohol-related).
  • Got destroyed by the flu on the last day of break.
  • Got CAVA’d the weekend before classes start (i.e. this past weekend). Great way to start off the semester.
  • Ate a Baconator from Wendy’s and was sick for 4 days after.
  • Threw up in a billionaire’s tennis-themed bathroom before helping cater their new year’s eve party (cause unknown).
  • Got all my drinks paid for on New Year’s; woke up with strep the next day.
  • Threw up in my mouth on the LIRR. Was wedged in-between two people talking loudly on the phone.
  • Hyperventilated and threw salmon up into the ocean.

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Follow @bwog on insta for inspiring content like Junzi cocktails!

Whether you spent all weekend holed up in Butler, drinking away your stresses, or a little bit of both, this weekend’s field notes have got you covered. Fun game: try to guess which Bwoggers submitted which field notes… 

All’s fair in love and war:

  • Got dumped. Fucked another guy that night out of desire and spite.
  • Tried not to develop feelings for a possible fuckboy? Stay tuned.
  • Deleted Tinder in the name of self care.
  • Realized I had never loved someone, because when I broke their heart I didn’t care, at all.

Finals I guess?

  • Stormed Butler 209!
  • Did my Gulati practice problems buzzed (thanks Bwog!!).
  • Bought overpriced snacks in ButCafe because it doesn’t take fucking Barnard points.
  • Reluctantly opted for studying over drinking, caved, and drank while studying.
  • Went home three different times this weekend despite being in the middle of finals.
  • Woke up at EIGHT Saturday to get a seat in Butler and the fourth floor was completely empty for 20 glorious minutes.
  • Got a bunch of fruit for munchies, ended up eating a gross assortment of spreads on pita chips instead. Finals I guess?

Procrastination is REAL:

  • Didn’t get out of bed on Sunday until 6 pm.
  • Watched Mean Girls and remembered how fucking iconic early 2000’s fashion is.
  • Went to church and actually felt better afterwards. All of my anger and frustration is now gone.
  • Facetimed with my sister like 3 times this week and now I feel like I miss her.
  • Picnic-ed under the lit trees of Bryant Park.
  • Escaped the fuck out of an escape room for my friend’s birthday.
  • Went home from a party early with the intention of getting up early the next morning to study; ended up sleeping in until 2 pm the next day.
  • Bailed on a social gathering that was supposed to be hosted in my own suite.
  • Went to Pret three times in one day, got a free croissant out of it.
  • Climbed onto the [redacted] roof twice.
  • Scammed my way onto a white supremacist episode of SVU (until they realized I was in fact not an extra).
  • Had my mom make me fortified wine with rum in it (10/10 recommend).
  • Made a gingerbread house that promptly collapsed. :/
  • Got a juicebox cocktail at Junzi kitchen. It’s a mini bottle of tequila sticking out of a literal juice box.
  • Made dick-shaped cookies.



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Max Soha: the best restaurant in MoHi?

Think we would stop going out and doing messy shit with our lives right before finals? You thought wrong. Compiled is the list of things we did, yet again, this weekend. Enjoy.

Bwog in the City:

  • Went to a ‘gay art show’ (not my words) in Gowanus. Watched probably the worst dancing I’ve ever seen that’s supposed to be artistic.
  • Ripped my boyfriend’s brother’s bong in Ridgewood, Queens.
  • Went out to three brunches in three different walk-of-shame outfits (all of which looked even better the next day IMO).
  • Confirmed Max Soha is the best restaurant in Morningside Heights.
  • Added a full hour to my commute home from my internship through a combination of the 2 train fucking up and my own stupidity.
  • Pissed in a bathroom in which I could see myself from three different mirrors, including the ceiling.
  • The 1 train wasn’t going to come for 19 minutes so I walked.

Bwog and Food:

  • Went to Junzi kitchen for the first time in months bc I wanted pasta so bad and it’s the only fast pasta place I could think of.
  • My friends and I agreed to let a man on the street buy us a slice of pizza and photograph us eating it for a school project.
  • Got kicked out of H-Mart for filming my Korean project there, but had really good bibimbap in Koreatown.
  • Ate at a bougie restaurant with my family to celebrate my sisters’ birthday!
  • Went to EC sober for the first time (thanks again Rachel for the sign in :)). Watched my friends get sweaty and laughed as they gagged when drinking straight from a bottle of Bacardi. (does this make me sadistic lol)
  • Ate 5 Eggo waffles in one night.
  • Ate multiple over a week old stale Krispy Kreme donuts in bed.
  • Went a whole day only eating chocolate and a bagel.
  • Decorated chocolate with 5 year olds.
  • Went to a nice dinner with my dad high. Felt guilty about it.

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This is why we can’t see stars on this island.

While the lighting of the trees on College Walk may signify the beginning of finals season, with piles of homework, tests, and papers coming our way, Bwog staff made sure to enjoy their weekends in the only way we know: food, alcohol, going out, and maximizing time on campus. Enjoy this recap of the things we did.

Bwog and Alcohol:

  • Spent more on sangria in two nights than I’ve spent on alcohol in the past month.
  • Committed myself to a dry season for the rest of semester. Went to 1020 100% sober and it was as bad as I thought it would be.
  • Felt buzzed after glasses of wine, a testament to not binge drinking this semester.
  • Got harassed by an old man at 1020 who told me “sorry” on the way out. I told him to go fuck himself.
  • Saw my Bwog big at 1020!
  • Was feeling very lonely and depressed on Saturday night and wanted to have a chill 1020 night, had one of the wildest nights of the semester.
  • Used my new french press for the first time and I love it!
  • Got really drunk on Thursday night and cried for hours (an hour of which was in the Beta house chapter room).

Bwog on Campus:

  • Pushed a writing conference back by half an hour so that I wouldn’t be late.  Was then late to the rescheduled time.
  • Went to JJ’s too many times.
  • Got all dressed up for a party that didn’t happen.
  • Got walked in on by my roommate while crying and trying to wax my own legs.
  • Got dumped! #anti-cuffing-season
  • Made plans to “reconnect” with an acquaintance, just ended up hooking up with him instead.
  • Slept in my nook that I made under my bed. The best thing I did all semester.
  • Finally finished watching Lost, 121 hours (or something) later. This show has taken up my life this semester and may result in an irreversible GPA nosedive, but it’s been worth it every second. If anyone ever wants to talk conspiracy theories, hmu.
  • Found out I was gossiped about by not one or two, but three people in the CU jazz band.
  • Tried really hard to clean my room but a bitch could not do it smh.

Bwog and Food:

  • Spent $54 on a salad and 2 glasses of wine at a restaurant with dead animals on the walls for my high school friend’s birthday.
  • Snuck through the line twice with different friends at the Tree Lighting so I could get multiple Krispy Kreme donuts.
  • Befriended the ‘greeter’ at Panda Express.
  • Literally took a bite of a banana and puked it up at 7 pm due to a day-long hangover :-(.
  • Had gourmet mac n cheese at 5 am because New York City is the shit!!
  • Went to a quinceñera for a girl I didn’t know just for the Mexican food and to meet fellow Latinos.

Bwog in the City:

  • Abused my C-14 license for hookup purposes.
  • Lost my Columbia ID by accidentally dropping it through the grate of a subway.
  • Went to a sex shop for the first time.
  • Finally watched Pacific Rim and it totally lived up to the hype.
  • Got stood up by two guys that I was supposed to go on field trips with (one who I was catching feelings for). Still salty.
  • Went to the Intrepid museum with Roberta! Ran around like little kids and sung the Top Gun theme song repeatedly.
  • Watched a drag show at Suite sober and really enjoyed it.
  • Didn’t get carded at 1020, did get carded and turned away trying to see an r-rated movie because I didn’t have my license.
  • Went to the MoMA with my boyfriend and colored together in the children’s area.
  • Accompanied my best friend (hi Lexie) to Village Tattoo so she could get more piercings.
  • Drank spiked eggnog and watched Twin Peaks with a bunch of NYU people I don’t know.

All I Want for Christmas is You *Extra Festive Version* via Bwog Staff



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Just another crossed Columbia student.

Here we are again: you, Bwog, and a long break that separated us apart. With five days off for Thanksgiving, Bwog Staff made sure to have some fun, get into sticky situations, and do the most, per usual. Below are some highlights of our weekend, carefully curated just for you.

Bwog with Family and Friends:

  • Had to explain the phrase “I’m back on my bullshit” to my grandma after I accidentally said it aloud while downloading the Animal Crossing app.
  • Found out my parents got my younger brothers a car that they’ve all been keeping secret from me.
  • Defended philosophy as a good use of ones time in college because what is a family gathering without someone questioning my liberal arts degree.
  • Hung out more with my aunt’s dog more than I spoke with my brother.
  •  Danced around the kitchen with my mom.
  • Hooked up with my ex from high school.
  • I tried to push my hair back when a boy was looking at me and I ended up almost throwing my laptop off my desk.
  •  Met with a friend from high school primarily to see her dog which I have been missing for the past three months.
  • Played some intense games of Uno with my family. Lost every time.
  • Surprised my mom by visiting her at work and the first thing she said was “You look like a hooker.”
  • Survived staying with my family for four days.
    • Did not survive staying with my family for four days.
  • Threw a napkin at my father across the Thanksgiving dinner table when he started to bring up Trump’s new tax plan.

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Happy lil’ turtle free of plastic beer parts.

While many of you may have been packing and preparing to head off for Thanksgiving Break, we at Bwog started our weekend out right with a (somewhat) wholesome evening with our annual Symposium dinner. However, as you probably know, shit hit the fan and we went a little wild. Here’s a summary of this weekend’s endeavors by yours truly, the Bwog Staff.

Bwog and Food:

  • Made a pumpkin chocolate chip loaf!
  • Ate a Philly Cheese Steak on the subway on my way to be an educator for a Jewish kids program.
  • Went shopping for friendsgiving ingredients planning to spend $50 and spent $150.
  • Made an amazing friendsgiving meal using “borrowed” pots/pans/utensils.
  • Tried kratom tea, a borderline-legal substance that supposedly mimics the effect of opioids. Tasted like dirt and did not deliver.
  • Ended my vegetarianism and have not looked back.

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We here at Bwog are quite proud of our FAPing skills over the weekend. While many people spent this past weekend doing normal, boring things, Bwog Staff took things up a notch and FAPed away, because what’s better than Food, Alcohol, and Partying?

What a fancy glass of wine!

Bwog and Food:

  • Shared a lot of dishes/utensils with people, then found out I have strep.
  • Had the best sushi of my life at the restaurant of the apprentice of Jiro from “Jiro Dreams of Sushi.”
  • Ate an obscene amount of dim sum.
  • Have Postmated my meals for the past three days because I lost all my important possessions – namely my school id, fake id, debit card, and insurance card, and keys.
  • Went to a fancy restaurant for my 20th birthday with my grandparents. They announced I was turning 20 to the waitress, who then brought me a glass of wine.
  • Burnt my tongue on Wawa’s free sample coffee.
  • Was forced into dinner with my friend and her former TA. Felt attacked when he, a 26-year-old man, used the phrase “good vibes” unironically.
  • Had ice cream no less than 3 times even though it was fucking freezing outside.
  • Made cinnamon rolls! From scratch!

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Happy fall!

Bwog is finally back from fall break and we sure got up to a lot this past weekend. From being wholesome to being dangerous, read on to find out what Bwog did this break!

Bwog chills:

  • Fell asleep on a bed while a party raged around me.
  • Stayed up late watching Riverdale and now my Archie comics childhood is ruined.
  • Ended up taking shots with my geeky prom date and singing on a table.
  • Watched the sun rise and set without moving from my bed all day.
  • Went wake swimming in Vermont.
  • Had a few drunken conversations with my parents.
  • Baked one and a half pies because my friend dropped one while taking it out of the oven.
  • Had an impromptu sleepover with some friends because we were eating pie and talking and then suddenly it was 4am.
  • Was kind of drunk and almost cried when a waitress gave me syrup to go with my pancakes.
  • Rebuilt my town in Animal Crossing (& hate my new neighbors).
  • Got a tattoo.
  • Went to a George Washington University frat party with my best friend from childhood.
  • Started and finished the Stranger Things series so I could understand the memes.
  • Talked about Beyonce’s Halloween costume with someone different every single day of the break.

What else did Bwog do?



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A visual representation of every bathroom in every dorm this weekend.

While Bwog is known for getting it on and having a wild time over the weekend, there isn’t a better weekend to go over-the-top than Halloweekend. Whether you’re attempting to recover from your weekend antics or need a good laugh, these Bwoglines are written and curated for you. So sit back, relax, and enjoy our shitty endeavors.

Bwog and Halloween:

  • Got kicked out of the Spirit Halloween store with a friend for trying on a costume in the manger’s room (we thought it was a fitting room).
  • Went to a low-key Halloween party with friends from high school; was the only one who showed up in a costume.
  • Threw a Halloween party with alcohol leftover from my suitemate’s Bat Mitzvah eight years ago.
  • My teenage self went to a Halloween house party in Brooklyn with too many 30+ year olds.
  • Did a 9-block walk of shame on Saturday morning in a dinosaur onesie. Two firefighters said they like my outfit: one said “Where’s the party,” while the other said “The party was last night and she’s just getting back.” I felt attacked.
  • Went to a Halloween party in bed stuy where a kid dressed up as LSD and was selling LSD!
  • Went to a NYU Halloween party and no less than 5 people dressed up as characters from indie documentaries.
  • Asked my mom to drive for over an hour just to bring me a sweatshirt for a Halloween costume; not only did she agree to do it, she also brought me lunch.  I love my mom.

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Another weekend, another list of regrettable endeavors performed by yours truly, the staff of Bwog. Sit down, relax, and enjoy the tales and mistakes we made over the past weekend.

Look out SEAS: we have a new generation of individuals who are engineering our future, one pad at a time.

Bwog and Relationships / Hooking Up:

  • Finally hooked up with someone I’ve been flirting with for weeks!
  • Hooked up with the guy i’ve been talking to two nights in a row!
  • Found out that a guy who brought my friend home from The Heights, matched with me on Bumble, and matched with my other friend on Tinder has a girlfriend.
  • Woke up to my roommate hooking up with a guy while I was in the room.
  • Set a new record for the nicest apartment i’ve hooked up with a girl in (Columbus Circle)
  • Found out my best friend has had mono for the past month; counseled her as she texted various boys to tell them.
  • Tried to end an unhealthy and unromantic relationship but found no closure.
  • Received the most mixed messages from a guy that I’ve ever gotten.

What else did Bwog do?



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Roar, Lion, Roar!

This past weekend was unreal. Columbia won the big game, parents and students alike were in good spirits, and the celebration served as a well-needed distraction from impending midterms. Check out what Bwog was up to! 

Bwog has school spirit:

  • Went to Homecoming and got annoyed at all the drunk obnoxious people, because normally I’m the drunk obnoxious person and they were stealing my thunder.
  • Got dinner with my parents after Homecoming and almost fell asleep at the restaurant.
  • Got drunk really early into Homecoming, ended up falling asleep to Hercules in my bed at 1:30 in the afternoon.
  • Had a lovely boozy brunch in my suite the morning of Homecoming feat. frosé and pumpkin spice pancakes.
  • Lost my voice at the game.
  • Got blackout drunk on Friday because a boy flaked on me. Was subsequently too hungover on Saturday to enjoy Homecoming.
  • Was asked to go clubbing downtown by 45 year old men, back to reminisce for Homecoming.
  • Missed the last 15 minutes of the Homecoming game because I was being a responsible travel manager.

The trials and tribulations of Columbia students:

  • Wrote a 5 page take-home midterm in an hour! It’s due in a week but I just felt inspired.
  • Fell over unto my desk, with my feet hitting the wall, knocking three books off my neighbor’s shelf and giving myself a black eye.
  • Spilled water on my MacBook, just in time for midterms this week.
  • Got very inspired (possibly too inspired) by the Jhumpa Lahiri event, and wrote a short story in Russian.
  • Had fun at dwb but then subsequently spent 2 hours in Butler’s Ref room wasted, trying to study.
  • Wrote 2600 words in 3 hours and haven’t stopped bragging about it.
  • Skipped all of my responsibilities on Sunday to work on other responsibilities.
  • Got 10 hours of sleep on Saturday night instead of doing literally any studying for my midterm on Monday morning.
  • Cried for 20 mins while drunk after someone took away a Krispy Kreme donut.
  • Waited for hours to get an X-ray of my face that they ended up fucking up. Got fired from my babysitting job because the ex-ray place made me a couple minutes late even though I showed up despite having a concussion.
  • Listened to new music until my list of unheard podcasts gave me too much anxiety.
  • Saw my male floormate in the literal nude as I passed by because his door was open.

Bwog in the city: 

  • Walked the Brooklyn Bridge during sunset with my best friend from home who is visiting.
  • Spent way too much money on Uber/Lyft.
  • Had my genitals grabbed by a drag queen in broad daylight on W14th.
  • Almost got into a fight with some rude man at Mel’s but I was with an entire fraternity so he backed off.
  • Went to a jazz club with my friend and had to fight to stay awake since last week was so draining.
  • Got stopped on the street in front of the Flatiron Building to take photos for someone’s online column on Cosmo Japan.
  • Partied with artsy NYU kids, dressed as weird as possible to fit in.
  • Went to my first concert with a boy! Not my first concert ever, just my first time going with a boy.
  • Slept on the street in the rain to get SNL tickets.
  • Gave a blowjob in the shower of a dorm at a university I don’t even go to.

Image via Bwogger Victoria Arancio 

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