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A Snapchat of two people making out in a public lounge chair at 3:18 am.

Just you wait ’til the RA hears about this!

So there you are, at three in the morning on Saturday. You just had a great time getting covered in glitter in a Brownstone, and now you’re back in Furnald. But your roommate is asleep! You decide to be courteous and dry hump your compatriot in the public lounge. This is not courteous. Do not do this. If you see this, please send it to  What we did wasn’t quite so debaucherous:

Food and Drink Rule Everything Around Us

  • Used a JJ’s swipe for just the smoothies at the Cool Zone.
  • Walked to 79th and back to get ice cream.
  • A waiter accidentally charged me the price for a non-spiked milkshake. Rejoiced.
  • Cooked cabbage soup for first time for my sick girlfriend.
  • Went apple-picking.
  • Spent over $100 on a single meal downtown.
  • Finessed my way through being carded at a fancy restaurant by pretending i knew something about wine.

Frats and Parties and Frats and Parties

  • Hooked up with a boy while sick, got him sick, got better, hooked up with him again, got sick again.
  • Talked about the meaning of human existence with frat boys.
  • Got a little too drunk on Friday, ended up hooking up with 2 different guys at 2 different parties.
  • Did not go to one single frat party the whole weekend and honestly felt great about it.
  • Went to The Meadows! Got my bowl taken away by security.
  • Pregamed for The Meadows on the 7 train. Ended up drunk, sweaty, and ambitious enough to dance to every Weezer and Red Hot Chili Peppers song played.

High Culture, High Society (more…)



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nostalgic for days past (summer)

The first week of shopping period was stressful, but in one of those nice ways where you don’t have too much work by the time the weekend rolls around. We all find different ways to release that stress, some of us uptown, some of us down. Some people don’t even leave their room, because what’s the big deal about New York anyway? Here’s what we did:

Making our way: 

  • Had my first sober pee in Mel’s.
  • Witnessed a man who looked like he’d stepped out of a portal from the 1920s on the one train.
  • Made a bunch of people cry.
  • Made matzah ball soup out of a box.
  • Went to Tom’s with my dad and my girlfriend.
  • Partied with some of my first years from my NSOP group #OLlife
  • Fell asleep at Hungarian while trying to read Plato’s Republic.
  • Spent $95 at Trader Joes getting my pantry “stocked,” but continued to order take out instead of cooking my own food.
  • Got a fever.
  • Went to Appletree 3 nights in a row. On the second night I bonded with 2 cops whilst inebriated.
  • Went to Beta for the first time! Ended up leaving after 20 mins because they stopped playing music?
  • Befriended these guys from SUNY Maritime and dumped them on frat row after they made fun of Long Island.
  • Learned Git.


  • Ate a chili pepper from a plant at the farmers market and lost all my street cred (was way too spicy for me).
  • Went to ikea for a dish rack and came back with a whole ass tree.
  • Partied with NY Fashion Week models in Bushwick; still not entirely convinced I didn’t dream the entire experience.
  • Spent 4 hrs getting my hair highlighted but got a dope student discount. Love my hairdresser!
  • Almost pissed myself in an Anthropologie from laughing too hard with my best friend.
  • Had a wonderful time reuniting with my babysitting fam!
  • Remembered the hell of trying to get people to pay in Venmo in exchange for goods and services.






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EC last night looking like the hottest club in MoHi

It’s been a long week for those of us on campus slogging through required activities, and an even longer week for those of us off campus dreading our return. But we’re all (at least physically) here now, we’re (mostly) unpacked, and we’re ready (we hope) for a new semester. Here’s what Bwog has been up to for the past few days…

Ready for anything:

  • Got a tattoo
  • “Acquired” a lamp and desk chair for my suite from the sidewalk of 111th St.
  • Got a sick fridge off the street
  • Led a campus tour whilst high
  • Ate a snickerdoodle that a first-year baked for me
  • Drunkenly danced with first years at CU glow
  • Got into a seminar that’s been my dream class since freshman year!
  • Hosted a shindig in my new dorm the night I moved in. 6 barnard frosh came. Initiated them.
  • Unpacked six huge boxes in my room without waking up my roommate
  • Hooked up with a guy in Brooklyn who used to live less than a mile away from me back home (but we had never met)
  • Tried kickboxing!!
  • Made and ate edible s’mores in McBain
  • Actually managed to almost fully unpack in one day
  • Asked an EC party to quiet down for the first time

Read a few more (less impressive) field notes after the jump



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The beautiful, ethereal Mitski

This was the second to last weekend of the semester, friends. And since most people will probably be spending this upcoming weekend packed in Butler, you might as well say it’s the last… RIP. Check out what everyone was up to. 

Peaceful, Artsy, Wholesome:

  • Went gallery hopping in Chelsea with the goal of getting onto as many rooftops as possible.
  • Went on a date with a boy all my friends thought was catfishing me. Turns out he’s real. And actually great! Take that, Nev Schulman.
  • Had an impromptu writing conference at the Met.
  • Went on a long journey with a timpani. (It was only from Riverside Park to Lerner, but it felt much longer.)
  • Was walking through while in South Williamsburg in a very Jewish neighborhood when a Hasidic man in full sabbath garb (including a huge fur hat) literally sprinted across the street to talk to us. He had locked himself out and the only way he could get back into his apartment was through the elevator which he couldn’t use because of it was Saturday. His six young daughters seemed shocked by how little clothing me and my friend were wearing (it was 85˚F), but the man was ecstatic to find probably the only non-jewish people in a six block radius to help him. To thank us he gave us tons of snacks and chips and stuff. And thus I learned the value of having an open mind and heart.
  • Went to Mitski concert. Got high after and walked through the streets of Brooklyn singing “First Love, Late Spring.”
  • Went to Coney Island.
  • Also went to Mitski concert. Cried.
  • Went to the beach.
  • Went home for the weekend and let my mother take care of me like a big baby.
  • Spent Friday night sober.
  • Quit smoking weed. Well, at least until my drug test.
  • Saw my very own choreography come to life on stage for the first time. Incredibly rewarding.

Only a wee bit messy (alright, maybe more):

  • Verbally abused a Varsity Show member on the street because of my disappointment in the quality of the show.
  • Cried on SO many trains because I was feeling dramatic and trains are the best place to cry.
  • Passed out from a mix of allergy meds and Xanax. Woke up on my couch naked with a Luna Bar.
  • Danced with the owner of a bar downtown and got an uncountable number of free drinks.
  • Got drunk and went to KCST Presents: As You Like It and had my first utterly enjoyable “up past 3 am” night of the year.
  • Got drunk incredibly quickly and tried to take my shirt off in Broadway after sweating profusely in Sig Ep.
  • Engaged in more drunk texting in one night than the rest of my almost two years at CU put together.
  • Obtained a Beta Theta Pi sweatshirt.
  • Met a Mexican tourist on his gap year at Mel’s, made out with him aggressively next to Alma, went to Times Square at 3 am with him, essentially ended up leaving him stranded there alone at 5:30 am with two bucks in his wallet and a dead phone and not knowing where his friend is.
  • Fretted over a boy, but went to Ruggles and drank wine and felt better.
  • Accidentally got on a bus going towards LaGuardia from Harlem instead of towards Columbia right as my phone died, ended up so lost in Queens that I had to take a cab home.
  • Complained about it being too hot to sleep, but took a three hour nap anyways.
  • Went to Maison Pickle to mourn the loss of Jacob’s Pickles and managed to get drunk on 2 cocktails.
  • Racked up a $35 tab at 1020 all on my own.
  • Didn’t start any of my homework until 9 pm on Sunday.

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Local loft lookin’ lit.

This weekend was one for the books, friends. Only just a few more until the end of the semester and we can all go the fuck home (or wherever we’ll be). For now, let’s just be thankful that we survived. 

Accomplishments, actually:

  • Went to DC to lobby Congress for progressive gun control reform!! Yay #tuckfrump
  • Celebrated my 1 year anniversary with my boyfriend!
  • Lied a little bit and got staff passes to the Tribeca Film Festival. Spent the day eating free bougie food in a very aesthetic studio in Tribeca. There was an open bar.
  • Got caught in the rain during a very lesbian-aesthetic date in Riverside Park. This only heightened the lesbian aesthetic.
  • Went downtown to buy a birthday present for my dad; ended up buying a present for myself.
  • Sat through a really interesting discussion on young media in a swanky SoHo loft.
  • Hooked up with two different guys.
  • Partied with a bunch of NYU Local kids and felt ~cool.
  • Got drunk at prof’s house on Sunday night.
  • Baked non-pot brownies in a pie plate with Timmy on 4/20.

Not necessarily an “accomplishment,” per se:

  • Got my Delaware fake taken because I recited my California address to the bouncer.
  • Walked in on three men having a threesome in the women’s room of a divey East Village bar.
  • Somehow ended up making out with a stranger at a GW frat party who also didn’t go to GW? Weird.
  • Left my debit card at 1020 on Saturday night and had to go back Sunday afternoon to close my tab.
  • Showed up to Saturday’s hookup covered in hickeys from Friday’s hookup. He didn’t notice.
  • Left my wallet on a megabus on the way to DC. Lost my credit card, my real ID, my fake ID, and a metro card with $50 on it. Somehow retained my CUID.

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“‘Yes, of course, if it’s fine tomorrow,’ said Mrs. Ramsay. ‘But you’ll have to be up with the lark.'”

How was your weekend, Columbia? Did you soak up the sun? Did you get trashed and go to Latenite? Did you just stay in? Here’s what we were up to, anyhow…


  • Walked through the park and listened to Father John Misty’s album and fell asleep at the boat pond.
  • Went to a speciality rice pudding store in SoHo. All they sell is different flavors of rice pudding. Like ice cream.
  • Had a Butler lawn picnic that featured everything from brie (classy) to Franzia (…)
  • Ate a LOT of ice cream on Sunday but what else are you supposed to do when it’s 84 degrees.
  • Took a bike ride from Columbia all the way to Tribeca.
  • Woke up at 4:30am to go to Blackwell Island Lighthouse for sunrise in honor of my girl V. Woolf. (see beautiful photo)
  • Went to see a Yankees game on Columbia’s dime and the foodservice people assumed that we were all Jewish.
  • Literally fell in love with this guy I met at some bar in LES… I think it’s called Hair On The Hog?
  • Visited Chelsea Market with my Mom and we ate Doughnuttery donuts for the first time!! #Wholesome and #Cute
  • Tried the vegan meatballs from John Jay. I am not vegan but they are literally so good 20/10 would recommend.
  • Bonded with my best friend’s little brother over how much we hate the movie War Horse.
  • Spent Easter Sunday walking the highline with one of my sweetest friends because she was homesick. Ran into another good friend and her boyfriend and took adorable pictures together.
  • Danced the night away at my spring semi formal! Watched my “crush” make out with another girl within 20 minutes of being there but ended up bonding with a good friend which was just as fun.
  • Found my favorite cheese at Westside at 2 am on Saturday night while wildly drunk.

What’s the opposite of wholesome?

  •  Got way too day drunk on Easter Sunday, proceeded to crash as soon as I got back to campus and missed Bwog meeting.
  • Was hooking up with a cute boy when he got a nosebleed right in the middle of it. That’s one way to kill a mood.
  • Went to Latenite’s drunk show just as drunk as the actors. Was still just as confused but was glad no one batted an eye when I took swigs from a Jack Daniels nip during intermission.
  • Showed up to a friend’s alum event five minutes before it was supposed to end; managed to get three drinks and the bar miraculously stayed open for another 45 minutes.
  • Got shitfaced before Latenite’s prank show and could barely read my lines before hitting the ground with a thud.
  • Went to subway party and had the best time with all the #smashed #socialists
  • Hooked up with three different guys three days in a row.
  • Did a barefoot walk of shame from Hartley to Carman at 1 pm on Saturday wearing the clothes of the boy I spent the night with and holding my dress and heels from the night before.
  • Went drinking in Koreatown for the first time ever.
  • Got drunk at my high school’s fancy alumni event while the current students at my school suffocate in the AC-less dorms.
  • Got drunk every night this weekend for the first time in a while.

Photo via Bwogger; quote via our girl V. Woolf



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If you weren’t at Bacchanal, maybe you were at Newark. Honestly, same level of zoo-ness.

Since we already posted a Bacchanal field notes, these field notes are slightly more… tame? I guess a little. Honestly, at this point, we’re just trying to remind ourselves that life exists outside of Bacchanal. Here’s our half-assed effort. 

There is only one section because literally everything this weekend was Bacchanal-related:

  • Woke up after 10 am on a Sunday for the first time this semester
  • Spent 45 minutes trying to get a bagel in Terminal C of Newark Liberty International Airport. I was not successful.
  • Emotionally bonded with a couple of people and it was very nice and wholesome.
  • Didn’t die.
  • Went to two pretentious/fancy events (the opera and a concert at Carnegie Hall) in two nights; fell asleep during both.
  • Decorated campus statues with balloons.
  • The girl sitting in front of me during my orgo midterm got sick and had to go to Health Services, and I didn’t even notice because I was so intently focused on my midterm.
  • Still trying to figure out what I said to my crush during Bacchanal.
  • Stole a pineapple from my high school’s alumni event.
  • Spilled a cupful of Ferris syrup all over my pants/jacket in middle of Bacchanal, went home to change.
  • Rode a scooter around 2nd floor of ADP.
  • Had volunteered to babysit 9am the morning after Bacchanal, but the mom cancelled at the last minute. God is real.
  • Definitely spoke to the head of CUAD while crossed on Saturday, not sure what I said other than that it included a message of support for the cause.
  • Purchased a bottle of wine to watch the Blair Witch Project with my friends; ended up being too scared to drink.
  • Made my roommate buy me a ham and cheese croissant at 2 am Sunday.
  • Watched the best food documentary I’ve ever seen – Season 2, Episode 1 of Chef’s Table. Check it out.
  • Witnessed a prospie down shots of tequila like water at a DOC party, was told “It’s okay, I partied in high school” when I expressed concern.
  • Went to Butler to write an outline for my lit hum paper. Ended up cranking out four pages.
  • Watched Citizenfour for my global core class and got so paranoid that I put a bandaid over the camera on my laptop.
  • Went to Times Square to meet up with a former hookup, made out on the red steps at midnight.

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the one day a year Columbia tries to be happy

Any visitor to Columbia during Bacchanal will see campus completely transformed. Check out the fun, fresh, (and sometimes questionable) activities that your fellow Columbians engaged in!

New Places:
– Went to Carnegie Hall mildly drunk
– Declined an invitation to KDR
– Walked into sig nu and immediately left and went back to bed for a few hours
– Went to a frat (Beta and KDR) for the first time ever

New People:
– Went to a frat (sig nu?), made out with a guy that was my architect arch nemesis last semester. Tbh kinda hot
– Got many compliments on my shirt with a picture of carravigio’s bacchus with marijuana leaves in his hair
– Officially became the mom of my friend group/fraternity
– Made friends with a lovely security guard named Valentine. In general the backstage staff did phenomenal work for such a difficult job and I have so much love for them!
– Met my celebrity crush, Almand

New Experiences:
– Tried to do some reading on the lawns but ended up taking a nap instead
– Waked and baked
– Started drinking at 7:30am
– Was decently drunk by 9am
– Was fully asleep in my bed by 2:30pm.
– Slept until 7:30pm. Missed the whole concert
– My friend was carrying my bottle of tequila in a canvas bag and it ripped open and smashed on the ground in front of ec during holi. Me and my friends left as fast as possible.
– Blacked out. When my friend came to check on me I was peeing in my trash can
– Tried a new drug
– Danced onstage with AlunaGeorge

Bacchanal via Bwog



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How much absinthe did YOU drink this weekend? Too much? Not enough?

This weekend was, quite frankly, just plain weird. I’m honestly struggling to find any cohesive theme from all these field notes except that they’re all just. plain. weird. Anyways, check ’em out. Y’all were up to some wacky shit. 

Weird shit:

  • Took a picture of a middle-aged Asian man in front of an out of order men’s bathroom in Fort Washington Park. I have no idea why he asked me to do this, but it seemed very important to him.
  • Went to the Cooper Hewitt and honestly it was very boring and not worth the trip back in which I had to chase down an M4 bus in the freezing rain.
  • Thought I was gonna die on Friday but it was just a bad cold. Was taken care of and kissed. Gonna get sick more, if possible.
  • Met friend’s friend’s 40 year old boyfriend in Bronxville. Dude smoked a cig in his living room while watching Transformers. Goals.
  • Have had the hiccups for the past two days.
  • Threw up in a bus toilet wearing a silk formal dress and 6 inch heels. Was not even hungover/drunk just get bad bus sickness.
  • Smoked a bong with my older brother and listened to him reminisce on his undergrad days. Sibling bonding.
  • Went to the opera. Got coughed/farted on by a lot of old people.
  • Ate some dope xiaolongbao (soup dumplings) in Flushing. 10/10 worth the hour long subway ride.
  • Blacked out at the Sigma Nu semiformal and got carried back to Carman barefoot. Almost got CAVAd for the first time (but didn’t).
  • Got exceedingly wine drunk with my brother at a Michelin Star restaurant downtown (while my mother picked up the tab).

Pretty regular shit:

  • Made a Tinder.
  • Spilled Beta juice on my silk pj shirt which was NOT cool.
  • Tried absinthe. Had too much absinthe.
  • Was initiated into a srat.
  • Went to my first frat party! Now know to be way more drunk next time.
  • Threw a surprise birthday party for a friend.
  • Got a summer internship that is actually paid!
  • Subsisted solely on free pizza for the entirety of Friday.
  • Cried over the Walking Dead finale instead of doing my homework.
  • Bought my first ever bottle of alcohol.
  • Got a bottle of rum from someone as an apology for knocking on my door at 6 in the morning on Saturday.
  • Walked across the Brooklyn Bridge with my mom!
  • Finally got a backpack. It’s April.
  • Quit my sorority.

Photo via Stranger and Stranger



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Really going wild this spring break.

And we back, bitches! Bwog hopes you had a warm, wet, and wild spring break! Here’s just a little taste of what we were up to…


  • Went to Florida with friends like a cliché college student and got a sunburn the first day like a typical white.
  • Lounged in Vondelpark chain-smoking joints under the afternoon sun.
  • Got hella burned in Miami, which turned into a very nice tan until my entire chest and shoulder area peeled.
  • Was thousands of miles away from the NYC blizzard.


  • Gave numerous bodily fluids (pee, blood, puke) to the Atlantic Ocean.
  • Lied about liking beer.
  • ​Didn’t drink a drop of alcohol this Spring Break. Oops?
  • Didn’t get rained on by a drop of water (or snow) this Spring Break. Not oops.
  • Finally went skinny dipping.
  • Successfully *didn’t* fall into an Amsterdam canal.


  • Played Paranoia (drinking game) and found out all my friends think I’m most likely to get knocked up first. (Good reminder to take my birth control! yikes!)
  • Spent one night in a NYC hotel, got Chinese food delivered straight to the door, ate it naked in bed while watching Rushmore. Truly the height of luxury.
  • Did psychedelics for the first time. Highly recommend.
  • Was not sober for a single 24-hour period between Thursday March 9th and today (Monday March 20th).
  • Showed up to the airport drunk to fly to Miami.
  • Had a very fun St. Patrick’s Day when I woke up with a wicked hangover. But, my friend dragged me to Mel’s where between me and two Fiji boys we finished two whole pitchers of beer.
  • Saw the parade and drank more at an Irish pub in Midtown where I danced with a very energetic (and cute!) Irishman (like, FROM from ireland, visiting New York).
  • Saw our lord and savior, Tim Tebow, God’s favorite son, in person.
  • Held someone’s snake.
  • Got locked out of my Airbnb within two hours of arriving.

Photo via me, bitch.



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Meet Hamilton (left) and Rufus (right)!!! They have over 90 thousand followers on Instagram.

This weekend was one for the books, friends. Whether you wound up covered in glitter, sweat your ass off at Sig Chi, or just stayed in to avoid the cold, it seems Bwog has covered all the bases. Check out this weekend’s field notes.

Beauty is pain:

  • Bruised the bottom of my feet from jumping down full flights of stairs in EC.
  • Bled for the Band.
  • Played black ops laser tag and killed more people than anyone else on my team. Lost my voice from screaming and haven’t gotten it back.
  • Was running late for my 8:40, accidentally ran into the doorframe in the bathroom, popped my nose out of joint and it started bleeding everywhere. Bathroom looks like a crime scene, but I was only five minutes late! (Read: how the fuck does one “pop” their nose out of its “joint”)
  • Woke up Saturday morning with blood all over my sheets. Looked in the mirror only to see the biggest, grossest, bloodiest, nastiest bruise/scrape/cut completely covering my left ass cheek. I blacked out and have NO idea what happened.
  • Almost puked in the street on the corner of 19th and Fifth Ave because I was so hungover.
  • Went to Times Square before noon. Twice.

Did anything not painful happen?



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Remember in third grade when neon rubber earrings from Claire’s were, like, the coolest thing, like, ever?

I don’t even think it bears repeating, but let’s just say that this weekend was weird. Like, weird. Random, drunk, and weird. Check out this weekend’s field notes. 

Spur of the moment: 

  • Went to Claire’s to get an impromptu ear piercing and realized I didn’t have my real state ID to prove I was over 18… so I used my fake.
  • Danced to an impromptu samba set-up in the 14th street subway station.
  • Took the bus from Columbia to Washington Heights and made friends with a Yeshiva University student on the bus.
  • Pulled a wild all nighter on thursday night during which I brought a coffee machine to Butler and Ubered to the Apple store on 5th ave.
  • Happened across the cutest pizza place on the upper west side with my bestest friend (during happy hour!) and enjoyed the greatest early dinner and drinks.
  • Entered Beta for the first time since freshman year. It was still classic Beta, which is both impressive and disconcerting.
  • Sprinted through Riverside Park at 2 am while loudly (and drunkenly) singing along to Neil Cicierega music.
  • Left my number for the waiter on Mel’s on my dinner receipt. He texted me inviting me to come back later that night for a free drink. I never went.
  • Hooked up with a cute boy I met at Beta who turned out to be a grad student. He also gave me his number and a very nice goodbye hug (even though I said bye very awkwardly).

Alcohol is weird:

  • Created a mixed drink with Belvedere and Bai5 in my swell water bottle and reached peak whiteness.
  • Found a half empty handle of Fireball in the Carman service elevator. Proceeded to take shots straight from the bottle and pass it around with other people in the elevator. First thought this morning was not “Where did that come from and why did I drink it” but “Wow lit, can’t wait to finish it.”
  • Coined the term “Beta juice.”
  • Drank a whole bottle of cheap white wine and spent an hour in John JJ’s eating pasta and mozzarella sticks.
  • Spent enough on alcohol at Amigos to get free tequila shots at the end of the “meal.” Also wasn’t that worth it.
  • Borrowed my suitemate’s water bottle with the express purpose of day drinking.
  • Got drunk off of one cocktail at 6 pm.


Photo of adult hell via Premier Outlet



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Low Beach or South Beach?

Spring has sprung, Columbia! We hope you were able to spend some much-needed time outside this weekend enjoying the beautiful weather. But, if you weren’t, you were probably getting drunk and finding yourself in weird situations. Maybe all of the above. Here are this weekend’s field notes

Spring Break?:

  • Went to a beach back home and got caught trespassing. The cop gave me a $75 parking ticket.
  • Got day drunk on Saturday and blacked out between 6 and 7 pm, apparently took a shower with my friend, then made my way (alone) from NYU to 72nd street and Broadway, somehow transferring from the NQR to the 123 but I have no recollection.
  • Went gallery hopping on Thursday. Got pretty drunk on the free wine. Ran into girl who’s friends with my old roommate, had awkward conversation in which I think she implied my roommate really disliked me but can’t be sure because was drunk.
  • Went to Long Island for the tail end of President’s weekend where I got wine drunk and passed out with Montaigne and my anxiety meds in the sun room.
  • Visited DUMBO, Brooklyn with my best friends!
  • Saw a pug in DUMBO and screamed “DUMBO PUGGO!”
  • Went to Massachusetts, where there’s still so much snow on the ground! Neat.

There is literally no unifying theme here (except maybe alcohol):

  • Bought my friend drinks and she accidentally venmo’d me $300 instead of $30 to pay me back.
  • Played four square. But not middle school four square – adult four square. The kind of four square that can leave the floor of an EC suite absolutely soaked in alcohol.
  • Got a Tinder after a long period of wishing I met more people but not doing anything about it. Already hate it and have received a number of vulgar comments.
  • Got really high and watched Psycho. 11/10 would recommend.
  • A mouse died in my room, took us almost 24 hours to figure out the source of the smell (RIP).
  • Took a shit in a West Elm bathroom.
  • Ate at another college’s dining hall, and they were just serving mac and cheese. Nothing else.
  • Forced 90+ fraternity guys to sit and listen to talks about queering Greek life and trans inclusivity.
  • Went to a glow stick and then toga party in EC wearing a lax pinnie which got me into yet another confrontation in Mel’s.
  • Got an email from my French professor asking why I half-ass my online homework.



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Were you drunk in love this weekend? Or just drunk?

As Columbia gears up for Valentine’s Day tomorrow, it appears most of us spent the weekend either getting in the mood for love (or making ourselves forget). Which one were you? Or maybe you don’t even remember… Nevertheless, here are this weekend’s notes from the field. 

Party Hardy:

  • Ended up shepherding a friend home from 1020 after they threw up on themself. Friend proceeded to force me to make multiple pinkie swears not to call their mother or CAVA them.
  • Snuck a can of beer into 1020; had it confiscated by the staff halfway through finishing it.
  • Woke up naked in my bed Saturday morning with my punch-stained white top in the trash next to me, my debit card nowhere to be found, and no recollection of the night before past midnight.
  • Finished half a bottle of Strawberry Lemonade Svedka at my friend’s apartment and was forced to go to 1020 where I ran into a very tipsy friend who mistook me for a former hook up.
  • Drank a Bulldog, a Fish Bowl, and ate many chips before Amity Hall event only to ditch my friends upon entering and meeting a hook up at Mel’s.
  • Went to bed at 4:30 am and was still drunk when I woke up at 11:30 am.
  • Woke up at 7:00 am on Saturday still drunk with what I distinctly remember as the Russian National Anthem stuck in my head, went back to sleep, then woke up again at noon completely unable to remember how the song goes.
  • Finessed, finessed, and finessed again.

Love is in the air:

  • Had loud sex around 8:00 pm Friday, realized my walls are thin enough for me to hear my suitemates having phone convos.
  • Hooked up with someone from sig ep on Friday night whose name or race I could not remember, was concerned because he took my number but figured out who it was the next morning through a friend.
  • Debated with my friend over whether she should end a message to her crush with “lol” or “haha” for at least 45 minutes.
  • Couldn’t get off the waitlist on any Equinox classes because everyone is on that V-day flow.
  • Partook in my first John Jay booty call.
  • Had a cute British girl flirt with me at 1020; subsequently questioned my existence.
  • Went on two dates on Sunday. Both were terrible. Love is dead.


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I Googled "sick party" trying to find a stock image of someone coughing at a party (or something of the like). This is what I found.

I Googled “sick party” trying to find a stock image of someone coughing at a party (or something of the like). This is what I found.

Hoorah! We’ve officially reached that point in the winter where everyone is sick. But, that didn’t stop everybody from going out this weekend. Read on to learn what all your favorite crazy Bwoggers were up to the past 96 hours…

The Plague Hath Come

  • Developed a cold/cough because immune system weak after not eating due to gastritis last weekend. Had to skip Symbolic Logic discussion section and class for second week in a row; we have a quiz on Tuesday.
  • Felt sick so tried to go to bed early on Saturday night, woke up in the middle of the night for two hours for no reason.
  • Pushed myself to new limits with this flu.
  • Camped out in the LITERAL FREEZING COLD for SNL tickets & the only reason I didn’t die was because I made friends with everyone around me and asked if we could cuddle for body warmth… but now I am sick.
  • Semi-recovered from the flu, proceeded to announce my return at DSig by making out with God knows how many different boys.

Making The Party Rounds

  • Committed Lit Hum-cest after a wild night at Beta.
  • Didn’t black out or fall down the stairs at Around the World.
  • Had my first four loko and got so drunk that I only had two of the delicious drinks at DSig Around the World.
  • Saw the boy I kind of bullied at Dollarama last week at an EC party; was too embarrassed to speak.
  • Apparently crawled out of the carman elevator on all fours after DSig wearing an inside out marching band shirt.
  • Crashed a Beta party and almost hooked up with a Beta bro.
  • Made a new personal record for most times signed into and out of Columbia dorms in one night.


Photo of sick party bro!!! via My Space. Yes, My Space. 

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