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Really going wild this spring break.

And we back, bitches! Bwog hopes you had a warm, wet, and wild spring break! Here’s just a little taste of what we were up to…


  • Went to Florida with friends like a cliché college student and got a sunburn the first day like a typical white.
  • Lounged in Vondelpark chain-smoking joints under the afternoon sun.
  • Got hella burned in Miami, which turned into a very nice tan until my entire chest and shoulder area peeled.
  • Was thousands of miles away from the NYC blizzard.


  • Gave numerous bodily fluids (pee, blood, puke) to the Atlantic Ocean.
  • Lied about liking beer.
  • ​Didn’t drink a drop of alcohol this Spring Break. Oops?
  • Didn’t get rained on by a drop of water (or snow) this Spring Break. Not oops.
  • Finally went skinny dipping.
  • Successfully *didn’t* fall into an Amsterdam canal.


  • Played Paranoia (drinking game) and found out all my friends think I’m most likely to get knocked up first. (Good reminder to take my birth control! yikes!)
  • Spent one night in a NYC hotel, got Chinese food delivered straight to the door, ate it naked in bed while watching Rushmore. Truly the height of luxury.
  • Did psychedelics for the first time. Highly recommend.
  • Was not sober for a single 24-hour period between Thursday March 9th and today (Monday March 20th).
  • Showed up to the airport drunk to fly to Miami.
  • Had a very fun St. Patrick’s Day when I woke up with a wicked hangover. But, my friend dragged me to Mel’s where between me and two Fiji boys we finished two whole pitchers of beer.
  • Saw the parade and drank more at an Irish pub in Midtown where I danced with a very energetic (and cute!) Irishman (like, FROM from ireland, visiting New York).
  • Saw our lord and savior, Tim Tebow, God’s favorite son, in person.
  • Held someone’s snake.
  • Got locked out of my Airbnb within two hours of arriving.

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Meet Hamilton (left) and Rufus (right)!!! They have over 90 thousand followers on Instagram.

This weekend was one for the books, friends. Whether you wound up covered in glitter, sweat your ass off at Sig Chi, or just stayed in to avoid the cold, it seems Bwog has covered all the bases. Check out this weekend’s field notes.

Beauty is pain:

  • Bruised the bottom of my feet from jumping down full flights of stairs in EC.
  • Bled for the Band.
  • Played black ops laser tag and killed more people than anyone else on my team. Lost my voice from screaming and haven’t gotten it back.
  • Was running late for my 8:40, accidentally ran into the doorframe in the bathroom, popped my nose out of joint and it started bleeding everywhere. Bathroom looks like a crime scene, but I was only five minutes late! (Read: how the fuck does one “pop” their nose out of its “joint”)
  • Woke up Saturday morning with blood all over my sheets. Looked in the mirror only to see the biggest, grossest, bloodiest, nastiest bruise/scrape/cut completely covering my left ass cheek. I blacked out and have NO idea what happened.
  • Almost puked in the street on the corner of 19th and Fifth Ave because I was so hungover.
  • Went to Times Square before noon. Twice.

Did anything not painful happen?



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Remember in third grade when neon rubber earrings from Claire’s were, like, the coolest thing, like, ever?

I don’t even think it bears repeating, but let’s just say that this weekend was weird. Like, weird. Random, drunk, and weird. Check out this weekend’s field notes. 

Spur of the moment: 

  • Went to Claire’s to get an impromptu ear piercing and realized I didn’t have my real state ID to prove I was over 18… so I used my fake.
  • Danced to an impromptu samba set-up in the 14th street subway station.
  • Took the bus from Columbia to Washington Heights and made friends with a Yeshiva University student on the bus.
  • Pulled a wild all nighter on thursday night during which I brought a coffee machine to Butler and Ubered to the Apple store on 5th ave.
  • Happened across the cutest pizza place on the upper west side with my bestest friend (during happy hour!) and enjoyed the greatest early dinner and drinks.
  • Entered Beta for the first time since freshman year. It was still classic Beta, which is both impressive and disconcerting.
  • Sprinted through Riverside Park at 2 am while loudly (and drunkenly) singing along to Neil Cicierega music.
  • Left my number for the waiter on Mel’s on my dinner receipt. He texted me inviting me to come back later that night for a free drink. I never went.
  • Hooked up with a cute boy I met at Beta who turned out to be a grad student. He also gave me his number and a very nice goodbye hug (even though I said bye very awkwardly).

Alcohol is weird:

  • Created a mixed drink with Belvedere and Bai5 in my swell water bottle and reached peak whiteness.
  • Found a half empty handle of Fireball in the Carman service elevator. Proceeded to take shots straight from the bottle and pass it around with other people in the elevator. First thought this morning was not “Where did that come from and why did I drink it” but “Wow lit, can’t wait to finish it.”
  • Coined the term “Beta juice.”
  • Drank a whole bottle of cheap white wine and spent an hour in John JJ’s eating pasta and mozzarella sticks.
  • Spent enough on alcohol at Amigos to get free tequila shots at the end of the “meal.” Also wasn’t that worth it.
  • Borrowed my suitemate’s water bottle with the express purpose of day drinking.
  • Got drunk off of one cocktail at 6 pm.


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Low Beach or South Beach?

Spring has sprung, Columbia! We hope you were able to spend some much-needed time outside this weekend enjoying the beautiful weather. But, if you weren’t, you were probably getting drunk and finding yourself in weird situations. Maybe all of the above. Here are this weekend’s field notes

Spring Break?:

  • Went to a beach back home and got caught trespassing. The cop gave me a $75 parking ticket.
  • Got day drunk on Saturday and blacked out between 6 and 7 pm, apparently took a shower with my friend, then made my way (alone) from NYU to 72nd street and Broadway, somehow transferring from the NQR to the 123 but I have no recollection.
  • Went gallery hopping on Thursday. Got pretty drunk on the free wine. Ran into girl who’s friends with my old roommate, had awkward conversation in which I think she implied my roommate really disliked me but can’t be sure because was drunk.
  • Went to Long Island for the tail end of President’s weekend where I got wine drunk and passed out with Montaigne and my anxiety meds in the sun room.
  • Visited DUMBO, Brooklyn with my best friends!
  • Saw a pug in DUMBO and screamed “DUMBO PUGGO!”
  • Went to Massachusetts, where there’s still so much snow on the ground! Neat.

There is literally no unifying theme here (except maybe alcohol):

  • Bought my friend drinks and she accidentally venmo’d me $300 instead of $30 to pay me back.
  • Played four square. But not middle school four square – adult four square. The kind of four square that can leave the floor of an EC suite absolutely soaked in alcohol.
  • Got a Tinder after a long period of wishing I met more people but not doing anything about it. Already hate it and have received a number of vulgar comments.
  • Got really high and watched Psycho. 11/10 would recommend.
  • A mouse died in my room, took us almost 24 hours to figure out the source of the smell (RIP).
  • Took a shit in a West Elm bathroom.
  • Ate at another college’s dining hall, and they were just serving mac and cheese. Nothing else.
  • Forced 90+ fraternity guys to sit and listen to talks about queering Greek life and trans inclusivity.
  • Went to a glow stick and then toga party in EC wearing a lax pinnie which got me into yet another confrontation in Mel’s.
  • Got an email from my French professor asking why I half-ass my online homework.



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Were you drunk in love this weekend? Or just drunk?

As Columbia gears up for Valentine’s Day tomorrow, it appears most of us spent the weekend either getting in the mood for love (or making ourselves forget). Which one were you? Or maybe you don’t even remember… Nevertheless, here are this weekend’s notes from the field. 

Party Hardy:

  • Ended up shepherding a friend home from 1020 after they threw up on themself. Friend proceeded to force me to make multiple pinkie swears not to call their mother or CAVA them.
  • Snuck a can of beer into 1020; had it confiscated by the staff halfway through finishing it.
  • Woke up naked in my bed Saturday morning with my punch-stained white top in the trash next to me, my debit card nowhere to be found, and no recollection of the night before past midnight.
  • Finished half a bottle of Strawberry Lemonade Svedka at my friend’s apartment and was forced to go to 1020 where I ran into a very tipsy friend who mistook me for a former hook up.
  • Drank a Bulldog, a Fish Bowl, and ate many chips before Amity Hall event only to ditch my friends upon entering and meeting a hook up at Mel’s.
  • Went to bed at 4:30 am and was still drunk when I woke up at 11:30 am.
  • Woke up at 7:00 am on Saturday still drunk with what I distinctly remember as the Russian National Anthem stuck in my head, went back to sleep, then woke up again at noon completely unable to remember how the song goes.
  • Finessed, finessed, and finessed again.

Love is in the air:

  • Had loud sex around 8:00 pm Friday, realized my walls are thin enough for me to hear my suitemates having phone convos.
  • Hooked up with someone from sig ep on Friday night whose name or race I could not remember, was concerned because he took my number but figured out who it was the next morning through a friend.
  • Debated with my friend over whether she should end a message to her crush with “lol” or “haha” for at least 45 minutes.
  • Couldn’t get off the waitlist on any Equinox classes because everyone is on that V-day flow.
  • Partook in my first John Jay booty call.
  • Had a cute British girl flirt with me at 1020; subsequently questioned my existence.
  • Went on two dates on Sunday. Both were terrible. Love is dead.


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I Googled "sick party" trying to find a stock image of someone coughing at a party (or something of the like). This is what I found.

I Googled “sick party” trying to find a stock image of someone coughing at a party (or something of the like). This is what I found.

Hoorah! We’ve officially reached that point in the winter where everyone is sick. But, that didn’t stop everybody from going out this weekend. Read on to learn what all your favorite crazy Bwoggers were up to the past 96 hours…

The Plague Hath Come

  • Developed a cold/cough because immune system weak after not eating due to gastritis last weekend. Had to skip Symbolic Logic discussion section and class for second week in a row; we have a quiz on Tuesday.
  • Felt sick so tried to go to bed early on Saturday night, woke up in the middle of the night for two hours for no reason.
  • Pushed myself to new limits with this flu.
  • Camped out in the LITERAL FREEZING COLD for SNL tickets & the only reason I didn’t die was because I made friends with everyone around me and asked if we could cuddle for body warmth… but now I am sick.
  • Semi-recovered from the flu, proceeded to announce my return at DSig by making out with God knows how many different boys.

Making The Party Rounds

  • Committed Lit Hum-cest after a wild night at Beta.
  • Didn’t black out or fall down the stairs at Around the World.
  • Had my first four loko and got so drunk that I only had two of the delicious drinks at DSig Around the World.
  • Saw the boy I kind of bullied at Dollarama last week at an EC party; was too embarrassed to speak.
  • Apparently crawled out of the carman elevator on all fours after DSig wearing an inside out marching band shirt.
  • Crashed a Beta party and almost hooked up with a Beta bro.
  • Made a new personal record for most times signed into and out of Columbia dorms in one night.


Photo of sick party bro!!! via My Space. Yes, My Space. 



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What did you put in YOUR mouth this weekend?

What did you put in YOUR mouth this weekend?

Well friends, it’s that time of the week again. Another Monday spent wishing you didn’t spend all day yesterday in bed sleeping off a wicked hangover instead of working in Butler. Oh, wait—that’s just me? Well, I’ll be damned. In that case, here’s what everyone else did this weekend.

What did you put in your mouth this weekend?

  • Shoved a soup dumpling in my mouth and burned my entire tongue.
  • Had home-cooked food for the first time since the semester began.
  • Baked blueberry muffins but didn’t get to eat any of them because gastritis/not home.
  • Went to Chinatown and took wine shots which still, sadly, fucked me up.
  • Convinced some friends to go all the way to Flushing to get hot pot with me as a birthday lunch. (The combined subway time was longer than the combined eating time.)
  • Ate a gyro in Hungarian on Saturday night with surprisingly little judgement.
  • Had amazing escargot.

So much more after the jump!



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Same, sign. Same.

Same, sign. Same.

Well, Columbia, we’ve made it through the first weekend with all of us back in town. Did you spend your weekend raging at Beta? Marching through the streets? We’ve got all that and everything in between in today’s field notes. It’s good to be back in New York.

March First:

  • Met Vermin Supreme in a crowd of nasty women.
  • Ran into friends I hadn’t seen in years at the march.
  • Marched like I was born to march.
  • Witnessed physical fight between bikers for Trump and women’s marchers in Washington D.C. on Saturday.
  • Showed all of midtown my titties.
  • Saw a two year old boy holding up a sign that said “don’t be mean.” Cried.

But wait! There’s more!



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this mighty elixir will get us through the best of times and the worst of times

this mighty elixir will get us through the best of times and the worst of times

The bitter 2016 election and transition season ended on Friday with the inauguration of Donald J. Trump, marking the start of a new presidential administration. While it may soon be time to start looking ahead to the next four years, and to find ways in which to heal America’s divisions, Columbia students used last night to express their sentiments towards the inauguration in various ways.

Some looked for inspiration from the arts, nature, food, etc:

  • Got through inauguration day by listening through Lady Gaga’s Born This Way album
  • Smoked a bowl with matches; felt in touch with the earth
  • Started watching Westworld
  • Saw Hidden Figures (for the second time) in the hopes of feeling inspired rather than depressed; it worked, but only for the duration of the movie
  • Went out to the nicest dinner ever experienced since moving to the city
  • Laughed way too hard at that video of Melania giving Michelle a gift at the White House
  • Ate way too much candy

Some looked to forget:

  • Ignored literally everything about the inauguration and pretended Donald Trump didn’t exist
  • Got drunk in the middle of Pennsylvania with around 30 other Asians
  • Started drinking at 5:30pm
  • Watched a friend who literally never drinks down a shot of vodka… later, he said that he “didn’t feel real”
  • Went to Pisticci at 10pm and drank a lot of red wine
  • Turned off my phone for the entire day to distract myself from anything political; it worked!

Some looked to remember the past:

  • Celebrated Obama’s last night in office by going to a gay bar
  • Rewatched SNL skits from the election; 2016’s election season was a goldmine for SNL
  • Drunkenly cried to videos of Michelle Obama before going to bed

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Sliding into spring semester

If you slide into the spring semester this happy then you’re doing something right.

With the new semester upon us, Bwog takes a look back at winter break. No one seems to be happy on this rainy first day of classes, so we’ve decided to cheer you up! Winter Break was long overdue, but with break came its own challenges: Bwog gives you the rundown on what happened on our vacations. 

The Good:

  • Went to the naked Korean spa with my mom.
  • Ate an entire Costco-sized bag of dried mango.
  • Applied to roughly 100 internships.
  • Bought my sister 5 bottles of alcohol when I dropped her off at school in Canada (I don’t even need a fake to buy alc there!)
  • Drove for first time since June, didn’t crash.
  • Actually bought gifts for everyone I wanted to this year!
  • Carried a tote bag of seashells through two rounds of customs, border control, and security; worried they would think sharp part of shells could be considered a weapon but they didn’t!
  • Got interrogated by my dad when he found my fake. He asked me, “So, you’re 21 now?” I responded, “No dad, I’m 22.” He laughed. I kept my ID.
  • Worked all of break which sucked, but I made bank!
  • Jumped into the ocean on Christmas Day to participate in New England masochism.
  • Took my parents to Symposium. They bought me sangria and my dad made friends with the staff.
  • Learned a lot about volleyball in a very short amount of time.
  • Went snowmobiling.
  • A friend of mine from high school now owns a bus.

Cringe-worthy stories after the jump.



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Student sleeping on a pile of books

literally all of Bwog right now

It’s our final Field Notes of the season, and boy are we tired. Seriously. As we all get ready for the home stretch, we’re either getting way too much or way too little when it comes to catching Z’s. Here’s what happened on our wild weekends – as always, submit your own for the next edition to [email protected]

Sleep and Relaxation:

  • Slept for more than 9 hours.
  • Went to get a massage, but the music was too tonally directed for me to fully relax.
  • Went to the sauna in Dodge for the first time, 10/10 would recommend to a friend.
  • Fought my friend to have me let her sleep on her floor and her in her bed. We were both lying on the floor drunk and arguing for a solid 15 until decided would make sense for us both to sleep in bed.
  • Did no work because lack of sleep, and hangover. Made banana bread instead (success).
  • Spent all of Friday leading up to my 5pm final with my boyfriend under the guise that it would keep me relaxed and in a good headspace before the exam. It paid off.
  • Brought a soft blanket to study in the library and just petted it instead of studying.

Up next: food and food…stuffs.



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Yea, we see you. Keep your dignity, people and just rest.

Yea, we see you. Keep your dignity and just rest.

With the last day of classes finally here, it is a time for reflection on the good, the bad and the bizarre here at Columbia. Bwog shares some of those recent moments as we all gear up for a finals season no one is prepared for and Reading Days no one actually uses. 

Respect the process:

  • Friend brought a very cute boy to ferris earlier this week, met him at 1020 on Friday night after the marching band party baked out of his mind, took him to Koronets and let him crash on my bed for like an hour but then he literally went back to NYU at 4 in the morning on the subway wasted as hell despite my concerns.
  • Same very cute boy was supposed to crash on my roommate’s bed last night but i got too hammered at beta so i passed out and didn’t hear him call and knock, so i felt bad and let him come nap and we ended up cuddling and napping for like 4 hours, we were both unshowered and very gross.
  • Really hot dude invited me to his unfurnished 6 bedroom apartment.
  • Went to karaoke and had a sober great time tbh.
  • Unintentionally became eskimo siblings with my gay friend.
  • Did first walk of shame from schapiro at 8:30 am sunday morning, stopped for disheveled starbucks on the way.
  • Kissed a boy I have had a crush on since NSOP at beta.
  • Had an existential panic attack about the meaning of life when I needed to be writing an english paper.
  • Got new oils for my diffuser am I 40 yet?
  • Chickened out of playing pool at 1020 because the guys were really good.
  • Had my first all nighter, not because I had work but because I was too anxious to sleep and Butler makes me feel calm.

Happy accidents:

  • Cava’d someone for the first time last night, but it wasn’t because of alcohol, he was actually sick
  • Peed in men’s room at 1020. Can’t believe they don’t have doors on the stalls! Good thing no one caught me.
  • Accidentally fell asleep fully clothed in a sleeping bag on top of my bed at 10 pm after one ill-timed ativan, was woken up at 1 am by friends stealing my spare mattress and sheets. I should really lock my door at night.
  • Wrote 10 pages on Thursday, then felt like I was on a runner’s high the entire night. But I also got high that night so idk.
  • Met PussyWeed and got free apparel because they’re even cooler than ya thought.
  • Had a nose hangover this weekend.
  • Was in a rush to get to ktown so i didn’t miss my karaoke reservation and some drunk guy tried to get in our way by shuffling back and forth on the sidewalk and so my friend yelled “no” at him until he backed off then when we heard him mocking us from behind we both flipped him off over our shoulder. long story but felt powerful.
  • Made 3 separate plans for coffee with 3 separate friends that i haven’t seen in a while; apologetically flaked on all of them for various last minute conflicts.
  • Discovered that my roommate and my mother have been covertly Facebook messaging each other about what to get me for Christmas!
  • Pretended I didn’t know the name of a Kid Cudi song to get a better look at a guy my friend thought was cute (really Beta Bros, u don’t think I know what Pursuit of Happiness is?)
  • Died.

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This is Sharon. Sharon ls screaming inside.

This is Sharon. Sharon ls screaming inside.

Isn’t early December just the greatest? Thanksgiving sweeps you off your feet, feeds you, pampers you, and unceremoniously drops you back into reality. You’re left disoriented in the calm before the storm – the ultimate finals storm. It’s not like you’re actually doing your finals, but you will be very soon, and it’s almost as if sitting with that knowledge is worse than actually experiencing it. Overwhelmed? That’s okay. Today’s field notes will show you that we’re all on the same boat.

Giving Up In Academia:

  • A bottle of Jameson was passed around the seminar.
  • Went to philosophy club. Got three glasses of free wine because no one wanted to drink it. Someone had dropped their pen in the bottle, but I know the material world isn’t real!
  • Made $50 from psych studies and spent $40 of it as of Monday morning.
  • Spent the week high on Vicodin from a wisdom tooth surgery, didn’t attend one single lecture, and somehow ended up the only one in my class who was granted an extension for the essay that was due.
  • Had my third midterm for a class. The fourth one is next week, just two days before the final. Why.
  • Got discounts for seven people to attend a conference and only two (including me) showed up.

So much more after the jump:



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Show your appreciation, people.

Show your appreciation, people.

Yes, the time for thankfulness is over (but never truly over). We are officially back to ride out the rest of the semester on auto-pilot as most of us just want it to be over by this point. By while away, many fought off family political discussions and awkward encounters in favor of celebrating the good times before those millions of papers are due. So check out what Bwog did to counteract the end-of-the-semester-blues. 

Awkward Encounters:

  • Fell asleep in my grammy’s bed at 4:30pm after drinking many a glass of wine at Thanksgiving dinner.
  • Was told by my dad that I have to get an A in organic chemistry next semester, “or else.”
  • Had an ethnic mauritian thanksgiving which means the turkey was actually chicken but also had hella lobster tails so i am NOT complaining.
  • Realized 15 year olds wear a lot more makeup than I recalled and in an effort to be down with the time went to buy extra makeup at sephora and got matched with foundation 7 tones lighter than my actual skin.
  • Got the 999th text from this guy who once sold me coke. His euphemism this time: “I suggest u get your turkey or stuffing early for thanksgiving bc its gonna be hectic for me.”
  • After mom went home, pregamed with friend on 1 bottle of “risqué rosé;” friend fell asleep in my bed at 9 pm and didn’t wake up until 11 am. No party.
  • Went to the dentist he hates me it’s fine.
  • Got na$ty with some chicken fingers at a Knicks game interpret that how you want.
  • Sat behind Lea DeLaria on my flight back to school. She really likes Heineken.
  • Hosted Friendsgiving for 20-25 people in a cramped Nussbaum double.
  • Went to long island to stay with my friend and watched almost the entire death note series with her brother and cousin.
  • Accidentally flirted with a 16-year-old.
  • Didn’t drink a drop over the weekend for the first time since probably May.

Dealing with the fam after the jump:



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 This may be awful, but it's kind of funny too.

This may be awful, but it’s kind of funny too.

With Thanksgiving but a mere few days away and many going off to celebrate with family and friends away from the Morningside campus bubble, Bwog reflected on what we were thankful for this past weekend. Besides our very own Bwogsgiving, where we gathered to offer thanks to the sangria gods, many enjoyed a weekend full of merry times and thankful peers.

Sharing thanks:

  • Spent my saturday (defined as the time between 6 PM saturday and 10 AM sunday) smoking weed alone and watching the office while playing video games. It was great.
  • Had alcohol for the first time in a month (at symposium) and ended up just hugging people all night (honestly what else is new).
  • Went to a farm with chickens, saw a turkey, and decided it was the King Chicken.
  • Stopped by ADPhi, barely made it through the door before realizing I needed to be drunker. Went to Amigo’s, got their sippy cup sized “Frozen”, liquidy and saccharine, Margaritas.
  • Woke up covered in glitter.
  • Attended a lit hum party and played ‘slap the bag’ for the first time.
  • Conducted cost/benefit analysis of cheap 5L boxed wine versus horrible next-day hangover.
  • Ate half a slice of Koronets every night of the weekend so that piled up real fast.
  • Cleaned up puke in the parking lot of a Stew Leonard’s.
  • Friend texted me to get breakfast, I waited until 2:30 when she finally showed up, John Jay was closed.
  • Went gallery hopping in Chelsea and got drunk on free wine.
  • Lost my purse, gained drinks from a 6’5 tennis grad & 40 year old cuban man.
  • Trudged through the freezing wind/rain on saturday night all the way from carman to carlton arms, umbrella in hand, very very drunk.

And odes to leaving Morningside…

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