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They can fly if you believe enough.

Homecoming: the one weekend where everyone cares about the football team. Sports Editor Abby Rubel, who’s been paying attention all season, tells you occasional fans what you need to know. Included: other sports!

Football: It’s Homecoming! The Lions (3-2, 0-2 Ivy) will take on Dartmouth’s Big Green (5-0, 2-0 Ivy) (yes, that’s the name of their team) on Saturday at 1:35 pm at Kraft Field in Wien Stadium in Baker Athletics Complex. Fan buses will depart from 116th and Broadway starting at 10:20 am, giving you plenty of time to enjoy the full schedule of events. Note the free food from noon to 1:30 pm. (If you’re over 21, there’s free beer, too!) Columbia and Dartmouth have been playing each other since 1899, but Dartmouth has won 68 of those games to Columbia’s 19 wins. A 9-7 win over Dartmouth in 2016 snapped the Light Blue’s 15-year long Homecoming losing streak. Columbia is still missing some key players to injury, including placekicker Oren Milstein, wide receiver Josh Wainwright, and defensive back Landon Baty. In good news, quarterback Josh Bean is back! He’ll be facing off against Dartmouth Derek Kyler, who has 878 passing yards on the season and nine touchdowns.

Field Hockey: Columbia (7-5, 2-2 Ivy) will face Dartmouth (4-8, 1-3 Ivy) on Friday at 2 pm to kick off their Homecoming weekend, then take on Villanova (6-8) for a non-conference game on Sunday at 1 pm. Both games are at home. Dartmouth is on a four-game losing streak and currently sits at sixth place in the Ivy League. Katie Spanos leads the Big Green with eight goals, while Columbia leader Jennifer Trieschman has nine, making Trieschman the fourth highest scorer in the Ivies. The top Villanova scorers have six goals apiece.

Women’s Soccer: The Light Blue (6-6-1, 2-2 Ivy) will play their final home game of the season on Saturday at 6 pm against Dartmouth (8-4-2, 2-1-1 Ivy). Although the Lions have won every match against October 25, 2014, including a 3-0 win in Hanover last year, they trail overall 6-22-4. The Big Green stand at fourth in the Ivies, while the Light Blue is fifth. Columbia’s Maddie Temares leads the team with four points. Dartmouth’s top scorer, Remy Borinsky, has five goals and three assists on the season.

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What is this thing? Is it of this Earth?

If you’ve walked by Ivy League Stationers in the past month or so, you’ve probably noticed the giant printer-thing outside it. What is the thing? Where did it come from? Why is it there? Sports Editor Abby Rubel has some theories.

I first noticed the printer-thing outside Ivy League Stationers about a month ago. (Maybe more, maybe less. Keeping track of time is difficult during midterms.) At first, I assumed that Ivy League Stationers once used it to print giant banners, that it had broken, and would be picked up by a designated service. But then I noticed it again. And I kept noticing it.

There is no reasonable explanation for this phenomenon. Why has no professional printer-thing-remover come and removed it yet? Obviously, because one has not been employed to do so. But Ivy League Stationers couldn’t possibly assume that a random passer-by would just take it, because it’s so freaking enormous. And it’s too far away from the curb to be eligible for trash pickup. So, if there’s no reasonable way the store could expect the printer-thing to be removed from outside the store, they must not want it to be removed, which means it’s probably not broken. Are they planning to use it outside? I haven’t observed anyone doing that, and the printer-thing doesn’t look usable anyway. Clearly the realm of the reasonable does not contain the answers to the printer-thing question.

My theories after the jump



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Trying to keep your grades up like

Sports Editor Abby Rubel interrupts your midterm season to bring you the news from the field(s). 

Men’s Soccer: The Lions (5-4-1, 2-1 Ivy) lost 2-1 against the Princeton Tigers (7-4-1, 2-0-1) on Saturday. Princeton now leads the Ivy League, while Columbia drops to third behind 2-1 Cornell. The Tigers scored both goals in the first 30 minutes. In the second half, Columbia first-year Andrew Stevens knocked the ball in from 15 yards away for the Light Blue’s only goal of the game. Columbia had two opportunities to score in the game’s final minutes but were unable to tie it up. The Lions are currently third in the Ivy League.

Football: Columbia (3-2, 0-2 Ivy) remains winless in the Ivy League after a 13-10 loss against Penn (4-1, 1-1 Ivy) this weekend. Despite the presence of Josh Bean, the Lions struggled to put points on the board. The Light Blue’s defense held the Quakers to just two field goals in the first half. Columbia’s first touchdown came early in the third quarter off of a 21-yard touchdown pass from Bean to junior Kaleb Pitts. Senior Chris Alleyne kicked the extra point to make it 7-6 Columbia. With less than five minutes left in the third, Alleyne kicked a 46-yard field goal to increase Columbia’s lead to four. Penn’s quarterback ran the ball in for a touchdown to make it 13-10 with plenty of time left in the game. Columbia didn’t convert on its next possession, but forced Penn to punt with 2:34 to play. Bean led the Lions swiftly downfield, completing a 43-yard pass to Pitts on fourth-and-18. The Blue and White were threatening to score from the Penn 24, but Bean’s pass was intercepted to end the game.

Volleyball: The Lions (9-8, 3-4 Ivy) lost both their matches 0-3 this weekend. They lost the first two sets against Penn (5-13, 2-5 Ivy) by 7 and 10 points, but battled back in the third, only to lose 25-23 after two consecutive Penn kills. The Light Blue’s matches against Princeton (13-5, 6-1 Ivy), the reigning champion, were even tougher. After hanging in on the first 25-20 set, the Lions couldn’t come back, and dropped the next two sets 25-15 and 25-16. Princeton is now second in the Ivies, behind Yale, while Columbia hangs on in fourth just ahead of Harvard.

Field Hockey: Lost 0-2 at Penn, won 5-4 against Fairfield
Women’s Golf: Lost at Richmond, Columbia’s Qingyi Symba Xu finished in 2nd place as an individual
Women’s Soccer: Lost 0-1 against Princeton

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Kerr’s book!

Ever gotten period blood on your mattress and not known how to get it out? Or wondered how often you should wash your sheets? Barnard alum and professional Clean Person Jolie Kerr answered questions about college cleaning problems in the Milstein Center yesterday during a live taping of her podcast, and Sports Editor Abby Rubel was there to listen and learn.

Jolie Kerr, BC ’98, is the host of the Ask a Clean Person podcast, the New York Times cleaning columnist, and author of a book about how to clean. In short, she knows a lot about cleaning. But, she said, “I have suffered many moments of being a disgusting person.” Some of her grossest moments happened while she was at Barnard, and she kicked off the evening by regaling the audience with the tale of a disgustingly clogged tub in 600. She and her suitemates let the situation alone until the water was shin-level, at which point one of them (not Kerr) finally bought some Drano.

After that anecdote, Kerr answered questions live from the audience and some that had been submitted online in advance. The first, a question about keeping things civil with a messy roommate who doesn’t do dishes, she described as a “very typical college question.” Kerr suggested being neutral in tone when you raise the problem, even if you have to practice in front of a mirror. She pointed out that the roommate may not think of it as a big deal, or may not even know how to do dishes. To illustrate the former point, she told the audience about another experience in the Barnard dorms (616 this time), when one of her suitemates put dirty dishes on someone’s pillow because they hadn’t been washed in a certain amount of time.

The next question was how to stop stinky trash. Kerr said that Lysol works and that the trash can itself probably needs to be cleaned. She also recommended a product called Ozium as “The Thing” for general odor elimination, which she said she found on a marijuana enthusiasts forum.

Then an audience member asked how often she should change her sheets. Unsurprisingly, there is an answer for actual humans and a different answer for college students. For humans, Kerr recommended once a week or every other week and changing them between sexual partners. For college students, she said that once a month was fine, and to make sure you wash them after you’re sick. Other audience members asked about how often they should wash bath towels (humans: once every three to four uses, college students: once a week) and winter coats (once a year, wool should get dry cleaned but everything else is probably machine washable).

Eco-friendly cleaning, protein stains, and more after the jump!



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In football news, Josh Bean (not pictured) is back at QB!

Bummed about the disgustingly humid weather? Sports Editor Abby Rubel is here to cheer you up with the latest from Columbia Athletics.

Women’s Soccer: The Lions (5-5-1, 2-1 Ivy) lost 1-0 against Penn (8-1-1, 2-0-1 Ivy) on Friday. The defeat drops them to fourth in the Ivy League, while Penn is now first thanks to its non-conference record. Harvard and Dartmouth also have 2-0-1 Ivy records. Columbia had a scoring opportunity early in the game, but senior Emma Anderson could not get the ball past Penn’s Kitty Qu, who has seven shutouts to her name this season. Penn’s goal came in the 51st minute from sophomore Breukelen Woodward, who edged the ball past Columbia’s Sophie Whitehouse.

Men’s Tennis: All three Lions were eliminated from Flight A of men’s singles at the ITA Championships. Sophomore Rian Pandole lost in two sets to Yancy Dennis of South Carolina. Senior Austen Huang dropped his first set against Tennessee’s Scott Jones 6-3 but came back to win the second 3-6. Jones took the last set 6-4. Fellow senior William Matheson won his first match in two sets, 6-1, 6-2. He advanced to face University of Miami’s Bojan Jankulovksi and won the first set, but dropped the final two.

Men’s Soccer: Columbia (5-3-1, 2-0 Ivy) advances to second place in the Ivy League with a 2-0 victory over Penn (2-3-3, 0-2 Ivy) this weekend. The Light Blue’s goals came within minutes of each other in the first half. Senior Dylan Mott scored off a deflection, and four minutes later Nike Azume knocked one in from almost 25 yards away. Columbia had five shot attempts in the second half, but none were successful. Goalie Dylan Castanheira posted his third shutout of the season, tying Gary Escher for the career record.

Women’s Golf: 12th/12 teams at the Bettie Lou Evans Invitational
Women’s Tennis: 1 singles champion, 1 finalist, 4-0 in doubles matches at the Wildcat Invitational
Field Hockey: lost 4-0 against Princeton
Volleyball: lost 0-3 against Yale, won 3-1 against Brown
Football: won 34-24 against Marist

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Sports Editor Abby Rubel has been informed that Venus is in retrograde, which means we should spend time reflecting on relationships, including with Columbia Athletics! To help, here’s what’s going on this weekend.

Women’s Soccer: Columbia (5-4-1, 2-0 Ivy) will look to stay on top of the Ivy League on Friday at 4:00 pm at Penn (7-1-1, 1-0-1 Ivy). The Light Blue’s past few games have been close: a double-overtime victory over Cornell and a last-minute one over Brown. Penn has only one Ivy victory, a 2-0 win over Cornell last weekend. The Lions have won their last two matches against Penn 1-0 in extra minutes and will have to shut down Emily Sands if they hope to win this one. Sands has the most game-winning goals in the league, with four on the season.

Men’s Tennis: Three Lions will play at the International Tennis Association Championships this weekend. Sophomore Rian Pandole advanced from the pre-qualifying round with four wins and will take on South Carolina’s Yancy Dennis in his first match. Senior William Matheson will take on Idaho State’s Peter Trhac. Austen Huang, a fellow senior, will take on Scott Jones from Tennessee.

Men’s Soccer: The Blue and White (4-3-1, 1-0 Ivy) will take on Penn (2-2-3, 0-1 Ivy) on Saturday at 7:00 pm in an away game. Columbia lost to Pittsburgh last weekend 1-0, and Penn dropped its last game against Cornell in double overtime. Senior Knyan Rocks has three goals on the season, leading the team and the Ivy League. Senior Dylan Castanheira has played every minute in the net for Columbia, with a .68 goals against average. He’s also two shutouts away from holding the Columbia career record.

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There are no sharks in this Bwoglines, I just like that song.

Happening in the World: Soil liquefaction is sweeping away already damaged neighborhoods in Indonesia. When soil is saturated with water, as it is after the earthquake and tsunami that ravaged the country, it can behave almost like a liquid. The combined natural disasters have killed over 1,407 people. (CNN)

Happening in the US: A New York Times investigation uncovered thousands of pages of Fred Trump’s tax returns. The documents reveal a pattern of shady financial maneuvers by Fred and his son Donald Trump, as well as proving that Donald’s story that he is a self-made billionaire is a misrepresentation. (NYT)

Happening in NYC: Bob’s Burgers-themed food carts are coming to Manhattan starting today! They’ll be stationed outside the Javits Center until October 7. (Secret NYC)

Happening on Campus: Columbia Effective Altruism is hosting its first event of the year today at 8:00 pm in IAB room 405. There will be a presentation about effective altruism as a movement and about how the club operates on campus, followed by a Q&A and discussion. THERE WILL ALSO BE FREE FOOD.

Overseen: A bunch of relevant graffiti on a vagina cleaning advertisement on 110th.

Book Recommendation of the Day: The Name of the Wind, Patrick Rothfuss. The first of the Kingkiller Chronicles, this book is one of the fantasy greats. The characters are richly drawn, the plot is complex and riveting, and there are plenty of crass jokes. Sadly, only two of three books are published. When you’ve read both you’ll be waiting on Rothfuss even more impatiently then on G. R. R. Martin.

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Football > football.

Sports Editor Abby Rubel recounts tales of streaks forged and broken over the weekend. 

Football: Columbia (2-1, 0-1 Ivy) lost 45-10 to Princeton (3-0, 1-0 Ivy) on Friday. The game started off on a high note when Columbia sophomore Will Allen returned Princeton’s kickoff for 91 yards, giving Columbia the ball on Princeton’s 7 yard line. Columbia settled for a field goal, setting the tone for the rest of the game. The Lions scored their only touchdown of the game at the beginning of the second quarter, but other than that Princeton dominated on offense and defense. Columbia struggled to convert third downs, succeeding on only three of their 14 attempts. In the second half, they had only five first downs and were outscored 15-0. The Light Blue defense managed to contain the Tigers in the last quarter, but their offense was simply not able to put points on the board.

Women’s Soccer: The Lions (5-4-1, 2-0 Ivy) continued their Ivy streak in a 2-1 victory over Brown (4-6-1, 0-2 Ivy) this weekend. Columbia now leads the Ivy League and is the only team to have won both conference games. The game was tied 1-1 with less than a minute left in regulation, but then senior Rachel Alexander passed to sophomore Jordyn Geller. Geller edged the ball past Brown goalie Christine Etzel to win the game for Columbia. Columbia goalie Sophie Whitehouse made six saves and recorded her fifth win. The Lions will take on second-place Penn next weekend.

Field Hockey: The Blue and White (6-3, 2-0 Ivy) also remains undefeated in conference play after beating Cornell (2-7, 0-2 Ivy) in a 2-0 game, but the team is still third in the Ivies. Cornell goalie Maddie Henry made 13 saves but couldn’t stop the Columbia offense entirely. Seniors Danielle Buttinger and Katherine Cavanaugh both scored goals for the Lions. Buttinger’s goal came in the 18th minute of the game, after Cavanaugh touch-passed to her. Cavanaugh scored in the 41st minute off of a deflection from a Cornell defender. Columbia goalie Katie Dempsey had four saves for the second shut-out of her season.

Women’s Tennis: 1 singles title and 1 singles consolation title at West Point Invitational
Volleyball: won 3-1 against Dartmouth, won 3-1 against Harvard
Women’s Golf: 9th out of 12 teams at Princeton Invitational
Men’s Soccer: won 3-1 at Brown

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This seems much more exciting than gym field hockey.

Need to know what’s going on with Columbia Athletics? Madman have a gun to your head insisting you tell him who the field hockey team is playing this weekend? Desperate for anything to get your mind off the news? Sports Editor Abby Rubel has what you need.

Football: Columbia (2-0) will take on Princeton (2-0) today in the first Ivy game of the season and its home opener. After sustaining some critical injuries in their first game of the season, the Lions struggled against Georgetown last week, settling for field goals instead of touchdowns and struggling to keep back the Hoyas’ offense. The Yale Undergraduate Sports Analytics Group gave the Tigers a 77.9 percent chance of winning and predicted that they’d win by about 13 points. Princeton’s offense is tough, averaging 50.5 points per game and 577.5 yards of total offense. Columbia defeated Princeton last year, but this year’s matchup could be different especially because of the injuries plaguing the Lions. If you’re heading to the game, tickets are free with a CU ID and Athletics will be running free shuttle buses to Baker starting 2.5 hours before the 6:00 pm kickoff from 116th and Broadway.

Women’s Soccer: The Lions (4-4-1, 1-0 Ivy) will take on the Brown Bears in Rhode Island (4-5-1, 0-1 Ivy) on Saturday at 3:30 pm. Columbia is coming off a double overtime win against Cornell last week and looking to move up its from third place ranking. Columbia leads the Ivy League in shots on goal and shots on goal per game, with 68 and 7.56 respectively. Brown’s main scoring threat is Abby Carchio, who has five goals so far, the second most in the league. Maddie Temares leads the Columbia offense with three goals and seven points so far this season.

Field Hockey: The Light Blue (5-3, 1-0 Ivy) will take on the Big Red (2-6, 0-1 Ivy) on Sunday at 12:00 pm in a home match. Columbia is ranked third in the league along with three other 1-0 teams: Harvard, Princeton, and Penn. The Blue and White’s tough offense, led by Jennifer Trieschman, will face off against Cornell goalie Maddie Henry, who’s third in the league in saves per game with 5.86. Trieschman has 17 points on the season and seven goals. Helping her is Katharine Cavanaugh, who has four assists so far this year.

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Pretend the ball is your boring discussion section.

Sports Editor Abby Rubel livens up your Monday with tales from the field. And court. 

Football: The Lions improved to 2-0 this weekend in a 23-15 victory over 1-3 Georgetown. Sophomore Dillon Davis started at quarterback and went 16-30 on passes for 201 yards and one touchdown. Senior kicker Chris Alleyne made three field goals, a career high. After scoring 10 points in the first quarter, the Lions were scoreless for the rest of the half, despite plenty of opportunities in the second half. Two field goals in the third quarter put the Light Blue up 23-0, but the Hoyas surged in the fourth quarter, intercepting the football to score on two consecutive drives. They threatened to score again with less than five minutes to go, but a six-yard sack from sophomore defensive lineman Ogonna Oraedu on fourth and goal gave the Lions the ball and the game.

Men’s Soccer: The Light Blue (3-2-1) lost 1-0 to Fordham (4-1-2) over the weekend. Fordham’s lone goal came in the first half from the feet of Fordham senior Janos Loebe. Only two of the Lions’ shots 15 shots were on goal. Nor were the Light Blue successful on their nine corner kicks. Columbia remains fourth in the Ivy League heading into conference play next weekend, behind Penn and ahead of Princeton. They’ll take on 3-3 Brown next weekend.

Volleyball: Columbia (6-5, 0-1 Ivy) lost to Cornell (6-5, 1-0 Ivy) 1-3 on Saturday in their Ivy opener. Each of the four sets was tight—23-25, 18-25, 25-22, 25-27—but the Lions failed to capitalize on slim leads in the first and fourth sets. First-year Emily Teehan had another phenomenal match, posting 10 digs and 11 kills for her fifth double-double this year. Junior Chichi Ikwuazom led the defense with seven blocks. The Lions will look to improve their Ivy record next weekend with a pair of home matches against Dartmouth and Harvard.

Women’s Tennis1 doubles title, 1 singles finalist at Cissie Leary Tournament
Field Hockeywon 4-2 at Brown, won 2-1 against Bryant
Women’s Soccer: won 2-1 against Cornell

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Athletics did a photo shoot in Times Square for the insta.

Who’ll play quarterback this weekend? What’s up with the soccer team? How many Cornell players does it take to change a lightbulb? Sports Editor Abby Rubel only answers one of those questions in this week’s sports preview.

Football: The Lions (1-0) will take travel to Georgetown (1-2) on Saturday to take on the Hoyas at 2:00 pm. Last year, the Lions triumphed 35-14 to start their season 2-0. They’ll look to do the same this weekend. There’s still a question mark at the quarterback position, though. Josh Bean suffered a concussion in last week’s win over Central Connecticut State, and although Dillon Davis played most of the game after Bean left, he’s not confirmed to start on Saturday. The Lions have six quarterbacks other than Bean on their roster, but only Davis and first-year Ty Lenhart saw gameplay last week.

Men’s Soccer: The Blue and White (3-1-1) will look to win their fourth game in a row at Fordham (3-1-2) tonight at 7:00 pm. After starting their season with three wins in a row, Fordham has struggled in recent weeks, drawing against two teams before losing their most recent game. Goalie Dylan Castanheira’s shutout last weekend, his 22nd of his career and second of the season, puts him in the number two spot in career shutouts for the Lions. He’s played every minute of every game so far.

Volleyball: The Lions (6-4) will take on Cornell (5-5) in their Ivy opener on Saturday at 2:00 pm. After a successful 3-1 weekend, the Light Blue has faced off against the Big Red in their last 18 Ivy openers. They haven’t played a different team since Dartmouth in 1999. In the last nine years, the Lions are 7-2, although they dropped last year’s opener in Ithaca. Columbia’s 6-4 record puts it at fourth in the Ivy League, behind 7-4 Princeton and just ahead of 5-4 Harvard. All Ivy teams have conference matches this weekend.

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Please do not eat the mold.

Following a period of rainy, humid weather, some students in East Campus Residence Halls are finding mold in their rooms. The mold not only serves as a major inconvenience but also presents health concerns for students. Sports Editor Abby Rubel tackles the mold issue in this article.

As though having to cook on a hot plate wasn’t enough of a challenge already, some East Campus residents are also dealing with mold staining their walls and ceilings.

Columbia Facilities said in a statement to Bwog that the mold is caused by “high humidity and record-breaking rainfall.” New York State Department of Health and Mental Hygiene (DOHMH) guidelines indicate that the mold will not go away until the water does.

“Mold only grows if there is a source of water. Sources of water include leaks from outside, leaks from plumbing, excessive humidity, or floods or sewage backups,” wrote DOHMH assistant press secretary Stephanie Buhle in an email to Bwog. “If mold recurs, that indicates that the water problem has not been fixed.” Until the underlying problem is addressed, she wrote, “the mold will return.”

More rain is forecasted for this weekend, and residents worry that mold in their suites that has been removed will reappear.

“If it stays humid, I think there’s a pretty good chance that [the mold] will [return],” said Columbia College senior Allison Clark.

Mold health effects and how Facilities has been fixing the problem after the jump.



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Marquavious Moore selfishly keeps the football to himself.

Sports Editor Abby Rubel gives you a preview of fall sports in case you need to impress anyone with your knowledge of Columbia Athletics.

Football: Last year, the Lions finally showed us that they’re capable of having a winning record. After decades of disappointment, the Lions went 8-2, tying for second place with Dartmouth and trailing first-place Yale by only one game.

Some at Columbia were actually disappointed with the team’s success, bemoaning the new emphasis on athletics the victories seemed to indicate and arguing that a losing team is part of Columbia’s culture. Alumni of the team emphatically disagreed, with former quarterback John Witkowski calling that attitude “disgusting.”

Notable losses from last year include starting quarterback Anders Hill, who had a 63% passing success rate and 16 passing touchdowns last season. The Lions planned to start sophomore Josh Bean at quarterback, but he sustained a concussion in Saturday’s game against Central Connecticut State and it’s unclear how many games that will cost him. Fellow sophomore Dillon Davis stepped in to finish the game and excelled, leading the team to a 41-24 victory. But Davis didn’t do much last season—no stats that made the cumulative season statistics—and will need to grow quite a bit into his new role if he is the new starting quarterback.

Much of the team’s success can be attributed to Head Coach Al Bagnoli, who took over from Pete Mangurian in 2015. The team improved to 2-8 from 0-7 in his first year. Last year’s success seems to indicate that a radical shift has been made in the team’s culture — a shift which could propel them to further success this year.

If you care about more than football, other teams are previewed after the jump!



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New Professor of Computer Science and director of DIMACS, Rebecca Wright

Rebecca N. Wright will direct the Diana T. and P. Roy Vagelos Computational Science Center and become the Druckenmiller Professor of Computer Science, Barnard President Sian Beilock and Provost Linda Bell announced this morning.

Wright, a Columbia University alumna, was formerly a computer science professor at Rutgers University and served as director of Rutgers’ Center for Discrete Mathematics and Theoretical Computer Science. She has been at Rutgers since 2007.

“I am extremely excited to build a computer science program at Barnard focused around a center for computational science,” Wright said. “Computing plays an increasingly central role in our lives, in creation and innovation, and in nearly all scientific disciplines. This is a unique opportunity to have a huge impact on Barnard women, and with them, on the world.”

Barnard’s increased emphasis on computer science is in response to rapidly increasing student interest in STEM—more than one-third of Barnard students now graduate in a science field. The development of Barnard’s new computer science program has been years in the making, as administrators have fundraised and laid groundwork for a department that can support CS majors in the student body.

In her role as head of the Vagelos Computational Science Center, Wright also plans to “provide a flexible space with resources for the exploration of artificial intelligence, open data, ethics, and privacy,” according to a press release announcing her appointment.

Wright’s speciality is computer and communications security. “She brings with her a wealth of experience in her research areas of security, privacy, and cryptography, and an amazing record in organizing programs to improve diversity in Computer Science through her director position at [Rutgers],” said Julia Hirschberg, a computer science professor at Columbia and a member of the search committee. “I am very much looking forward to working with her on similar programs at Barnard and Columbia.”

Wright will join Barnard in January, 2019.

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It’s like a high five, but much more aggressive.

Many students may come to Columbia for the academics, but this week’s sports recap has us feeling optimistic about the athletics.

Men’s Tennis: The tennis team dominated at the Penn Invitational this weekend. The Light Blue swept William and Mary in four doubles matches and eight singles matches. Against Denver, the Lions won all four doubles matches and six of eight singles matches. Junior Jackie Tang lost the top singles match to Denver sophomore Mattia Ros, but sophomores Jack Lin and Austin Huang and junior Adam Ambrozy were undefeated on the weekend. The Light Blue reversed course slightly against Middle Tennessee State, winning all eight doubles matches but dropping the last two doubles matches. The team’s scheduled match against Georgetown did not take place.

Volleyball: The Lions (6-4) went 3-1 this weekend, sweeping St. Francis Brooklyn (4-9) and Fordham (7-6) on Friday in their home opener. They struggled more on Saturday but defeated Hofstra (10-4) three sets to two. The last match of the day was their first loss of the weekend—a 3-0 battle against Seton Hall (5-8). First-year Emily Teehan had 38 kills on the weekend and leads the team with 107 total, 16 more than junior Chichi Ikwuazom.

Football: The Blue and White (1-0) defeated Central Connecticut State 41-24 on Saturday in their first game of the season, but the victory was almost Pyrrhic: junior Josh Wainwright, one of the team’s best receivers, and starting quarterback Josh Bean were both injured during the game. Wainwright injured his knee and Bean has been diagnosed with a concussion. Junior Oren Milstein, the kicker, is also injured. Sophomore Dillon Davis, who took over QB after Bean’s injury, had four pass completions including a 47-yard toss to sophomore Darion Acohido.

Find out how the rest of the teams did after the jump!

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