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Columbia, keep your shit together. We’re almost there.

Happening in the world: After French presidential candidate Emmanuel Macron won the popular vote in the first round of the French elections, the euro, French government bonds and European stocks have seen an increase in value. Please France, don’t pull a Trump on us. (Wall Street Journal)

Happening in NYC: Mayor Bill de Blasio has proposed to expansion of early childhood education by allowing access to three year olds. The mayor has been praised for his work to publicly fund preschools in NYC, and his plan would start in districts in Brooklyn and the Bronx. (NY Times)

Happening on campus: Tonight from 6-8pm on Low Library there will be a lecture by activist, performer, and scholar Dr. Salamishah Tillet called, Rape, Popular Culture and Post-Racial America.

Overheard: “I love white people jazz.”

Music Pick: Rihanna’s amazing. You’re amazing. Name a more iconic duo. I’ll wait.

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Everyone deserves a second chance. Let the past stay in the past.

CU students are advocating to ban the box on Columbia University applications that specifically asks if an applicant has been convicted of a felony. Members of Beyond the Box at Columbia have created a letter to send to President Bollinger and Provost Coatsworth to remove the box on future CU applications. 

Beyond the Box at Columbia was founded by Leyla Martinez, a GS student that, like many other applicants, felt discouraged when met by “the box” on college applications, forced to have the past affect their chances of admission. Last year, Columbia University, along with 24 other universities in the United States, signed the Fair Chance Higher Education Pledge which aims to make higher levels of education more accessible, especially for Americans that have a criminal record. Beyond the Box’s position on the issue is clear: the box is a deterrent for potential applicants that believe that the application process puts them at a disadvantage, even before applying to the school of their choice. Columbia currently still has the box on their applications, asking for information that is irrelevant when determining whether a person would be able to succeed at the university.

Let’s not forget the facts: people of color, residents in lower income communities, or people with a lower socioeconomic status in general are disproportionally incarcerated. Many affected struggle to find employment opportunities once they are released from prison, and others that seek higher levels of education are met with obstacles, one being “the box.” Opportunity to receive a college education would decrease the recidivism rate, make people generally more productive, and allow people of color to have access to education that was once inaccessible. Columbia prides itself on its low acceptance rate, increasing representation of minorities, and its sanctuary campus status, but why hasn’t the box been taken off the application?

Beyond the Box is just as confused as you are. New York State public universities (SUNY and CUNY) has recently removed the box from their applications. The move to ban the box should not be seen as progressive, but necessary, especially at a school which searches for diversity in thought, life, and action.

If you’d like to read Beyond the Box at Columbia’s letter to President Bollinger, click here.

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Who’s sweeter: the Girl Scouts or the cookies?

Happening in the world: North Korea is planning to test more missiles, now on a weekly basis. As tensions between the US and North Korea continue to rise, any form of U.S. intervention could lead to war, according to Vice-Foreign Minister Han Song-ryol. (BBC)

Happening in NYC: Girl Scout Troop 6000 is New York City’s first troop meant solely for children that are homeless. The girls live in a Sleep Inn in Queens, as roughly 7,500 of the city’s homeless population currently lives in hotels. The troop currently has 20 scouts, and expects more. (NY Times)

Happening on campus: There will be a talk today from 4-5:30 in IAB called, A Revolution That Was Not: The Tiananmen Movement Revisited. It will be in room 918 and there is no RSVP required!

Overheard: “Before Trump, there was a mellow level of racism in this country.”

Music Pick: Kendrick Lamar’s DAMN. Columbia, be humble.

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Wanna throw us a bone Cuomo?

Happening in the US: San Bernardino has experienced yet another shooting. The 53-year-old husband went to his wife’s work at a primary school and shot two students, his wife, and himself. The shooter, his wife, and a student are dead, and the other student remains in critical condition at a local hospital. (The Independent)

Happening in NYC: Governor Cuomo announced that by Fall of 2017, New York college students will be able to go to a SUNY or CUNY college or university for free. The only catch: they must stay in the state for the number of years that they received the free education. Sorry Columbia students, but no free college for you. (NY Times)

Happening on campus: Today from 12:15-2 pm in the International Affairs Building there will be a presentation,  Writing the Soviet South into the History of the Cold War and Decolonization. It’s open to everyone and is free!

Overheard: Person 1: “I wanna get married at Low.”

Person 2: “That’s weird. What if your husband went to Cornell?”

Person 1: “What an awful hypothetical.”

Music Pick: With this beautifully warm weather, get into the festival mode! Here’s Spotify’s Ultimate Festival Guide 2017 to kick off your day.

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Nothing beats free ice cream.

Need a break from a crazy and intense day, filled with midterms or due assignments? Take some time out of your day today to get some free ice cream from Ben and Jerry’s. We know that the cloudy, cold and gray day might be bringing you down, but nothing turns a day around like free stuff and ice cream! Ben and Jerry’s is located on 104 and Broadway, so take a few friends and catch up on life while licking an ice cream cone. They’ll be giving out free cones up until 8 pm. Columbia, we know that you’re stressed, tired, and hungry: get some fresh air and exercise by walking down to Ben and Jerry’s. Trust us, you’ll be happy that you went.

Want to learn more about Free Cone Day? Check out Ben and Jerry’s website here.

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Happening in the US: Democrats are planning on filibustering the Supreme Court nomination on Neil Gorsuch. Republicans have promised that Gorsuch will be confirmed on Friday, even if it means changing the rules by bypassing the filibuster. (NY Times)

Happening in NYC: Yesterday was the Mets’ Opening Day. Noah Syndergaard dominated the game as the Mets won over the Braves 6-0. (Fansided)

Happening on campus:  Today there will be a talk called, “The End of Europe: A Conversation with Anne Applebaum and James Kirchick” from 5-6:30 in the Bohemian National Hall. The speakers will discuss the issues that Europe is facing amidst international conflict.

Overheard: “I’m so Long Island, I’ll get Hurricane Sandy on your ass.”

Music Pick: With these rainy vibes, slow it down with some Ben Howard.


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*swoons* for that rebellious smoulder

Happening in the world: Alexei Navalny, Russian opposition leader, was arrested after organizing protests and demonstrations all over the country. Alexei Navalny seeks to expose the president and prime minister’s corruption and to win the next presidential election in 2018. (The Daily Beast)

Happening in NYC: Mayor Bill de Blasio has introduced plans to create more homeless shelters all over New York City. He plans to open 90 shelters over the next 5 years. De Blasio’s initial platform was to decrease the amount of homeless in New York, but during his time as mayor, numbers have increased. (NY Times)

Happening on campus: Today there will be a talk called Mr. X and the Pacific: George F. Kennan and the Limits of American Policy in East Asia. It will be hosted in IAB from 4-5:30 pm.

Overheard: At Milano’s: “How is Mr. Krab’s daughter a whale?”

Music Pick: Nirvana’s Nevermind.

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Strange things happen right outside your friendly grocery store.

Happening in the world: Israel has been defined as an apartheid state  based on the UN’s Economic and Social Commission for Western Asia. This controversial title has continued to be debated, and UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres has openly rejected the report and demanded that it be taken down from the Commission’s website. (Al Jazeera)

Happening in NYC: Some families that personally lost loved ones on 9/11 have filed a lawsuit to sue Saudi Arabia for the Al Qaeda terrorist attack. Suing for aiding the terrorist organization by providing money, safe houses, and weapons, 9/11 families are seeking monetary reparations. (NBC New York)

Happening on campus: Today in IAB from 12-2 pm there will be a book talk, Dictators Without Borders: Power and Money in Central Asia, by Alexander Cooley and John Heathershaw.

Overheard: Homeless man in front of Westside Market: “Suck my dick.”
Westside Market worker: “Whip it out man, whip it out.”
Music Pick: Need new workout music or just like rap music? Try out Drake’s new album, “More Life.”


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The darkest moment of your day.

Happening in the nation:  The Endangered Species Act was implemented during Nixon’s presidency to protect more than a thousand threatened or endangered species of plants and animals. Congressional Republicans have introduced 11 pieces of legislation that might put endangered species at risk. (Scientific American)

Happening in NYC: It appears that spring has arrived in Brooklyn and will soon be here in Manhattan. Due to climate change, the early spring began in the South and made its way to New York. (NY Times)

Happening on campus: Today from 4:30 to 6 pm in IAB there will be a presentation called, How Can Art Fight Back? Refugee Artists and the Ukrainian Crisis.

Overseen/Overheard: When you discover that you aren’t as slick as you thought… (see image)

Music Pick: The Chainsmoker’s Closer. On repeat. Get ready for Spring Break.

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This is what a little’s bed should look like.

Living in a quad presents some challenges. You love your roommates, but noise complaints from hallmates seem to happen at least once a week. Your roommates have just joined sororities and their bigs are popping in your room to leave gifts on their beds. Everything seems great: but what happens when the your insane hallmate stops by instead?

‘Twas the day before a midterm, when all through CU
Not a student was happy, forgetting all that they knew;
The dorms were clean and beds made with care,
In hopes that their big would soon would be there;
The littles were stressed, remembering what they haven’t read;
While gifts like clothing and chocolate danced in their heads;
And with sorority girls in Butler, and I in my bed,
I’d just settled my brain for a five-minute nap,
When in my dorm there arose such a clatter,
I sprang from my bed to see what was the matter.
Towards the other bedroom I flew like a flash,
Tore open the door and heard something crash.
On my roommate’s bed from her “mystery big,”
I gazed in surprise as I realized what she did,
When hate mail, voodoo dolls, and used condoms did appear,
With a pile of shit and an empty six-pack of beer.
With a small note from that crazy across the hall read,
“Remember to lock your door and keep the noise down. Enjoy the shit in your bed.”


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Give ’em the old razzle dazzle

This past weekend, the United States has celebrated Hollywood and film at the 89th Academy Awards. Moonlight, La La Land, Hidden Figures, Lion, and other films were celebrated by the Academy. This year, Hollywood celebrated diversity through thought, creativity, and color. Hollywood still has to make significant changes in order to make creative opportunities more accessible for minorities. There was one group that was explicitly forgotten at the Oscars last night: we celebrated the large budget successes, but what about the cringe-worthy flops? Don’t they deserve to be recognized too?

With the Oscars finally over, many would assume that awards season has ended, but they’re wrong! We can’t forget the Razzies, or according to CUCR, the “37th Golden Raspberry Awards!” Bwog wanted to finally see if Batman vs. Superman would get every horrible award it truly deserved: when we were honestly disappointed that it didn’t sweep, we were about to shut our laptops, filled with sadness, when Dinesh D’Souza popped up at the end of the video with members of CUCR.

You might have been like us, wondering how in the hell this all came together. Apparently, Dinesh D’Souza stopped by Columbia University and asked Columbia students to join him in a video for the Razzies. Dinesh wanted his audience, members of CUCR, to celebrate the fact that the Razzies hated him. At the end of the Razzies video, D’Souza and CU students came together and were featured at the end of the video.

Confused? If you’ve seen his documentary, you might not be. Watch the video below. We skipped to the good part for you.


Razzie Dazzie Doo! via Petr Kratochvil 



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Share a bottle, make a friend.

Happening in the world: With the continuation of climate change, Arctic plants are beginning to grow. With the increase in temperature and less continental ice coverage, plants are growing nearly a month in advance. This is the biggest “shift in spring-bloom timing” ever recorded by scientists in the Arctic region. (NY Times)

Happening in NYC: A full bottle of wine was discovered under a subway seat on the 6 train. Two random strangers came together and shared the bottle together. See? New Yorkers can be nice! (NBC New York)

Happening on campus: Do you like math and basketball? Check out Anatomy of the NBA System tonight from 7-8 pm in Lerner! You must RSVP.

Overheard: Bikers riding through Columbia looking at the college walk trees: “It’s always Christmas at an Ivy League.”

Reminder: You still have time to enter our contest to win a free meal swipe into John Jay during JJ’s hours! If you have a nickname for our displaced JJ’s, let us know by midnight tonight.

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Who needs Low Beach when you can have the actual beach?

Happening in the world: British parliament is debating whether or not they will allow President Trump to come to the UK on a formal visit. An online petition is circulating on the web that aims to not accept Trump to prevent “embarrassment to Her Majesty the queen.” (NY Times)

Happening in NYC: Eleven passengers at JFK walked through TSA security without being properly screened. The TSA is reviewing the incident and has identified the passengers that didn’t go through the screening. The agency has ensured that this was an isolated incident. (NY Daily News)

Happening on campus: From 6:00-7:15 tonight at Low Library is a talk entitled, “Fostering a Better Conversation and Understanding of Islam: The Vital Role of Media.” Haven’t seen PrezBo in awhile? President Bollinger will have the opening remarks. Click here for more information.

Overseen/Overheard: “Stanley Tucci in The Lovely Bones is a daddy.”

Music Pick: Feel those good vibes with Oasis’ (What’s The Story) Morning Glory?

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An artsy photo to start a new day.

Happy Valentine’s Day! Whether you have someone special in your life or not, Bwog presents today’s Bwoglines. Remember: it’s important to stay informed and take time to take care of yourself! Give someone a hug, a compliment, or chocolate; spread the love. 

Happening in the world: Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and President Trump met to speak about a Canada-United States council that would aim to advance women entrepreneurs and business leaders. Many then criticized Trump for “pinkwashing” and for the lack of diversity in his inner Cabinet which consists of only white men.

Happening in NYC: In the past two weeks, Immigration and Customs Enforcement have begun to sweep Staten Island and have arrested 5 undocumented immigrants from Mexico. Recently, efforts have been made in at least six states to find and arrest undocumented immigrants.

Happening on campus: Have a cool date for Valentine’s? Take them to Prom Night with Genghis Barbie, a pop up concert featuring an all-female french horn quartet! The concert is from 6-7 pm in the Miller Theatre.

Overseen/Overheard: “It is not without guilt that today I torrented the entire Bob Dylan discography.”

Music Pick: Celebrate Adele’s greatness by listening to 25 or if you love Beyoncé as much as Adele does, listen to Lemonade.

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Why rats? Why couldn't it be "follow the butterflies?"

Why rats? Why couldn’t it be “follow the butterflies?”

It was a cold, dreary day in Morningside Heights. Columbia’s campus was buzzing as it normally does, despite the rain that threatened to drench me before I could make it to class. I was sprinting to my 11:40 (as I normally do) when I heard a loud scream from someone on Low Beach. By the sound of her terror, I stopped dead in my tracks, and while I was trying to come up with excuses for my French professor for being late, I slowly turned around…

Low steps filled up as quickly as it did for its normal protests. I wondered if I misheard the scream for another passionate speaker with a megaphone, but something about the scream compelled me to investigate the scene. I slowly pushed past people with their phones out trying to create Facebook Live posts. When I finally reached the front of the crowd, I didn’t understand what was wrong. Noticing that I was confused, a nearby student tapped me on the shoulder and pointed upwards to the red letters now sprawled on the exterior of Low. I realized that it had been written from the blood of a rat that was now attached to the building. The writing read:
The Café of Uris has been opened. Enemies of the heir… beware.

More on this mystery after the jump

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